4/14/2010 minutes
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 11:30 PM


                        District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting
                                                          Street Car Station
                                                    April 14, 2010 7:00 pm
                                               Meeting Minutes (unapproved)
Members present: Dolores Rufenacht, Monica Lofgren
Staff/interns present:    Rhonda Debough Insook, Josh White,
I. Call to Order by Dolores Rufenacht 7:05 p.m.
II. Review, Amend , Approve Agenda and last months minutes
Agenda approved, Approval of March minutes put on hold until May.
     III. Reports
·        Josh Witte (D!) Safety officer) reported on Western District Community Meeting and    recent crime statistics. The SPPD has increased patrolling of areas with house burglaries and theft from auto.
·        Josh showed final design for T-shirt back side logo and reported on price of $6.19 per shirt which would include district 10 Logo on front. We will need to check on COPP fund for it.
·        Rhonda reported that the District 10 Neighborhood Safety/Crime Prevention Program     Fiscal year 2010 Problem Response/Work Plan is done and will be distributed at the April board meeting to board members.
IV: Action Items
·        May 15 District wide Garage sale: We will be offering tables to rent at the Street Car Station Museum for $10.00 from 8:00-11:30 am. We will charge residents $10 each to have address and details about their sale put on a district wide map to be handed out the morning of sale from street car museum and will also cover charge for ad in Pioneer Press classifieds. Lupus Foundation will pick up left over articles from sales that are left on the curbs the following Monday, May 17
·        NNO Kick Off June 2: Sponsored by the SPPD. It will be at Phalen Park this year. All block club leaders, board members and residents are welcome to attend. There will be food, games and small prizes for kids and adults and information about this years NNO Aug. 3.
       V.   New Business
·        Speaker April 21 at the Street Car station on the topic; “It is a Zoo out There” and how to tame traffic in your neighborhood. We will invite residents via e-mail and at he District 10 Community Board meeting April 20th
·        Another Board Training is April 22
        IV. Adjournment : Meeting ended at 8:00 pm.
           Minutes written by Dolores Rufenacht

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