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 Community Council Meeting Minutes 

February 17, 2009 

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District 10 Community Council 

Community Council Meeting 

Historic Streetcar Station 

February 17, 2009 7:00 p.m. 


Meeting Minutes 



Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Misty Havens, 

Matt Schmitt, Scott Baker, Barbara Clark, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, John Bjork, Chris 



Directors absent:   


Directors excused:  Barbara Frick, Sehoya Cotner 


Staff present:  Camille Schafer, Rhonda DeBough-Insook 


1. Call to Order 


2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda. 

Marcy moves to approve agenda.  Matt Schmitt seconds.  Agenda approved 

3. Community section 

a. School for the Deaf Expansion  

Tom Parent, Architect for the project is looking for a letter of community support for 

the 19,000 sq ft addition.  Construction will begin at the end of the school year.  It 

will include a new playground that the community will have access to.  Nearby 

neighbors have been notified.  Community member, John Marino, wanted to know if 

construction traffic will be using near-by Wynne Ave. in order to gain access to the 

school.  Tom Parent explained that the traffic for the construction would be using 

Snelling.  Ken Kunkle asked about lighting between the 6 ½  foot space between the 

school addition and a nearby garage and Tom said that it would be addressed.   


Ted Sheu is looking to have the Board approve a letter that explains that the Board 

has been given notice, the public has been notified, and that there have not been any 

issues brought to the Board in regards to the addition. 

4. Como Pool Update (Marsha Milgrom) 

Marsha was not able to attend, but a summary was sent to the Board before the meeting.  

That document was read by David Arbeit.   


Community Council Meeting Minutes 

February 17, 2009 

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March 18 & 19th the designers will be at the Como Conservatory – the public is invited 

from 5pm-7pm to give feedback on the designs.   


The task force meets March 2, March 26 and April 20, from 4-6 pm at Como Streetcar 

Station.  A final proposal/design will be passed for recommendation to the City in May. 


Tom Olesak spoke to the importance of the community input.   


Barbara Clark spoke to the importance of getting the community informed on the dates 

for community input.  The Communications Community is trying to get it into the next 

newsletter, the Monitor, Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.  There will also be an email 

blast.   Barbara Clark also spoke to possibly talking to local news media about the pool. 


Community member John Marino spoke to the Board Chair on the importance of timely 

communication to the community.  The Board Chair, David Arbeit, agreed with the 

importance of timely communication with the community. 


5. Review, Amend, Approve November Minutes 

Barbara Clark needed to be listed as excused. 

Some minor changes to the Treasurer report. 

Moved by  Ken seconded by Mark 


6. Board Updates 

a. Board Chair report – David Arbeit 

Thanked the Committee Chairs for the job they are doing.  Thanked staff for keeping 

everything moving, including the meetings that they attend and gathering information 

for the packets.   


Marc Prokosch submitted his resignation to the Safety Committee.  He recommended 

Ken Knukle to chair the committee, and Ken Kunkle agreed to do so.  There will need 

to be a community meeting in March for an election in sub district 3.   


At the March CC meeting there will need to be a vote on ranking projects in the 



Russ Stark will be holding a community meeting on March 3rd in regards to the 

budget and the impact that it will have on our community.  The District needs to be 

prepared to handle any issues that may arise from any budget cuts.  Barbara Clark 

mentioned that there is a list of names from the last time at NW Rec. Center was 

almost closed and that there was a possibility that Rhonda could have those names. 


b. Treasurer report – Marcy Micek 

Marcy spoke to getting the Work Plans in ASAP.  Marcy also spoke to a possibility 

of having Districts share resources.  

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

February 17, 2009 

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Barbara Clark asked about expenditures in relation to any deviance from that and if it 

would go back to the Board before approval. 


c. Staff report 

Rhonda – spoke about communications and the importance of the development of the 

block clubs.  There is a new unpaid intern from Job Corps, Josh Witt, who is helping 

in getting that organized.  Chris M. has volunteered to make fliers that will notify the 

community if they do not have a block club leader.  Josh will be doing the actual flyer 



Rhonda is also working on a welcome wagon concept and found free bags to use for 

it.  She is also open and welcome to ideas for this. 


