Minutes - 2/2009
Wednesday, February 04, 2009 3:25 PM

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

February 4, 2009 

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District 10 Community Council 

Executive Committee Meeting 

Historic Streetcar Station 

February 4, 2009 7:00 p.m. 





Present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Camille Schafer, Rhonda 


Guests: Chris Martineau  


1. Call to Order 


2. Approve Agenda 

Marcy motioned – Ted seconded.  Approved 

3. Review/Approve December Minutes 

Marcy moved to approve with changes that need to be made by Lori before being 


4. Chair Report (David) 

a. Work Plans 

David is attempting to get the committees to submit work plans by the next Board 


5. Financial Update (Marcy) 

Not much to update. There is enough cash to last until April. 

6. Chris Martineau talks about St. Paul Parks & Rec. 

Chris met with St. Paul Parks and Rec.’s Mike Hahm and asked that the Board and 

Community be informed when any new buildings or significant changes are planned to 

be made.  Chris also asked that if Parks & Rec. centers are going to be closed that the 

Board & Community be informed. 

a. March there will be a meeting to review the Como Park Plan. 

b. In May there will be a meeting regarding parking. 

These will be brought to the Board as an action item to ensure this is the direction the 

Board would like to take. 

c. Chris wants to flyer the district in order to establish contact with businesses. 

d. Mike Hamm wants the Councils to get together and write a collective letter in regards 

to the Constitutional Bill that was passed in regards to funding for arts and parks 

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

February 4, 2009 

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because he is having a hard time seeing any of the money go to Como Park.  Camille 

recommended Mike Hahm speak with Diane Wanner in regards to organizing the 

Councils and drafting a letter. 

7. Organizer Report -- Activities and Issues 

a. Rhonda would like to establish a welcome wagon and involve businesses in the 


b. Rhonda is working on establishing a block leader club 

c. Rhonda is working on holding a garage sale at the Streetcar Station on May 16th. 

d. Rhonda wants to set-up a thank you event for the current and former Board members.  

She feels that springtime would be a good time to hold this event. 

e. Dennis O. suggested to Rhonda that Northwest Como might be one of the Rec. 

centers that may close.  A meeting with Lee Helgen, Russ Stark and possibly a Rec. 

center representative could be in order.   

f. Camille spoke on police staffing changes and the impact that could have on the 


g. Camille spoke on the new 990 requirements and the fact that every member should 

sign a code of conduct each year. 

h. Minutes are not sent out until after they have been approved by the Board. 

8.  CIB Task Force Appointments 

The Executive Committee Recommends: 

Neighborhood Facilities – Tom Olesak  

Residential & Economic Development – John Bauer 

Streets & Utilities – Rhonda DeBough-Insook 

9. COPP Contract 

Revisions were discussed. 

10. City Work Plan and Contract 

a. 2008 Evaluation Survey 

Results were discussed. 

11. Agenda for February Board Meeting 

a. Guest Speaker Options 

i. Metro Deaf School – Tom Perent 

ii. Penny Stinson – Midway Parkway Small Area Plan 

She will be asked about a timeline in regards to the revision of the small area 


b. Action Items 

i. Committee Charters and Work Plans 


Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

February 4, 2009 

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ii. Authorize Contract Submission 


12. Adjourn 

Adjourn 9:12pm 


Meeting minutes submitting by Lori Klongtruatroke 

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