Minutes - 10/2007
Monday, October 1, 2007 3:30 PM




Meeting and Annual Elections of the Board of Directors 

October 16, 2007, 7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


The agenda for the meeting and supporting materials were distributed to all directors at the start of 

the meeting.  The agenda and most supporting materials was distributed prior to the meeting as email 


Directors present:  Sehoya Cotner, Sharon Frisell, Jillian Ierien, Luke Kuhl,  Dennis O’Rourke, Bart 

Polacek, Nancy Sabin and Nathan Volz.   

Directors absent and excused: Billy Dinkel and Greg Hrcirik.   

Staff and guests present:  Sue McCall, Community Organizer, Bob Bierschied, Director of St. Paul 

Parks and Recreation and Mike Hahn, Manager for the Como Park Campus.    


1. Approve Agenda 

Nathan Volz, as the Interim Chair of the board, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and asked 

the board to review the agenda.  Based on the impending elections, Mr. Volz suggested that 

“Board Responsibilities” be added to the agenda as item #2 in the Community Section.  Nancy 

Sabin requested that “Process and form for New Requests” be added as the final item under the 

Board Section.  No other changes were suggested.   

Motion: Jillian Ierien made a motion to approve the agenda with the suggested changes.  Sharon 

Frisell seconded the motion.  The motion passed with unanimous approval by all directors.   


Motion: Luke Kuhl made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the September 18, 2007 

board meeting.  Nancy Sabin seconded the motion.   The motion passed with unanimous 

approval by all directors.   


2. Approve Minutes 

The Interim Chair asked for review of the September financials and called for questions or a 

motion to approve.  Discussions followed with a question from Dennis O’Rourke regarding the 

donations line item to determine if it included the Gene Corbey memorial bench and plaque. Sue 

McCall confirmed its inclusion. 

Motion: Jillian Ierien made a motion to approve the financial report.  Sehoya Cotner seconded 

the motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval by all directors.   



Interim Chair Volz closed the first portion of the board section and opened the community section by 

introducing Bob Bierschied, Director of Parks and Recreation with a detailed background on Mr. 

Bierschied’s accomplishments for District 10. 


1. Guest Presentation 

Bob Bierscheid, Director of Parks and Recreation introduced Mike Hann, Manager for the Como 

Park Campus.  Mr. Bierschied’s presentation included current and upcoming, local and citywide 

department planning and projects.  Among other items, Mr. Bierscheid discussed the Gates Ajar 

renovation, the Circulator (a $1.5 million federal grant that provides after school busing for 

activities at the rec centers, already in use in East St. Paul and West St. Paul), “Trees St. Paul” (a 

tree planting web site and program to assist residents in replanting hundreds of trees lost in the 

August 2007 storm), a $12,000 DNR grant for storm damage, the CRWD Golf Course water 

management project that will be completed in Spring 2008, three new soccer fields, the Ramsey 

County park trail system for walkers/bike riders (95% will be completed fall 2007), Japanese 

Bonsai Garden, more than one million dollars has come in from the public’s free-will donations 

in the last year, the new Polar Bear exhibit ($9.5 million grant that will also provide a temporary 

Butterfly exhibit), etc.  He also talked about the proposed closing of eight city recreation centers 

in St. Paul and a permanent ice rink installation at North Dale Rec Center, one of only two sites 

selected in metro St. Paul.  At the conclusion of the presentation, Mr. Volz thanked Mr. 

Bierschied for presenting those important updates and invited him to return in the future.   


2. Annual Elections 

Chairman Volz then announced the annual board elections and described the terms and open 

positions for those who begin their duties on October 23, 2007.  In preparation for those who will 

fill the elected positions, Mr. Volz provided information about the demographics/voices/needs of 

the 13,000 residents in Como Park, the roles/ responsibilities of the officers and directors, the 

bylaws, how committees should operate and recommendations for effective governance and 

professional protocol.  Mr. Volz distributed a copy of the Officers section of D10CCC’s bylaws 

and he emphasized the need to represent the broad-based voice of 13,000 residents, versus the 

special interest voice of fewer people.  Mr. Volz requested that Nancy Sabin address the audience 

regarding the ongoing board governance/development training and the Ad Hoc HR work.  


Ms. Sabin provided a brief background regarding the Ad Hoc HR work (annual review of the 

Community Organizer, Annual Governance Checklist, D10CCC Rules of Conduct, etc.) and her 

governance assistance role at the city level due to her “day job” work at Jacob Wetterling 

Foundation across all community councils. Ms. Sabin informed the new directors that each must 

volunteer three times per year for Sunday office opening that is required by the City Contract 

(noon to 4 p.m.).  Ms. Sabin also emphasized the primary functions of the officers: the Chair to 

be a neutral facilitator not a decision maker, the Vice Chair as a back up to the Chair and 

parliamentarian, the Treasurer to assist in oversight of a $53,000 budget and to resolve the $4,700 

budget shortfall and the Secretary to provide more accurate, effective minutes and election 

procedures.  Ms. Sabin also emphasized the vital need for committee goals and activities to roll 

up to the annual Work Plan versus having disconnected, unapproved activities that do not deliver 

the contracted goals of the Work Plan.  Finally, she reminded those present of the 32 hours per 

week for paid staff for District 10, which requires that the workload be shared with the volunteer 

board and appointed committees.  




Ballots were distributed and counted by a team including Commissioner Janice Rettman and Sue 

McCall.  The final tally determined that the newly elected officers and directors along are as 

follows.  All terms run for two years through October 2009, except as noted. 


Chair, David Arbeit        

Secretary, Marcy Micek   

Sub-district 1, Chai Insook       

Sub-district 2, Matt Schmitt 

Sub-district 3, Luke Kuhl (through October 2008)  

At- large, Nancy Sabin 

At- large, John Marino 

At-large, Mike MacDonald 


The existing board congratulated newly elected officers and directors.  




1. Staff and Crime report 

The staff and crime report were reviewed.   There was a question on the location and activities 

for the Senior Resources Forum. 


2. Draft Resulution LU16071 

Draft Resolution LU16071, naming Jillian Ierien and Dwight Nelson as co- chairs for the District 

10 Land Use/ California Area residents Ad Hoc Committee. 


Motion: A motion was made to approve LU16071 and seconded.  The motion passed with 

unanimous approval by all directors.   


3. Draft Resolution LU16072 

Draft resolution LU16072, requesting a Board vote to explore a node study for the 

Lexington/Larpenteur area, was discussed.   The Board discussed whether District 10 had the 

resources to manage this request.  A grant proposal to CURA will be explored.   


Motion: A motion to approve LU16072 was made and seconded.  The motion passed with 

unanimous approval by all directors. 


4. Committee Reports 

Committee reports were briefly reviewed with minimal discussion. 


5. Request Procedures  

The Board briefly reviewed the need to have a process and form for residents who wish to raise 

issues for the D10CCC board.  Nancy Sabin provided a draft form and asked the board to give 

feedback or provide another example that could be used. The goal is to encourage residents to 

share specific issues they need the board to discuss and resolve and ensure that effective 

discussions occur that affect the community as a whole.  



Minutes prepared by Nancy Sabin, Acting Secretary 

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