3/10/2010 NSC Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, March 9, 2010 11:35 PM

                              District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

                                                          Street Car Station

                                                    March 10, 2010  7:00 pm


                                                         Meeting Agenda





I. Review, Amend. Approve Agenda       Dolores Rufenacht                              5 minutes


II. Review, Amend, Approve Minutes      Dolores Rufenacht                              5 minutes

                                                                   Josh Witte


III. Reports                                                 Dolores Rufenacht                             15 minutes

                                                                    Josh Witte


  • Chair Report 
  • Staff Report from Safety officer, Josh Witte


2. Summary of Western District Police/Community meeting

     regarding security questions in Sub District 1 during the State Fair     

  • Staff report from Community Organizer,  Ronda Debough

1. Permits required for Share the Road Bike Event

2. Speaker for Urban Bicycling Presentation

3. NSC Charter Development as discussed with Karl Koch


IV. Action Items                                     Dolores Rufenacht                                   20 minutes


  • Write Formal letter for collecting donations from local business

      for Share the Road Event       

  • Map of Bike Route
  • Write article regarding Bike Event  for April issue of Bugle

       and Monitor

  • Future event/Workshop ideas regarding; Paint the Pavement and

       Pedestrian Safety


V. Other discussions                                                                                               15 minutes


  • April 10, Walk Around the Neighborhood., brought up by

      Jonathan Knox via e-mail.

  • Future discussions regarding non-profit MAP organization
  • Open discussion


VI.  Adjournment



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