2012 Art Festival Survey

Thank you again for your participation as an artist in this year and/or former years of the Como Fest- Art Festival! Your responses will help us to continually improve the event and will be considered throughout the planning of next year's Art Festival.

1) Where you a vendor in the 2012 Art Festival?

2) In 2010 and 2011, artists sold their work out of their homes throughout District 10, and shoppers utilized a map of locations. In 2012, we had artists all in one location at a local church. What is your preference in location for the Art Festival?

3) This year and previous years, the Art Festival was offered as a 6-hour event from 9am-3pm. Did you like the timeframe of the festival?

4) Were you satisfied with the amount of traffic or shoppers at the 2012 festival?

5) Overall, do you think the 2012 Art Festival was a success?

6) How can we improve the Art Festival portion of Como Fest for 2013?
7) Other comments?

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