Minutes - 10/2009
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 12:40 PM




District 10 Community Council, Land Use Committee

Monday October 19, 2009, 7:00 PM

Java Train Coffee Shop

Present: Chris Martineau, William Sylvester, Ted Sheu, and Chris Harkness. Barbara Frick and Scott Baker excused.

Agenda approved, with addition of discussion of Permit Parking Issues.

September 2009 Minutes approved.

The Lexington-Larpenteur Ad Hoc Committee’s status and schedule was discussed. An October 26, 2009 meeting is scheduled, and it is anticipated that a deliverable will be provided shortly regarding the neighborhood’s comments on the Node Study. The Ad Hoc Committee intends to clarify its charter that its focus will be on presenting the neighborhood’s recommendations and comments on the Node Study. Ad Hoc Committee Meetings have been well intended and thorough in their discussions.

Land Use will continue to work with the City on appropriate language for a revised Midway Parkway Small Area Plan that includes or at least references the Sholom Home Ad Hoc Committee’s and District 10’s recommendations without diminishing them.

The MGM Site Plan and public hearing in September 2009 was postponed at MGM’s request, although neighbors did speak at the public hearing nonetheless. Land Use currently has no action to take or consider at this time, as MGM’s application will likely work its way through the City’s review process. MGM’s legal counsel has contacted Nathan Volz and has requested the “names” of affected neighbors who have voiced opposition to MGM’s fence removal and alleyway usage, and the City appears to continue to insist on the alleyway fence being replaced.

Land Use will continue to work with affected and interested neighbors in addressing the MGM situation, and a possible ad hoc committee may be recommended as MGM’s plans are crystallized or if the neighborhood residents would like a District 10 forum to organize their concerns.

Chris Martineau provided an update on permit parking, which continues to be an important concern for many residents. Both support and opposition for permit parking has been voiced at Neighborhood Relations Committee meetings, and this will continue to be an issue in the future.

The City has requested from District 10 a “vote” of which billboards should be removed, as part of a City-wide plan to replace billboards. Land Use was advised of the City’s request on short notice (the City would like a response by November 1) and would like additional time to submit the issue to the neighborhood for a public “vote” on which billboards in District 10 should be removed or replaced. Land Use will ask for an extension of time to submit the issue to the neighborhood.

Chris Harkness has been appointed to chair the Land Use Committee, pending final appointment by the new Board Chair.

8:00 p.m. adjourned.

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