Minutes - 12/2008
Monday, December 01, 2008 3:25 PM

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

December 3, 2008 

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District 10 Community Council 

Executive Committee Meeting 

Historic Streetcar Station 

December 3, 2008 7:00 p.m. 





Present: David Arbeit, Ted Shue, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Camille Schafer 


1. Call to Order 

David calls to order at 7:10pm 

2. Approve Agenda 

No changes to agenda.  Agenda approved. 

3. Review/Approve November Minutes 

David moved to approve.  Second from Ted.  November minutes approved. 

4. Chair Report (David) 

Como Park Pool applications 

Reviewed and the recommendation has been made.  An alternate recommendation has 

also been made.  Marsha Milgrom will be representing Dist. 10.  Tom Olesak will be 

asked to be the alternate. 

5. Financial Update (Marcy) 

We received a letter from Russ Stark’s office that the deadline for COPP is Dec. 19th.  

Camille will be meeting with Russ Stark’s assistant tomorrow to talk to her about it.  

Camille would like to redo the Como Park Neighborhood Guide. 

The budget meeting does not have a date yet. 

Development meeting is set for December 17th. 

6.  Organizer Report -- Activities and Issues 

There are new 990 forms.  Camille and March are meeting with the accountant in 

regards to changes to the form.  We may need to do a whistle blower policy, official 

record policy, conflict of interest. 

Cindy is leaving (does our books) – we will be getting Carla. 

Camille brought up CIB.  We should put some info. up on the web site.  We need to 

let the community know that we are looking for people to join the CIB task force.  It 

would take place from March 2nd 2009 – April 30th 2009.  David will make a form 

and get it up on the site. 

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

December 3, 2008 

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Tech group update: 

o Loaded new OS 

o May need to get faster DSL service 

o Get new computer set up (donated). 

o Get back-up 

o TechSoup may allow good prices for needed software. 

Camille needs the Honor Roll bios by Friday.  The event is on Jan. 23rd. 

Phyllis Galberth is looking assistance in getting a permit for a vintage care show at 

the Pavilion in the spring.  David recommends the org. make a formal presentation to 

the Board in Jan. or Feb. 

Neighborhood garage sale – need to figure out when that date is for 2009. 

Rates for insurance will increase next year.  Camille will call to get bill and to figure 

out what the new amount might be. 

Safety Committee is working on block club leaders, National Night Out, vacant 

building info., alley numbering. 

Camille needs vacation time around Christmas. 

7. Discussion of Board Retreat (All) 

David could use more input from the members who attended.  So far, it appears that it 

went well and that people could have used more on the work plans. 

8. Committee Updates  


Land Use – working on Metro Deaf School proposal, Small Area Plan (11 years old), 

Node Study and the Sholom Home.  The next meeting will be December 15th at 7pm 

at Java Train. 

Marcy brought up communication between committees and avoiding overlap for 

communicating with businesses. 

9. Agenda for December Board Meeting 

a. Guest Speaker Options: 

Dog park 

b. Discussion/Update Items 

c. Action Items  

i. T-Mobile (Possible) 

ii. Metro School for the Deaf (Possible) 

10. Adjourn 

The meeting was adjourned at 9pm. 

Meeting minutes submitting by Lori Klongtruatroke  

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