Membership and Voting

Membership and voting in District 10 are governed by District 10's bylaws (Article III). Adult residents who live within the geographic boundaries of District 10 are members. They are entitled to vote at the annual meeting, to vote at any special meetings of members, and to seek election to the Board.

Specifically, membership and Board eligibility are extended to:

  • Any individual who is at least 16 years old and who can provide a valid form of documentation showing that the individual resides in District 10. A resident of District 10 who does not have documentation showing that he or she meets this requirement may vote if a resident who does have the required documentation vouches for him or her as being a community member.
  • The designated representative of a business or nonprofit organization that owns or leases property within the boundaries of District 10. (The business or nonprofit entity should authorize the individual to cast its vote through a resolution of its board.)

Some Board positions are restricted by subdistrict. Only community members in that subdistrict may seek election to those positions. Only community members in that subdistrict and sitting board members may vote in subdistrict elecitons.

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