6/9/2010 Agenda and Minutes
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 1:10 PM


                District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

                                                          Street Car Station

                                                   June 9, 2010    7:00 pm



                                                       Meeting Agenda  





I.. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda                                                                           3 minutes


II. Review, Amend, Approve May Minutes                                                                 5 minutes



III. Reports


·        Chair Report, Dolores Rufenacht

1. Nexile e-mail about barbeque and campfire safety                               10. min.

2. Recent increase in theft from Auto and Burglaries in Como Park

especially Sub Dist. 1.

3. NNO Kick Off Picnic with SPPD I attended June 2

4. Paint the Pavement workshop I attended in May

·        Staff Report from Safety Officer, Josh Witte                                          10 min.

1. Summary of Western District police/Community Meeting

·        Staff report from community organizer, Rhonda Debough Insook         15 min.

1. COPP grant update regarding funding for NSC projects

2. May block club Leader meeting report.

3.  Date and Agenda planned for next Block club meeting


IV. Action Items                                                                                                          30 min.


·        Update on Staycation  weekend planned for July 23-25

·        Update on article to put in June edition of monitor and Bugle

                   about the July 23-25 event

·        Inform block club leaders about recent District crime increase.

·        Form letter from District 10 for Business solicitation for donations

·        Make a list of businesses we should contact


V. Other new items to discuss.                                                                                      10 min

·        Relay information to Block club leaders and maybe District wide Nexile safety tips for barbequing and campfires.

·        Conflict Management Workshop: May 20, Sponsored by St. Paul City council and District Councils, led by Dispute Resolution Center Staff.


VI. Adjournment

                               District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

                                                          Street Car Station

                                                    June 9, 2010  7:00 pm


                                               Meeting Minutes (unapproved)


Members present: Dolores Rufenacht (Chair)


Staff/interns present:    Josh White,


I. Call to Order by Dolores Rufenacht  7:12 p.m.


II. Review, Amend , Approve Agenda and last months minutes

Agenda approved for June an May minutes approved.


     III. Reports

·        Josh Witte (D!) Safety officer) reported on Western District Community Meeting and    recent crime statistics. There was discussion about an increase of solicitors in Dist.10 and 12 (St. Anthony Park area) The police think there might be a link between solicitors and recent break ins and theft from Auto. Police recommended Residents ask to see their ID and license to sell. If they appear suspicious, call the police to check out there legal right to be soliciting in the neighborhood.  We are reminded that we also have a legal right to not answer or open our door to solicitors. And if they become an annoyance you can to call the police and report them. There will be a special speaker about reducing the risk of Identity theft at the next meeting June 15 at 9:00 am and 6:oo pm, at the Western District SPPD Office

·        Rhonda was not in attendance so will get a report from her at the next meeting, July 14. We will e-mail or call her about issues we need her input on before then.

·        Dolores Rufenacht reported on :.

1.  Nexile sent out an e-mail about home barbeque and campfire safety.  She  recommended we add a summary of and link to this information to the weekly news District 10 blast or Block club leader news.  

·        2. There has been an increase in crime in Como Park area especially Sub-District 1 , with burglaries, and theft from auto.

·        3. Dolores Rufenacht and Monica Lofgren attended. NNO Kick Off June 2, sponsored by the SPPD. There were hot dogs, chips, cookies, water and pop available free to everyone. Children received beach balls, balloons, and bike reflectors as small prizes. Adults signed up for free door prizes and received information about registering for a block party for this years NNO Aug. 3.  Dolores Rufenacht , Monica Lofgren and her husband and friends won gift certificates and target beach balls as door prizes.  Police Chief Harrington and the new chief to be Tom Smith spoke and handed out prizes.  Mounted Police Patrol and the Fire department were there to answer questions..



·        4. Dolores Rufenacht attended the paint the pavement workshop at Johnson H.S. on May 24. She learned how planning “Paint the Pavement” project helps to build community amongst neighbors and represents unity of the neighborhood to all who pass by it. The designs can be used as message to slow down and be more watch full of pedestrians and bikers or show a theme of the community. The NNS Committee  has received approval from the city to use some the COPP grant funds for Paint the Pavement Projects to cover costs of materials needed. We learned what type of paint to use and that Menard’s Stores give discounts to those planning a project, with verification from its District Council. You need to let the City Street Planning and Maintenance Dept know what street will be involved and they will give approval if no road work is planned in the next 2 years. The designs need to be touched up every 2 years due to fading from the sun and wear and tear.


      IV: Action Items

·        Dolores will call and Chris Bedford and Rhonda to find out about the Business donation letter for the Staycation Event July 23-25. It needs to be ready to mail or pass out to businesses June 16.

·        Josh will make a poster using the t-shirt logo for the Bike event June 25.

·         Josh will ask about having Traffic Police officer or Bike Patrolman join the Bike event and control traffic especially at intersections and busy streets. Also to be at a resource table to discuss bike and pedestrian safety from a resource table.

Dolores, Josh and Chelsea (PTO member) will contact business this week for possible resource tables and donation’s at bike event. And work on business sponsorship to pay for T-shirts for bike event on July 25 the last day of Staycation weekend..

       V.   New Business

                  1. Nexile e-mail article about barbeque and campfire safe

2. Josh talked about how he is trying to get a N.N.O. event planned for the Job Corp        and the surrounding neighbors.

3. We discussed the possible need to develop a Sub- district 4 for the Energy Park Businesses, Apartments, Condos, and school’s  in that area. Then add a board position for that area to help address their needs in our community better.


        IV. Adjournment : Meeting ended at 8:00 pm.

           Minutes  written by Dolores Rufenacht


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