2009 Workplan
Sunday, February 22, 2009 1:10 PM

District 10 Land Use Committee Work Plan 

Goals and Activities for 2009 

The District 10 Land Use Committee has adopted the following 3 goals for 2009 and identified 

the following 4 objectives for the year, along with a number of specific activities that it believes 

will support these goals.  This work plan expresses the Committee’s commitment to the adopted 

goals, but the Committee may substitute other activities if the changes are judged to promote the 

Committee’s goals and objectives or if the activities are no longer deemed be appropriate. 

Goal 1: Educate the public about land use issues that affect District 10 residents. 

Goal 2: Provide a forum for District 10 residents to express their voice on land use decisions that 

impact them. 

Goal 3: Conserve and strengthen District 10 neighborhoods so that their stability, safety, 

property values, tax base, and attractiveness remain the showcase of Saint Paul. 

Objective 1:  Develop feasible reuse and/or redevelopment options for the Sholom Home site 

that enhance and support the Midway Parkway neighborhood and District 10. 


Objective 2:  Recommend to the Saint Paul Planning Commission changes, amendments, and 

updates to the Midway Parkway-West Como Small Area Plan so as to conserve and strengthen 

the Midway Parkway-West Como neighborhood, thereby enhancing its stability, safety, property 

values, tax base, and attractiveness as the Showcase of Saint Paul.  


Objective 3:  Recommend alternatives for the future development of the Lexington/Larpenteur 

area that reflect community values, enhance the economic vitality of the area, and serve as a 

“gateway” to the community as envisioned in the District 10 Land Use Plan. 


Objective 4:  Influence plans for redeveloping the Como Pool so that it will be an asset to the 

community while also avoiding negative impacts on traffic and the environment. 

Activity # of Participants 

and/or frequency Time Frame Person(s) 


Present recommended 

reuse/redevelopment options 

for the Sholom Home to the 

Land Use Committee no 

later than February 16, 


Ongoing meetings 

with all interested 



February 16, 

2009 Deadline Scott Baker 

Make additional 


recommendations for the 

Sholom Home as 

appropriate during the 

remainder of the one (1) 

year duration of the 


Ongoing meetings 

with all interested 



December 31, 

2009 Deadline Scott Baker

remainder of the one (1) 

year duration of the 


Participate in the Como Park 

Pool Planning Task Force, 

make recommendations to 

the Task Force, educate 

District 10 residents on the 

process and timeline, and 

ensure community input into 

the planning process is 

communicated to the City. 

Ongoing meetings June 2009 or 

once Task Force 


Marsha Milgrom 

Tom Olenecik 

Summarize the Small Area 

Plan for the Midway 

Parkway, identify discrete 

amendments that may be 

appropriate, and 

communicate them to the 


1-2 meetings of all 



members, with 

submission to board 

June 2009 or 

once City needs 



Ted Sheu 

Chris Martineau 

Barb Clark 

William Sylvester 

Organize a community 

meeting on the Node Study 

and provide community 

feedback to the City. 

1 Meeting for all 




March – April 

2009 Land Use 



Address discrete land use 

issues that arise from time to 

time, such as the expansion 

of the Metro Deaf School 

and the installation of the T- 

Mobile Tower at the North 

Dale Recreation Center. 

As needed Ongoing Land Use 



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