Minutes - 1/2008
Tuesday, January 01, 2008 3:40 PM


District 10 Community Council 

Executive Committee Meeting 

Streetcar Station 

January 2, 2008 


Members Present: David Arbeit, Marcy Micek,  

Others Present: Matt Schmitt 


1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 


2. Approve Agenda and November minutes 

Marcy Micek made a motion to approve the minutes. David Arbeit seconded the motion. The 

motion passed with unanimous approval. 

3. Draft Financial Policy 

The group reviewed the policy and discussed several areas where the intent was not clear, the 

wording was ambiguous, or actual practices seemed to deviate from the draft policy.  They 

discussed the value of a definitions section.  David reminded that the Board made a 

commitment in 2007 to adopt a policy and that it was important that we do what we can to 

get closure on this issue. 

Action Item: Marcy Micek will speak with Nathan Volz to discuss the draft policy and 

procedures document.  She will have a revision ready by the February Executive Committee 


4. Land Use Committee 

David updated the group about recent developments regarding the MGM site and reported 

that Luke Kuhl has offered to chair the Land Use Committee. 

5. Ward 5 Crime Awareness Meeting 

The group discussed what will be covered in this meeting to be held on January 9, 2008. Matt 

Schmitt expressed interest in attending the meeting. 


6. Newsletters 

Matt Schmitt updated the group on where the Communications Committee is at on getting 

the newsletters out.  The fourth 2007 issue should be available very soon, possibly before the 

January Board meeting.  The special issue on Crime Awareness is likely to be out in 


7. Work Plans 

David Arbeit stated that several committees have submitted work plans or goals – Events and 

Institutions, Environment, and Crime Protection.   


Minutes Executive Committee 010208 (Rev) 

 - 2 - 

Action Item: Matt Schmitt and Marcy Micek will assist David Arbeit in reviewing the work 


8. Fundraising 

The group discussed forming an ad hoc committee to address fundraising.  David asked if it 

made any sense to appoint an ad hoc fund raising committee to take the lead on identifying 

sources of supplemental funding.  Matt and Marcy stated that they would agree to serve on 

such a committee if it were created. 


Action Item: Include a discussion of the idea at the January Board meeting.  


9. Board Election on January 15, 2008 

The group discussed the upcoming election, including the need to have a sign-in sheet and 

paper ballots. 


Action Item: David Arbeit will investigate whether or not Marcy Micek will have to resign 

the Secretary position before running for the Treasurer position. 

Action Item: Matt Schmitt will create a sign-in sheet for the election. 

10. Adjourn 

Marcy Micek moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m. David Arbeit seconded. The motion 

passed with unanimous approval. 


Minutes submitted by Marcy Micek 

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