Como Tree Appreciation Awards: Treasure Our Neighborhood Trees
Friday, July 22, 2011 2:00 PM


The District 10 Environment Committee is proud to sponsor yearly Como Tree Appreciation Awards as a way to treasure our valuable neighborhood trees and promote the planting of new trees.
In addition to beautifying our landscapes, trees clean our air, reduce rain runoff, help us save on heating and cooling costs, reduce noise pollution, increase our property values and support wildlife, especially birds. Trees work hard for us, yet many of us take them for granted.
Nominate a residential tree—big or small, old or new, yours or a neighbor’s, any tree you treasure—and our committee will consider it for an award.  Nominations for 2014 are now closed.
Winners will receive a certificate of appreciation, and will be able to display a yard sign announcing their award-winning tree for a month.  Photos of the winners and their trees will appear on the District 10 website, and an article may also be sent to local newspapers.
Let’s treasure our neighborhood trees!

2014 Award Winners

Fifteen trees belonging to five homeowners were chosen to receive awards in June 2014—a beautiful silver maple, an apple, lovingly planted by a new father, a bountiful black walnut, a majestic century-old maple, and a mini-forest in the making on a small city lot with a total of eleven trees (seven Alberta spruces, two swamp oaks, a Royal maple, and silver maple). To see the winning trees, view the slideshow on the sidebar on the right. To read an article about the winners in the August issue of the Park Bugle, click here.

2013 Award Winners

Eight trees belonging to six homeowners were selected for awards in June 2013.  A beautiful magnolia, a massive 200-year-old bur oak, a mini-orchard with two plums and an apple, a shelter-providing red maple, a graceful honey locust, and a lush, unusual maple received awards.  Two other trees, a red pine and another maple, received honorable mentions.  View the slideshow on the sidebar on the right to see the winning trees.  To read an article about the winners in the August issue of the Park Bugle, click here.

2012 Award Winners

Five winners (six trees in all) were chosen in June 2012:  a gnarled old paper birch, a young bur oak, a beautiful sugar maple, a pair of sentinel white pines, and a dignified old silver maple.  View the slideshow at right to learn more about this year's winners.  To read an article on the winners in the August issue of the Park Bugle, click here.

2011 Award Winners

Four trees, a massive Eastern cottonwood, a mature Northern catalpa, a majestic white pine, and a towering spruce, were selected to receive awards in late June 2011.  To learn more about this year's winners, view the slideshow at right.  To read an article about the winners published in the August issue of the Park Bugle, click here.
2014 Tree Award Winners

District 10's Environment Committee selected fifteen trees belonging to five neighborhood homeowners to honor in 2014.

2013 Tree Award Winners
2012 Tree Award Winners
2011 Tree Award Winners
2010 Tree Award Winners

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