Minutes - 1/1/2008
Tuesday, January 1, 2008 2:55 PM




Board Meeting 

January 15, 2007, 7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


The agenda and most supporting materials were mailed to directors prior to the meeting. 

Directors present:  David Arbeit, Sehoya Cotner, Sharon Frisell, Chai Insook, Luke Kuhl, Mike 

MacDonald, John Marino, Marcy Micek, Dennis O’Rourke , Nancy Sabin, Matt Schmitt, Nathan 


Directors absent and excused: None   

Staff and guests present:  Sue McCall, Community Organizer    


1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. 

2. Review, Amend, Approve December Agenda 

David Arbeit moved to move item III B (MGM site update) before item III A (Election) because 

Dwight Nelson needed to leave for another meeting. Dennis O’Rourke seconded the motion. The 

motion passed with unanimous approval. 


3. Community Section 

A. MGM Site Update 

Dwight Nelson gave a brief history of the issue with the MGM fence. On 12/28/07 the City 

Attorney’s Office filed paperwork to compel MGM to put the fence back up. Neighbors have 

heard nothing more, and MGM continues to use the alley for their delivery trucks. A judge 

has been assigned to hear the case. Nancy Sabin asked if neighbors have had any 

communication with MGM; Dwight replied that they are leaving it up to the city to do that. 

St. Paul City Council Member Lee Helgen talked about the discussions the city has 

conducted with MGM. A question and answer period followed. David pointed out that the 

Board passed a resolution to send a letter of support to the city for enforcing the law. 

B. Election for Vacant Positions (Treasurer, 2 at-large seats) 

David Arbeit described the election process and invited nominations for the Treasurer 

position. Deb Robinson nominated Kim Klose. Marcy Micek nominated herself. Deb 

Board Minutes 01-15-08 



Robinson withdrew her nomination of Kim. Marcy said a few words about herself. John 

Marino said he felt that Marcy was doing a good job in her role as acting Treasurer.  

David proposed that, since there was only one candidate for the Treasurer position, a voice 

vote be taken. A voice vote was conducted, and Marcy Micek was unanimously elected as 

Treasurer. This created a vacancy in the Secretary position. 

David asked for nominations for the Secretary position. Deb Robinson nominated Kim Klose. 

Kim introduced herself, and Nathan Volz said a few words about Kim as well. David Arbeit 

proposed a voice vote, a voice vote was conducted, and Kim Klose was unanimously elected 

as Secretary. 

David called for nominations for the first at-large position. Dennis nominated Sue Phillips, 

and Deb nominated Tony Hainault. Sehoya Cotner said a few words of support for Tony. Bill 

Sylvester nominated Marc Prokosch, then withdrew the nomination, as he decided to 

nominate Marc for the second at-large position. Sue Phillips and Tony Hainault introduced 


Motion: Nathan moved for a written ballot vote. Sehoya seconded the motion. The motion 

passed with unanimous approval. 

Paper ballots were distributed, the votes were counted, and Tony Hainult won the first at- 

large position. 

Bill Sylvester nominated Marc Prokosch and Dennis nominated Sue Phillips for the second 

at-large position. Votes were submitted via paper ballot, and Sue was elected. 

4. Review, Amend, Approve December Minutes 

Board members pointed out changes/corrections to the December minutes. 

Motion: David made a motion to approve the December minutes with requested changes. Chai 

Insook seconded the motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 

Action Item: Marcy Micek will make the requested changes to the December minutes. 

5. Board Updates 

A. Financial Reports 

1. Review and Approve Financial Reports 

Marcy reviewed the November balance sheet and income statement. She made a 

correction to the first footnote on the income statement. Sue McCall stated that there will 

be no significant changes in December from what was projected on the November 

income statement. 

Motion: Marcy made a motion to approve the November financial statements. Dennis 

seconded the motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 

2. Forward-looking Financial Reports 

Marcy explained that she will be preparing monthly financial reports that not only look 

back on the previous month and year-to-date, but will project expected revenues and 

expenses forward through the end of the year. She and Sue worked closely on the 

projected December financial reports, and the Board seemed pleased with the results. 

Board Minutes 01-15-08 



December financial reports were not available because the month and year had not yet 

closed at the time of the Board meeting. 

B. Staff Report (activities, issues, crime statistics, etc.) 

Sue reviewed the staff report and answered questions from Board members. 

C. Committee Chair Reports 

Communications Committee – John Marino reported that the committee will be meeting next 

Tuesday (01/22/08). They will be working with the Job Corps Center on the newsletter 

schedule. John encouraged people to call the Midway Monitor to ask why a recent article 

about increased attendance at Como Zoo said nothing about the impact on the neighborhood. 

David reminded John that, if he contacts the Monitor, he should not represent himself as a 

Board member. He suggested that John coordinate his interaction with the Monitor with the 

Events and Activities Committee. Sharon Frisell thought this would be a good opportunity to 

introduce the Monitor reporter to that committee. 

Environment Committee – Mike MacDonald reported that the January committee meeting 

will be held on 01/16/08. At the last meeting, they discussed 2008 goals. A discussion of the 

CIB grants followed, after which Deb Robinson described what the Outdoor Classroom is. 

