Minutes - 11/2008
Sunday, January 18, 2009 2:30 PM



Board Meeting 

  November 18, 2008 – 7:00p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


The agenda and supporting materials were mailed to directors prior to the meeting. 

Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Misty 

Havens, Marc Prokosch , Chris Martineau, Matt Schmitt,  Barbara Frick, Scott Baker, 

John Bjork, Barbara Clark, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald. 

Directors absent:  

Directors excused: Sehoya Cotner 

Staff present: Camille Schafer, Rhonda Debough 


1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:08p.m. 


2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda 

The November agenda was approved. 

3. Community Section  

A. Councilmember Lee Helgen from Ward 5 spoke.  He discussed: 



The unique relationship that the City Council and the Community Council 




The Lexington & Larpenteur node study and what the community is looking 




The Como Pool and the surrounding area will have community input 




The Como Circulator, which will help alleviate traffic concerns. 

David asked Councilmember Helgen about the best ways to contact him.  

Councilmember Helgen stated that Leila is a good contact Mondays, Fridays and 

part of Tuesdays.  Jennifer Dunn & Donna Sanders also are good contacts. 

Ken asked Councilmember Helgen about the arson on Hamline and Larpenteur.  

Councilmember Helgen explains that a former tenant firebombed the building. 

B. Deb Robinson, community member, spoke about the Como Outdoor Woodlands 

Classroom and the CIB process.  Board members Matt Schmitt and Sehoya 

Cotner are members of the Outdoor Woodlands Advisory Committee.  She 

encouraged the Board to appoint representatives to one of the three CIB task 

forces.  She noted that the Board wrote a letter of support for the classroom 

project two years ago. 

4. Review and amend minutes 

The October minutes has the wrong date at the bottom of the first page and it needs to 

be changed.  There is spelling change for the Directors Present.  October minutes 


5. Board Updates 

A. Board Chair Report - David 

David noted the importance of the large turnouts at the October Annual meeting 

and the Sholom Home Community meeting and that they represented a positive 

sign of community interest and energy.  He also reported that District 10 has been 

offered a seat on the Como Pool Planning committee by the City and that an 

application form is posted online for people who are interested.  The Chairs from 

the Environment, Land Use and Neighborhood Relations committees and former 

Board member Chai Insook have been asked to review the candidates and make a 

recommendation to the Chair, who hopes to make an appointment by the end of 

the month. 

B. Financial report – Marcy  

Marcy reported that it is timely that we are organizing a Development Committee.  

She invited Leah Johnson, a Development Committee member, to talk about 

Board engagement and Board funding.  She noted that the primary directive of the 

Development Committee would be to raise funds, but that to do that we need to be 

able to ell the community how we will spend funds.  She also emphasized the 

importance of a a strong and committed Board and the need for Committees to 

identify their priorities. 

C. Committee Reports 



Communications Committee (Matt)  

The Communication Committee had a good meeting.  They will be wrapping 

up the newsletter.  There will be a new website subcommittee that Misty will 

be part of.  This could be a possible point of revenue with local businesses.  

How can it communicate with the board to get interests noticed?  And if 

information needs to be shared in a timely manner, get a hold of Misty or 

Matt.  David asked Matt to allow the Board to view the newsletter prior to 

going to press.   



Neighborhood Safety Committee (Marc) 

There are vacant housing issues.  The committee is rebuilding the 

neighborhood block program.  There was a guest from the Western District 

Police Dept. who answered questions.  Panod will make a map to help with 

the making of the block program.  The committee needs to continue with a 

larger audience. 



Land Use Committee (Ted)  

There is a pressing issue with the Metro Deaf School wanting to expand.  Tom 

from their architecture firm briefly explained the expansion.  Diane Sherwood 

(Founder of the school) explained the history of the Metro Deaf School.  

There is a pending merge with Gustavus, increasing the population at the 

school from 70 to 110.  The gym will be able to be rented by the community.  

The merge takes place in December and construction is to start in March of 

’09 and finish in the fall.  David thanks the school for coming forward and 

thinking about how they can work with the community. 

