Minutes - 1/2010
Thursday, January 21, 2010 8:40 AM



Historic Streetcar Station
1224 North Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN 55103
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
7:00 PM
Meeting Minutes
Directors present:  Pete Bolstad, Chris Harkness, Leah Johnson, Jon Knox, Marcy Micek, Marsha Milgrom,
Staff present: Rhonda DeBough Insook
        I.            Call to Order                                                                                                                                     
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Leah Johnson. There was brief discussion of the Secretary and Treasurer roles – who takes minutes and who initiates budget development.
      II.            Discussion of Land Use Community Issues                                                                                          
Chris Harkness, Land Use Chair, brought three issues for discussion.
A. Constitution of membership. This is somewhat of an ongoing District 10 discussion. However, the Executive Committee agreed to add a committee membership discussion to the January 19 agenda.
B. City workplan. The workplan is still under development. Harkness asked how it coincides with the Small Area Plan also under revision by Land Use. The District 10 City workplan should incorporate all committees’ high level goals this year. It will likely not change significantly from last year’s workplan, with the exception of added input from committees about resources needed/funding opportunities.
C. District 6 members’ request to join District 10. The request from several District 6 members to join District 10 will be considered at the Land Use Committee. The Executive Committee reiterated from the previous full board/community meeting that residents interested in this should talk to one another. Also there has been some confusion on the part of the City’s District Liaison, Diane Wanner, who, during the December District 10 Council meeting, offered to investigate any previous actions.
III.      Discussion of Ad Hoc Transportation Study Committee
Pete Bolstad spoke about defining the role of the newly formed committee and its purpose.   From his perspective, as Co-Chair, the committee is needed to give support to a sole representative and ask District 10 members in advance of a short meeting timeframe the questions they want answered about the study process. He would hope to articulate facts and utilize broad community input techniques like polls, etc. The Executive Committee asked Bolstad to develop a charter which will in turn define future committee functions/actions, prior to the January District Council meeting. 
III. Strategic Plan
Leah Johnson brought up ideas for the framework of a strategic plan to be done this year. From her perspective, it need not be extensive; some plans can take a long time. Questions to address include:
- Where should District 10 put its energy in 2010 and the next 3 years?
- What are the models of other districts we should/could follow?
- What is the process for informing the City of a succession plan?
Some possible tasks that District 10 board members could take on include attending other council meetings to get a feel for possible ways to operate. Johnson said, and committee members agreed, it made more sense to engage in strategic planning prior to bylaws revision, though both are needed.
IV.      Bylaws Review
Jon Knox has volunteered to lead a bylaw review/update. The last bylaw revision was October, 2006. Prior to updating the bylaws, District 10 should gather sample sets.  Executive Committee members question whether there is a 3-day notification law, etc. Some also see the bylaws as being too prescriptive in general.  There are many external resources, though comparisons should always be measured. Marsha Milgrom and Chris Harkness have offered to help do this. 
V.        Staff Update
Rhonda DeBough reported that Becky Cline has begun working at District 10, doing bookkeeping, etc.   DeBough also discussed the Safety Committee, which typically has had low attendance. She/Leah will ask Safety Committee chairs what they propose.
VI.      Next Meeting
Planning for the District 10 Board/Community meetings is a function of the Executive Committee. One possibility proposed for guest speakers has been inviting St. Paul School Board members. Marsha Milgrom suggested if this is done to find a way to outreach for parents to attend, with possible childcare. There are problems in offering childcare and District 10 could look into offsite meetings. There is also a timing issue with School Board members attending the January or February meeting. In general, the Executive Committee likes this idea and will continue to explore inviting various speakers.

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