Land Use Committee – Luke Kuhl described the two handouts distributed at the beginning of 

the meeting. The first was the minutes of the 01/07/08 Joint Land Use/Ad Hoc MGM 

Committee meeting. The second, a draft resolution regarding the MGM issue, is item 6 A on 

today’s agenda. 

Liaison with District Councils Collaborative/Central Corridor – Sehoya Cotner reported that, 

by 02/27/08, the Met Council is supposed to come to a decision about the number of light rail 

stations to be built and where the rail line will run, but there is doubt whether this deadline 

will be met. She stated that, if we as a council were to officially endorse anything, it would 

probably be related to the number of stations. Sehoya also discussed the negative impact on 

the neighborhoods around University Avenue if the additional stations were not built and if 

the #16 bus service were to be cut. She would like to meet with our new  board member, 

Tony, to bring the facts around the light rail issue to the Board. 

Events and Institutions Committee – Dennis O’Rourke reported that the committee is 

working on its goal of continuing to engage community members. Two issues that the 

committee has been discussing are a shuttle system for Como Park and a traffic-free zone 

around the eastern end of Como Lake (perhaps on a Sunday). They will be meeting with Bob 

Bierscheid, Director of St. Paul Park & Recreation, to explore these issues. 

Chai Insook added that there have been complaints from the neighborhood about the Como 

Lakeside Pavilion not being accessible when Black Bear Crossing is closed. 

Dennis reported on the agreement between Lancer, provider of catering services to Como 

Town, and the city. St. Paul gets a certain percent of the profit Lancer makes on the first $1.5 

million in sales and nothing beyond that. In exchange for an extension of its exclusive 

catering agreement, Lancer has agreed to give to the city some percent of profit beyond its 

first $1.5 million.  

Sharon Frisell said that she will be incorporating her role as liaison to the Job Corps Center 

with the Events and Institutions Committee. She will be adding her updates to the 

committee’s meeting minutes, but will also attend the next Communications Committee 

meeting to discuss the communications component of her role. 

Board Minutes 01-15-08 



Sharon also reported that people from many groups attended the Neighborhood Advisory 

group’s first quarterly meeting. The Job Corps Center’s next graduation is February 29, and 

Sharon encouraged anyone who could to attend. David suggested that someone from the 

Center come to one of our meetings to speak, and Nancy Sabin threw out the idea of 

involving the students in crime prevention activities. 

Crime Prevention Committee – Nancy reported on the meeting that Lee Helgen held. He 

wants to make this a monthly meeting to discuss crime issues in our area. Nancy said that 

there is a possibility of a youth safety program, but added that it is important to have these 

types of ideas integrated with our work plans. Lee would like to have the work plans in six 


D. 2008 Work Plan Status 

David reported that most committees have submitted draft work plans. At the last Executive 

Committee meeting, Matt Schmidt and Marcy agreed to help David review them. David 

encouraged anyone else interested in helping to contact him. 

6. Action Items 

A. Resolution (Land Use) – Letter to City about MGM 

 Motion: Luke Kuhl moved to adopt the resolution, with a change adding a fourth item 

regarding temporary traffic barricades (currently listed under “Implementation” on the draft 


Dennis asked if there should be a fifth item regarding a court decision. David thought that 

should be a separate resolution. 

 Amendment to Motion: Dennis moved to amend Luke’s motion to state that, if the court’s 

judgment goes against us, the matter will go to the Executive Committee. Nancy seconded 

the amended motion. The amended motion passed with unanimous approval. 

B. Resolution – Appointment of Land Use Committee Chair 

Motion: Marcy made a motion to approve Luke Kuhl as Chair of the Land Use Committee.  

Sharon seconded the motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 

C. Resolution – Appointment of Crime Prevention Committee Chair 

David invited people to volunteer for this position. He asked Ramsey County Commissioner 

Janice Rettman if the county committee chairs are assigned. Janice responded “yes”. Marcy 

asked David to describe what is involved in this position. He discussed the role and also the 

need to recruit members of the community to serve on the committee. Sue McCall reminded 

the Board that they have a commitment to act on crime prevention initiatives, as it is 1/3 of 

the Board budget. Sharon asked if we have tapped into the Neighborhood Block Club leaders. 

Dennis suggested getting someone from the community, not necessarily a Board member, to 

partner with a Board member to lead the committee. 

7. Discussion Items 

A. Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee 

 Matt stated that he and Marcy would like to be part of a committee to address the fundraising 

for District 10. 

Board Minutes 01-15-08 



 Action Item: The Communications Committee will discuss fundraising at its next meeting. 

B. Meeting Times/Length 

 David asked if people were still ok with meeting needing to meet past 9:00. Sehoya asked if  

anyone would prefer to meet from 6:30-9:00? Sharon prefers 7;00-9:30. It was generally 

decided to continue starting meetings at 7:00. 

 Luke asked people to remember to review meeting minutes before the Board meeting if 

possible. This saves time during the committee reports section of the meeting. Mike asked if 

we could move the committee reports further down the agenda, but Nathan would like them 

to be higher because of the Board’s history of cutting that section short when time ran out. 

Nancy felt that people are less effective after any more than 2 hours in a meeting. Dennis 

suggested returning to the practice of assigning times to the agenda. 

 C. Other Discussion Items 

  Nancy submitted her resignation from the Board. Nathan praised her for her work, and the 

Board thanked her for her service. 

8. Ajourn  

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. 


Minutes submitted by Marcy Micek 

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