D. Staff Report (Rhonda and Camille) 

It was reported that a new IRS 990 form will be required for next year’s filing and 

that it will require much more information from the Council, including adoption 

of some formal policies that we do not currently have.  Rhonda is leaving on 

Friday for vacation and will return on December 3rd.  She reported that Polic 

statistics indicated that crime activity was relatively limited during the summer. 

6. Discussion Items 

A. Como Pool Planning Committee 

There were four applications for the Pool Planning Committee.  We have been 

asked to name someone to represent District 10 by the end of the week, if 

possible.  The deadline is tomorrow for the applications.  Ted will meet with the 

chairs of the Environment and Neighborhood Relations committees to review the 

applications and make a recommendation to David.  David asked for the Board’s 

approval to appoint a representative to the City’s committee, after receiving 

advice based on the application review.  The Board agreed by consensus.  David 

will ask Brad Meyer of the Parks and Recreation if we may also name an 



B. Committee Assignments 

David requested that all committees adopt charters that clarify their purpose, 

membership and other basic information.  The bylaws require us to maintain 

membership lists and the charters should specify how individuals become 



C. Priorities for 2009 

Members discussed issues that they considered important to address in 2009.  The 

following issues were identified, but not ranked. 



Sholom Home 



State Fair and community relations – need security for certain events. 



Connecting with East Side of the District. 



Building relationships with Energy Par. Possibly create a sub-district. 



Committee Chairs need to be a responsible party in updating the web site with 

what they are doing.  Misty suggests directions by the Communication 

Committee for new people in how to do that. 



Chris wants to contact each non-residential establishment in the Dist. 



Communications (overall) 



Chris suggests we keep regular communication with PED. 



Priorities and unfinished business need to be the first thing to discuss. 

7. Action Items 

A. Approve Charter for Institutional Relations Committee 

Chai Insook introduced action item EX111808-1 to approve a charter for an 

Institutional Relations Committee, which has since been referred to as the 

Neighborhood Relations Committee.  As presented, the committee would actively 

engage large institutions that have an impact on the community.  A permanent 

name is pending for this committee.  Its focus will be to establish ongoing 

relations with the institutions so that the Council could be proactive, rather than 

reactive, to issues as they emerge.  Chai identified possible members of the 

committee, which will be a standing committee, not an ad-hoc committee.  It 

would be chaired by a Chris Martineau, with Chai as co-chair.  Some members 

expressed the need to be clear that committee will not supercede authorities of 

other committees and asked for clarification of the outreach nature of this 


David moved to approve Resolution EX111808-1 to create the Neighborhood 

Relations Committee.  Discussion resulted in a minor amendment to drop the last 

sentence of the original resolution.  Marcy seconded the motion.   


The amended action item was unanimously approved to read: “Creation of a new 

Neighborhood Relations Committee to be responsible for working closely with 

institutions affecting the community.” 


B. Approve Charter for Development Committee 

Marcy introduced Action item EX111808-2 to create a Development Committee.  

She discussed the new Development Committee and its purpose, which is to 

expand the funding base for the Council.  Barbara Clark noted that the name was 

misleading and that something that clearly described its fund raising purpose be 

used.  Marcy agreed to work with the committee to suggest a new name.  She also 

asked David for a template to help guide the charter.  David agreed to design and 

provide a template.  

David moved to approve Resolution EX111808-2 to create the Development 

Committee.  The motion was seconded and the action item unanimously approved 

to read: “Creation of a new Development Committee to be responsible for 

expanding the funding base for the Council.” 


C. Committee Chair Appointment 

David introduced Action Item CH111808-1 asking for Board approval of 

Committee Chairs.  The original motion was amended to include Scott Baker as 

Board designated co-chair for the Sholom Home ad-hoc committee.  It was 

moved, seconded and unanimously approved to read as follows: 

Approval of chairs for continuing and newly created Council committees and task 

forces, as follows: 


Land Use Committee: Ted Sheu 

Communications Committee: Matt Schmitt 

Neighborhood Safety Committee: Marc Prokosch 

Environment Committee: Mike MacDonald 

Neighborhood Relations Committee: Chris Martineau 

Development Committee: Marcy Micek 

By Law Review Task Force: Ted Sheu 

Sholom Home Reuse Ad Hoc Committee: Scott Baker 


D. Nominations for Neighborhood Honor Roll 

Susan Jane Cheney recommended Jerome Wagner, David Arbeit recommended 

Marylyn Deneen, and Dennis O’Rourke recommended Luke Kuhl as District 10 

designees to be added to the City’s Neighborhood Honor Roll.  The Board 

unanimously endorsed the recommendations, which will be passed on to the City. 

