050814 NRSO Minutes
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 6:40 PM

District 10 Como Park Community Council
Neighborhood Relations/Safety/Operations Committee
Minutes – May 8, 2014
Attendees: Ted Blank (District 10 Administrator), Ann McInerney, Bill Sylvester, Sandy Peterson, Angie Sechler, Pete Bolstad, Bonnie Youngquist
  1. Call to Order:  Agenda was approved by the committee.
  1. Community Discussion: There was no additional community discussion
  1. Review/Approve Minutes from Last Meeting: Committee will approve by email.
  1. Welcome any new members: No new members attended tonight’s meeting.
  1. Updates:
a)    Como Walk About – Allina Health has grants available for activities where a group of people get together to participate in the same type of health oriented activity. Ted will look at putting together a possible grant that could be used toward the Como Walk About activities. Mary, Ted and Julie will get together to discuss the pursuit of this possibility.
b)    Neighborhood Garage Sale – May 17th: -- Tomorrow (May 9) isthe deadline for garage sale registrations. Ted will make maps of the garage sale locations. Interested individuals can download the maps or can pick up maps in the office next week. Ted indicated District 10 received around 40 registrations for the sale.
c)    Flamingo Friday Ice Cream Social – June 13thAnne reported on the current plans for the ice cream social. She indicated that we cannot give the ice cream back for sale; however, we will be able to get more ice cream if necessary. Anne will get the Kemp’s logo to Ted and Julie for use in the flyer for the event. Discussed setting up another meeting to review specifics for event. Anne indicated there will be no music at the event; however, there will be other activities. The committee is planning for 200-250 children. The Monitor will use our flyer to publicize the event for the whole neighborhood. Sandy will ask a neighbor about borrowing pink flamingos. The committee talked about ways of estimating the number of people who may attend through the number of registrations we receive. The committee agreed to meet on May 21, 2014 and June 4, 2014 at the Streetcar Station at 6 PM. (NOTE: Since this committee meeting the dates for the committee meetings have been changedto May 20 and June 5.) Ted reported that there is an interest from some organizations to have exhibit tables at the event. We also talked about signing up volunteers for the event.
d)    Garden Tour – June 21st – Ted reported that we received 22 applications for the garden tour. The goal is to have 12 gardens and that there might be two “clusters” of gardens. The Streetcar Station will be the location for picking up maps. Ted indicated there is not a sponsor for the event at this time.  
e)    Como Neighborhood Days (formerly ComoFest) – July 11th & 12th – The main event for District 10 will be sponsoring the Art Fair on Sunday afternoon from Noon to 5 PM. District 10 will be recruiting the artists. We will be renting and setting up tables. Ted reviewed the schedule for the rest of the Como Neighborhood Days.
f)     St Paul Walks Group (http://smart-trips.org/stpaulwalks) Pedestrian Safety Awareness Week – August 3 thru 10 – Ted read an email about planning for a city-wide Pedestrian Safety Awareness Week. There will be a planning meeting on May 14, 2014 at 7 PM at the Linwood Recreation Center.
g)    Pancake Breakfast – October – The committee discussed initial plans for this event including having tables publicizing the event at some of our summer events. Ted reported we made $500 on ticket sales last year and $2000 on the silent auction. Mary talked about having a meeting in July to start the organization of the silent auction.
h)    Sunday Series – The committee reviewed the dates for the fall Sunday Series.
a.    St Paul Police – Julie -- September 26th 
b.    St Paul Saints – Annie –– October 26th
  1. New Business – There was no new business brought up in tonight’s meeting.
  2. Proposed Dale Street “road diet” – conversion from 4 lanes to 2 lanes – Ted reported on a new project being proposed by Ramsey County to convert the section of Dale Street from Larpenteur Avenue to Front Avenue to two lanes of traffic. This strategy is called a “road diet” where four lanes are converted to two lanes with a middle lane used for turns. The Land Use committee is trying to schedule a meeting with Ramsey County to solicit public input. The target date for this meeting will be the Land Use meeting on June 30. Ted encouraged the committee to look at the book Rethinking Streets to learn more about “road diets.” Janice Rettman’s office has agreed to fund a mailing for the area between Victoria and Western.
  3. Recap of Fire Safety Event – Mary reported that the event went well. The counts from inside were 100 people. Mary estimated that if we included the number of people outside and inside the estimate might be around 250 people. The Fire Department was praised for their exhibits and their approach with children. Ted indicated that the amount of copies made for this event exceeded the amount of copies allowed in our contract. Feedback from committee members was that there were too many indoor games; however, the report was the kids liked the table run by the Gillette Trauma Nurse program.
  4. Community Garden – Ted reported an individual has signed up to do lead the community garden effort.
  5. Cleaning the office – Ted will be having a “Clean the Office” day on Saturday, May 31. Ted will be looking at recruiting volunteers to help throw out various items in the office.
Respectfully submitted,
Pete Bolstad

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