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 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

February 6, 2008 

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Executive Committee Meeting 

February 6, 7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


Present:  David Arbeit, Kim Klose, Sue McCall, Marcy Micek, Nathan Volz.   

Guests present:  Luke Kuhl 

1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

2. Approve Agenda and January Minutes 

Two amendments made to the January minutes. Marry Micek made a motion to approve the 

minutes.  Nathan Volz seconded the motion.  The motion passed. 

3. Organizer Report 

Sue McCall submitted the staff report: neighborhood crime/safety updates; newsletter 

(conversation about scheduling 5 issues or 4, discussion about moving the calendar section to the 

website so it remains current); mapping of block clubs; meetings attended; summer youth 

programs; project status; museum sign-up needed. 

Action Item: Newsletter deadline is 2/15/08, upcoming meeting: electronic recycling. 

4. Financial Report – Draft of Policies and Procedures 

A. General 

Marcy asked if districts can share an accountant.  It would not necessarily be a financial 

savings, compared to our current accountant expense. 

Will the new City position that is being created (designed to provide 

guidance/training/best practices for Councils) benefit us?  Tabled until we know more. 

B. Draft of Policies and Procedures 

Many thanks to Marcy for expanding the original 2 page document to a more thorough 6 

page document. 

Review of draft: Discussion of putting financials on the website to aid in transparency.  

Motion to table for further discussion made by Nathan, motion was seconded by Marcy, 

approved by all.   

C. Break for presentation by Luke regarding MGM. 

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

February 6, 2008 

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D. Resumed review of the draft.  Several edits were made to the text.   

Action item:  Marcy will make the edits and send the draft to Board members prior to the 

meeting scheduled for 2/19/08. 

5. Orientation for New Members 

A. New members (Kim Klose, Sue Phillips, and Tony Hainult) received books at the December 

15th  meeting. 

B. Vacancy:  there is one opening, hopefully to be filled at the February Board Meeting. 

Action item:  Sue McCall will set a meeting with the 4 new members for full orientation 

(after the February meeting). 

6. Recruiting for Vacant Position 

A. Discussion about the type of seat that Nancy Sabin vacated.  Email following this meeting 

(after review of previous minutes) confirms that Nancy was re-elected to the sub-district 3 

seat, and the vacancy needs to be filled by a resident from that area. 

7. MGM Site Status – update from Luke Kuhl 

A. The latest information has been posted on the website 

B. The City files a suit against MGM, asking for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).  The 

request was denied.  Course of action now is to wait for the evidentiary hearing which will 

request a permanent restraining order. 

C.   There was no discussion about MGM at the Land Use committee meeting Feb 4.  There 

may be another ad-hoc meeting in February. 

D. Discussion about the role of the Council – our charge is to facilitate citizen participation.  We 

can provide information to neighbors.  We can publicize the need for community impact 

statement if/when it is appropriate.  We should not get in the way of the City and the 

established processes. 

Action items:  Sue McCall will order 10 standard safety signs (at $5 each) to be available in 

the office.  Luke will contact the City for another update prior to the Board meeting 

scheduled for 2/19/08. 

8. Crime Awareness/Public Safety Strategy  

A. We still need a chair for this committee.   

Action item:  address the need at the next Board meeting.  Perhaps it’s time to get creative 

with an ad-hoc committee, or establish ways for the priorities to be address through existing 

standing committees. 

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

February 6, 2008 

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9. 2008 Work Plan Status 

A. Reviewed submission from the Environment Committee.  The format must meet the 

established guidelines regarding problem statement, goals, and activities.  Also need to 

address dates and milestones. 

B. Reminder that Events and Institutions is really an ad-hoc committee, not a standing 


Action item:  Return the document to the Environmental Committee requesting 1) more 

detailed description of activities, and 2) addition of the neighborhood clean-up to goal #2. 

10. Other Council and Neighborhood Issues 

A. Provide recognition (letters or certificates) to prior board members: Nancy Sabin, Greg 

Hrncirik, Jillian Ierien, and Billy Dinkel.   

B. Land Use committee voted to remove the maps that say “potential” or “areas of opportunity.”  

The committee will bring it forward to the Board as a resolution. 

Action items:  Sue will create and mail recognition letters.  David will call for resolutions 

from Board members prior to the meeting on 2/19/08. 

11. Agenda for February Board Meeting 

A. David distributed a draft.  We would like to invite Russ Stark to be a guest speaker.  Sue 

suggested we invite him to the March meeting so we have time to advertise it.  Sue will invite 

a representative from the Senior Resources community partner for the February meeting. 

B. Marcy suggested we change the language regarding financial reports to “review and accept” 

rather than “review and approve.” 

Action item: David will make revision and distribute an updated agenda. 

12. Adjourn 

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m. 


Minutes submitted by Kim Klose. 

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