8. Future Agendas 

Dog Park – a presentation for education 

Recognizing past Board members and Community members over the past year.  It 


possible to hold it at Marcy’s. 

9. Adjourn 

The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm. 








Minutes submitted by Lori Klongtruatroke. 


Action Item 


DATE: 11/18/08 


FROM: Executive Committee 


ITEM: EX111808-1 


ACTION REQUESTED:  Creation of a new Neighborhood Relations Committee to be 

responsible for working closely with institutions affecting the community, as described in 

the draft committee charter. 


BACKGROUND/ RATIONALE:  The Council created the Events and Institutions 

Committee as an ad hoc committee several years ago as a way to work more closely with 

large institutions, notably the Parks and Recreation Department, Como Campus, and 

State Fair, and help minimize their impact on D10 neighborhoods.  This ad hoc 

committee has sunsetted.  The new committee would provide a permanent committee to 

address relationships between institutions and the community. 


IMPLEMENTATION:  If approved by the Board, this committee would immediately 

be authorized to finalize the draft committee charter prepared by Chai Insook, recruit 

members, and begin to implement the charter. 



committee charter and recruiting members. 


NOTE: The original resolution was amended at the November 18, 2008 Board meeting 

to delete the last clause.  The amended resolution adopted reads:   


Creation of a new Neighborhood Relations Committee to be responsible for working 

closely with institutions affecting the community. 

Action Item 


DATE: 11/18/08 


FROM: Executive Committee 


ITEM: EX111808-2 


ACTION REQUESTED:  Creation of a new Development Committee to be responsible 

for expanding the funding base for the Council. 


BACKGROUND/ RATIONALE:  The Council’s ability to serve the community is 

limited by its budget.  Currently, almost all of the Council’s funds are derived from a 

contract with the City for Citizen Participation and Neighborhood Safety.  This source is 

barely adequate to support basic Council operations and, moreover, some Council 

expenses are not reimbursable under these contracts.  Other funding sources are needed. 


IMPLEMENTATION:  If approved by the Board, this committee would immediately 

be authorized to develop a committee charter and begin implementing it. 



committee charter and recruiting members. 

Action Item 


DATE: 11/18/08 


FROM: Community Council Chair 


ITEM: CH111808-1 


ACTION REQUESTED:  Approval of chairs for continuing and newly created Council 

committees and task forces, as follows: 


Land Use Committee: Ted Sheu 

Communications Committee: Matt Schmitt 

Neighborhood Safety Committee: Marc Prokosch 

Environment Committee: Mike MacDonald 

Neighborhood Relations Committee: Chris Martineau 

Development Committee: Marcy Micek 

By Law Review Task Force: Ted Sheu 

Sholom Home Reuse Ad Hoc Committee: Scott Baker 


BACKGROUND/ RATIONALE:  Every Council committee must be chaired by a 

member of the Council.  The Board members recommended as committee chairs either 

currently serve as committee chairs or have volunteered to chair committees that 

currently have no designated chair.  The Neighborhood Relations and Development 

committees are newly proposed committees that, if authorized, would need Board 

members as chairs. 


IMPLEMENTATION:  If approved by the Board, then newly designated committee 

chairs will be responsible for developing a committee charter that, at a minimum, 

describes its mission, rules for membership, and anything else pertinent to its successful 

operation.  They will be responsible for preparing and carrying out an annual work plan, 

scheduling meetings, preparing agendas and minutes, and reporting about committee 

activities to the Board. 



chair for the Sholom Home Reuse Ad Hoc Committee.   


NOTE:  Scott Baker was designated as Board Co-Chair to the Sholom Home Reuse Ad 

Hoc Committee as an amendment to the original resolution. 


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