10/25/2010 NSC minutes
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 4:45 AM

                                District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

                                                          Street Car Station

                                                    October 25, 2010    7:00 pm


                                               Meeting Minutes (unapproved)


Members present: Dolores Rufenacht, J

Staff/interns present, Josh White, Safety Coordinator




I. Call to Order by Dolores Rufenacht  at 7:05 p.m.

II. Review, Amend , Approve Agenda and last months minutes.

     III. Reports

·        Dolores Rufenacht, Neighborhood Safety Committee Chair: Summarized information from Oct. 12 special meeting to address crime prevention in regards to Sexual Predators and Personal Safety. Passed out minutes and hand outs from SPPD to those interested. Discussed this meetings agenda to address speeding issues on Grotto and Victoria Streets

·        Josh Witte, D10 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator: No report from police meeting, they had an open house for community instead. . Josh will be working on updating crime reports this month  from October 13 through next meeting Nov. 22..

IV: Action Items

·        Introduced Officer      SPPD and Mr. Mesick principal of Como Senior High. Mr. Mesick introduced Como students and staff in attendance to film and prepare a report for Como Student news. They will be making students aware of speeding problems and ask them to cooperate to make the neighborhood safer for pedestrians other drivers as the leave school and end of school day and evening activities.

·        Speeding: After the residents shared that the speeding problems are also in the late evening and very early morning hours it was concluded that the traffic is also coming from other streets besides Maryland and the high school. Drivers seem to choose to take Grotto to and from Larpenteur to avoid waiting for the light on Victoria . They mentioned that they did not feel there was enough stop signs on Grotto after Cottage to control traffic from building up speeds over 30 miles/hr.  Victoria residents agree and also were wondering if bike lanes could be marked to narrow the road and make drivers feel the need to slow down.  Speed monitors were discussed, but the traffic and transportation Dart. Has to approve the need to do a traffic speed study and monitoring.  


     V.   New Business

·        Next Block club Meeting: attendance was very poor at November meeting and they asked to schedule one for Dec.  we will try for Dec. 6 and have cookie and recipe exchange with hot beverages.

   IV.  Adjournment : Meeting ended at 8:10  pm.    Minutes submitted by Dolores Rufenacht


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