Minutes - 2/1/2007
Thursday, February 01, 2007 3:15 PM

 District 10 Como Community Council 

Board Meeting, 7 p.m., February 20, 2007 

Streetcar Station, 1224 N. Lexington Parkway 


Minutes (Unapproved) 


1. Chair Sarah MacRunnels called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Board members in attendance 

were:  Greg Hrncirik, Dennis O’Rourke, Jillian Ierien, Nancy Sabin, Kay Plese, Sehoya 

Cotner, Jeremy Lostetter, Sharon Frisell, Tony Schaps, Billy Dinkel, and Nathan Volz.   

Luke Kuhl, Bart Polasek and Jennifer Loring- Flint were not in attendance. 

2. A motion was made to amend the February agenda to include an item for the community 

section.  The motion was seconded and approved.   Nathan Volz made a motion to add the 

information he would be serving on the CIB task force’s Streets and Utility committee, to the 

January minutes.  The motion was made an approved.  The minutes were moved and 


3. December 2006 and January 2007 financial reports were reviewed.  Dennis O’Rourke 

commented on how the neighborhood cleanup income was shown as income.  Chair 

MacRunnels responded that it was a “pass through”.   The December report was approved, 

the January report was laid over. 

4. The staff and crime report was discussed.  There were no questions on crime statistics.   

Nathan Volz asked about the Paint the Pavement program.   Sarah MacRunnels discussed 

aspects of the program. 

Community Section 

5. David Arbeit introduced himself.   He discussed lack of content on District 10’s web site.  He 

recommended the site include committee agendas and minutes, the By-laws and other topics 

pertinent to Council activities.   Tony Schaps replied the web site could provide more 

specific information and that he was in the process of working with committee chairs to add 

their own updates and information to the site.   

6. Susan Jane Cheney introduced herself.   She discussed the nebulous nature of the information 

provided regarding the stables proposal.  Recommended much more community outreach on 

this.   Nathan Volz replied that the committee will follow through on the process no matter 

where in St. Paul it’s placed.    Jillian Ierien discussed the cost estimates and the exploration 

of using green technology for the building proposal.   

7. Deb Robinson introduced herself.    She talked about a discussion she’d had with the head of 

veterinarian services at UM.  Deb reported the Equine Center and SPPD had discussed 

housing the mounted patrol there but had been unable to agree on locker room/ shower 

facilities.  Sarah MacRunnels stated it was important to remember this was not the end of the 

process.  Kay Plese stated that Sgt. Anderson, SPPD, did not seem to feel favorably about 

Henry Park.  She also had questions on the size of the parcel.  Nathan Volz stated that some 

of the confusion came from the February 14th’s meeting attendees were unable to figure out 

how many square feet constituted an acre. 

8. Bette Iwanski  introduced herself.  Nathan Volz asked her if she’d been the person who’d 

submitted comments on the Neighborhood Plan, she said she had.  Jillian Ierien said the Land 

Use Committee had reviewed her comments and found them, with the exception of the stable 

comments, consistent with Plan.     

The Community section was closed.  

9. Board training, protocol and By-laws were discussed.   


Nathan Volz clarified the delineation between speaking on Board issues as a Board member 

or as a resident.   He mentioned key areas of the By-laws including membership numbers, 

quorum requirements and open meetings.  All District 10 meetings are open, not all meetings 

include a public forum.  


Article 10, committee action was discussed.  Committee actions require Board approval, 

however actions that fall under governmental time constraints may be approved by the 

Executive Committee.   Kay Plese passed out pamphlets from the Attorney General’s office 

that outlined Board responsibilities and duties.   She also discussed frustrations with Board, 

staff and city communications.  Nancy Sabin stated Board questions on issues may be made 

to the Chair and that Board member shouldn’t  vote on issues they don’t feel adequately 

informed about.  


Nathan Volz discussed Board responsibilities as employers.   Nancy Sabin clarified the chain 

of command, staff are typically directed by the Chairperson.  Nathan Volz discussed email 

issues.  He recommended not putting anything in an Email you wouldn’t put in a letter.  

Sharon Frisell recommended sensitive issues be discussed at Board meetings rather than via 

email.   Kay Plese would like at least a week to review Board materials.  Nathan Volz asked 

the Board to remember their biggest strength is their votes on resolutions.  Billy Dinkel stated 

that sometimes large amounts of information were needed to make an informed vote and 

Board members had the responsibility to  keep themselves informed. 


Nathan Volz discussed committee goals and objectives.   Dennis O’Rourke stated he felt 

committees with joint interests should feel to discuss these interests.   Consensus was that 

these discussions were appropriate as long as no action was taken.   Nathan suggested input 

from other committees on shared interests may make meetings more productive.   Nathan 

talked about getting minutes and agendas on the web site.  He also talked about bringing 

crafting resolutions as well as possible before, rather than during, meetings.  


Nathan also discussed the differences between ad hoc and standing committees, also what 

constitutes a task force.   

10. COPP funding was discussed.  Nathan Volz talked about a meeting between he, Ward 4 

Councilmember and aide, Ward 5 aide, Margaret Egan and District Council staff held to 

discuss 2006 funding.  Documentation requirements for  2006 were unclear to District 10 

Board members and staff.   Margaret Egan clarified guidelines.   Ward 4 will make a $5,000 

grant available for 2007.   There is no funding available from Ward 5 for 2007.  (a  

subsequent email from Ward 5 said there may be funding available for 2007) 

11. Committee reports: Nancy Sabin reported every April is National Crime Victims week and 

that there were grant monies available for support activities.  Nathan congratulated 2007 

Neighborhood Honor Roll nominees.  


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