Rhonda is working on an update with Russ Stark and an update about the NW Rec. 

Center is that it is not on the list of Rec. Centers to be closed.  Rhonda is 

recommending holding off on the meeting about the budget cuts.  She does 

recommend attending the next Ward 4 meeting if there are any other issues needing to 

be brought-up.   


Rhonda is working on community meetings regarding parking.  (see email blasts for 



Camille talked about zone licensing training for Dist. Council Members – the time is 

6:30pm – 9pm on March 31st at the North Dale Rec Center.  There is still some space 


Crime reports were included in the packet. 


Committee reports 


Matt Schmitt (Communications) – Spoke about a new domain name for the District 

10 web site.  The URL will be purchased for 5 years.   


Environment Committee (Mike MacDonald) –.   


Land Use Committee (Ted Sheu) –. 


Neighborhood Safety Committee – (Ken Kunkle)  


Neighborhood Relations Committee –  (Chris Martineau) wanted clarification on 

the parking meeting and its relation to parking permits.   


Sholom Ad-hoc Committee – (Scott Baker) His committee has a report of 

recommendation and it will be posted on the web site tonight or tomorrow.  Land Use 

Committee will then vote on it and then it will be up as an action item for the next 

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

February 17, 2009 

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Community Council meeting.   


7.  Discussion Items 

a. 2009 Work Plan & City Contract (David Arbeit) 

David is trying to make it so that the work plans break down into several uniform 

goals or objectives in order to simplify the process now and in the future:   

Inform – items that affect the community. 

Involve – items that involve the board Board and Community activities.  

(e.g. clean-ups.) 

Influence – items that involve policy recommendations. (e.g. CIB planning process.) 

Improve – items that focus on the improvement of the function of the Board. (e.g. 

improving the bylaws.) 


These need to be submitted to the City by the end of March.   

b. Capital Improvement Budget Task Force (Arbeit, Appointees) 

The CIB Task Force has been launched.  We have three appointees and three 

alternates for all three spots that are willing to work together as a team.  The 

orientation meeting is next Monday. 

i. Introduce Appointees 

Community Facilities Task Force – Tom Olesak & Dennis O’Rourke. 

Residential and Economic Task Force – John Bower & Ken Kunkle. 

Streets & Utilities – Rhonda & Matt Schmidt  

ii. Process and Schedule 

The City has a packet on its way to us and we are invited to rank the ones that 

affect District 10.  These will need to be posted on the web site.  We may also 

have a community meeting or a web poll. 


c. Midway Area Plan Update (Ted Sheu) 

A meeting will be set up with some people who were originally involved in the 

creation of the SAP.  The Land Use Committee feels that it needs to be updated and 

something needs to be submitted by May.   


Daivd Arbeit feels that the Sholom Home needs to addressed in the SAP revision.  

There is an impact that the Park plays on the neighborhood as well that needs to be 



d. District Council Collaborative Update (Ken Kunkle) 

Ken gave us some background on what they do:  The DCC was formed to provide a 

voice to the community impacted by the Central Corridor.   

Our District is not be directly impacted by the light rail.  Ken would like to 

recommend we have a representative for a circulator line (e.g. Lexington & Snelling.)   


Community Council Meeting Minutes 

February 17, 2009 

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David asked to invite the Director of the DCC to come and talk to the Board about 

how he sees our District participating in the organization going forward. 

e. Newsletter (Matt Schmitt) 

The Spring newsletter is in the works.  People have assignments and the deadline to 

submit them is this Sunday.   

f. Other Items 

Mike MacDonald discussed a Buckthorn lecture  

8. Action Items 

a. Committee Charter and Work Plan Actions 

Action Item: Adopt submitted/revised charters and work plans as a group 

Mike MacDonald motioned to adopt submitted charters, Matt Schmitt seconded.   

 Ted moves adopt submitted work plans, Mike seconded.  Approved unanimously. 

b. Approval of letter regarding Metro Deaf School 

Mike moved to approve, Chris seconded.  Approved unanimously 


9. Adjourn 

9:13pm – Marcy moved 




Minutes prepared by Lori Klongtruatroke 


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