Minutes - 1/2010
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 6:15 PM


District 10 Community Council, Land Use Committee
Monday January 11, 2010, 7:00 PM
Java Train Coffee Shop
District 10 Board Members Present: Chris Harkness, Scott Baker, Chris Martineau, Barbara Clark, Scott Baker
Staff Member Present: Rhonda Debough
Community Members Present: William Sylvester, Sally Worku
Guests Present: Art Oglesby, Paul Kammueller, Jepp Martens, Kerry Antrim, Mary Wawro (all members of District 6,) Josh Williams-St Paul Planning and Economic Development Dept.
Agenda and December 2009 Minutes approved.
Gabe’s manager Tim Wozniak was not in attendance so conversation with him was moved and eventually tabled.
Heard report from Chris Martineau about the formation and upcoming meeting (Jan 13) on the ad hoc committee created to serve as a venue for the community to provide input to the D10 rep to the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) working on the Como Regional Park Transportation Implementation Plan. Board Member Pete Bolstad is co-chairing the committee with John Morino and is working on a charter. Chris also reported the Neighborhood Relations Committee is meeting on Thursday to develop criteria for choosing the D10 PAC member and as well as an alternate. As yet there is no public announcement on the choice of a vendor to perform the study, but as soon as the contract details have been finalized the selection will be announced.
Heard the concerns of two District 6 residents who believe they would be better served if the boundaries of District 10 were redrawn to include their neighborhoods on Lexington Pkwy and adjacent to Como Park. Some community members in these neighborhoods worked on the pool task force and see their issues as “front and center” in District 10 and would like to be able to vote on them. Members of the District 6 Planning Council in attendance took notes and explained they were in the “exploratory stage.” They did not wish to weigh in on the issue but they took notes and encouraged everyone with concerns to come to District 6 meetings. The next D6 Land Use meeting is on Jan 26 and the Planning Council meets the first Monday of each month. All interested parties are welcome. The meeting location and other District 6 information can be found at the District 6 website. http://www.district6stpaul.org/. Chris Harkness apologized for using “District 6 orphans” in reference to this issue and will no longer refer to the affected residents in this way.
Discussed the status of the Midway Parkway Small Area Plan with Josh Williams. Josh reported that the City wants to reign in small area plans in favor of larger plan summaries. Small area plans require staff involvement for which the city no longer has sufficient resources. Specifically related to our council’s recommendation to include language restricting the future use of the former Shalom Home, the city attorney has interpreted this language to be discriminatory and therefore illegal and while a district council might include it in its own plan, it cannot be included in any City-adopted plan.
The committee explained to Josh that the small area plan is important to the community and the Council and the committee’s wish is to update and recertify the plan. Understanding this, Josh offered to help with updated maps and graphics, as well as demographic and statistical information, stating the City is interested in helping all neighborhood be the best they can be. The committee will make updating the small area plan a work plan item for 2010 and be in contact with Josh as needed.
Discussed the work plan. Much of the 2009 work plan is ongoing in 2010. Sholom home will be monitored. The Lexington Larpenteur development issue is still in play and the Midway Parkway West Como Small Area Plan will become a major priority.
New Business:
No new business. Distributed copies of the Summons and Complaint filed by MGM related to the fence they took down.
8:30 p.m. adjourned. 

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