Minutes - 12/2007
Saturday, December 1, 2007 12:50 PM

Agenda for the District 10 Environmental Committee Meeting
December 27, 2007

7:00 Call to order
7:05 Introductions 
7:15 Approve November 2007 meeting minutes
7:20 Begin to write the 2008 Work Plan for the Environmental Committee.
Items to discussed for adding to the work plan:

• Spring Parks Clean-up
• Como Lake Festival
• Assist in advertising and assisting on the Tree Trek (scheduled for June 21?)
• Advertise and participate in the shoreline work sessions (partner with EcoPartners)
• Participate in the Fall Buckthorn Bust (in partnership with Parks Division and Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom)
• Ramsey County Birding Festival (assist in advertising this event)
• Lakeside Pavilion Garden maintenance (discussions on the committee doing the maintenance of the garden. 
• Develop and host a rain barrel workshop
• Participate in the Como Pool Task Force address renovation of the pool.
• Keep informed about the proposed Rock-Tenn power generation plant.
• Investigate and assist in continuing the natural resource surveys being conducted in Como Park.
• Other items to be added as goals.
• Investigate the collection/disposal of District area electronic waste. 

8:45 New business

9:00 Adjourn

For questions or comments regarding the agenda, please contact Mike MacDonald, Committee Chair at Environment@comopark.org

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