Minutes - 3/2009
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Community Council Meeting Minutes 

March 17, 2009 

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District 10 Community Council 

Community Council Meeting 

Historic Streetcar Station 

March 17, 2009 -- 7:00 p.m. 


Meeting Minutes 



Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Misty Havens, 

Matt Schmitt, Barbara Clark, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, John Bjork, Chris Martineau, 

Barbara Frick, Sehoya Cotner. 


Directors absent:   


Directors excused:  Scott Baker 


Staff present:  Rhonda DeBough-Insook, Josh Witt 


1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm 

2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda. 

Mike made a motion to approve the minutes.  Matt seconded the motion.  The motion 

passed with unanimous approval.  (With item B – The Lexington/Larpenteur node study 

to be last on the community section so that Ted Sheu may be present for that piece.) 


3. Community section 

a. City Budget Report ( Arbeit/Others) 

David Arbeit spoke on the budget meetings being held in the community.  The City 

will be facing significant budget cuts.  To our knowledge, the cuts will not cause the 

NW Como Rec. Center to be closed at this time.  The cuts will affect the police 

department.  Council members Stark and Helgen have advocated for no cuts to the 

Community Councils in the City.  Staff have been attending the meetings being held. 

b. Como Pool Design Report (Milgrom/Olesak) 

Marsha Milgrom spoke about the Como Pool Design.  Marsha encouraged the public 

to come and take part in the ranking of the pool designs tomorrow and Thursday night 

at the Visitors Center in the Como Park Zoo.   


Marsha also spoke about the CIB funding process and that the city will see the pool as 

something that will pay for itself.  Marsha urges the community to ask questions 

regarding parking, pool maintenance, and impact on the community.   

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

March 17, 2009 

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David asked if Tom Olesak wanted to clarify or discuss anything.  Tom spoke to the 

fact that the City was doing a fine job with the process, and with the questions that the 

community have had.   


Marsha spoke to the fact that 10 times more people will be visiting the park when the 

pool project is done and that there will likely be party rentals and extended hours of 

the pool facilities. 


David Arbeit spoke to how he sees the event tomorrow night going.  He explained 

that there would be people there to answer questions that the community may ask.   


Ken Kunkle asked Marsha where the assumption is coming from that the City wants 

to have parties and late hours at the pool.  Marsha explained that it is something that 

the City has expressed interest in it.     


c. Como Home Environmental Audit Program (MacDonald/Betti Iwanski) 

Mike MacDonald spoke to the process of developing a home energy audit program 

for homeowners in the district.  The impact of the audit can be tracked district-wide.   


Betti Iwanski is on the Environmental Committee and spoke to the audit process 

(NEC does the audit.)  This piece is called the Home Energy Assistance Program.  

After an audit, this program can help the homeowner figure out which items to do 

first to get the best return for their investment.   


Contact District 10 to get signed up at comopark.org or by calling (651) 644-3889. 


d. Lexington/Larpenteur Node Study (Sheu) 

Ted Sheu spoke about the meeting on April 7th to discuss the Lexington Larpenteur 

Node Study.  It will be held at the Streetcar Station at 7pm.  Penny and Tim Griffin 

from the City and Tim Griffin will be at the meeting to discuss the existing drawings.  

Community input will be sought.  Howard Paster owns the land that the Flowerama 

and Walgreens are on.  He will be having a meeting at 6pm tomorrow night in a 

vacant space of the strip mall across from the Walgreens on Lexington for neighbors 

of the area.  He will be discussing his concept drawings and looking for comments. 


A member of the community spoke to looking for information and wanting to find a 

place to give their input as neighbors of the intersection.   


Ted Sheu spoke about the Community Council not having a binding vote, but being 

able to facilitate a voice for the community.  He suggested they get organized and 

talking with their neighbors.   


Another member of the community asked about getting a vote from the community 

that will be impacted by this.   


Community Council Meeting Minutes 

March 17, 2009 

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David explained that the Community Council has a role in expressing an opinion in 

variances and zoning changes.   David also spoke about how the community needs to 

be engaged in order to get a full conversation.  A developer has certain rights and if 

there is no variance or zoning change, then it may not come before the Community 

Council.  David has an understanding from Mr. Paster that he will not do anything 

until there is community support. 


The member of the community spoke to the amount of community dissatisfaction 

with MGM and the method they have used.   


David spoke about the existing node study and that it does not have to be followed by 

a developer if it is within the law and zoning. 


Another member of the community wanted to know if any of the drawings address 

access to the businesses that would impact the neighborhood. 


Ted, Matt and David all spoke to the fact that there are seven drawings for the 

community to review.  David felt that the community will have a lot of say in what 

gets implemented.  It is also suggested that the existing zoning be brought to the April 

7th meeting. 


David suggests having an update at the April 21st Board meeting to hear how the 

community input is received.   


e. CIB Representative Report and Project Rankings (CIB Reps) 

The Board ranked the projects in order as follows: 

1 Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom Phase 1/Kilmer Mem. Fireplace 

2 Como Pool Replacement 

3 Como Park Play Area 

4 McMurray Field – Road and Softball Improvements 


f. Election for Sub District 3 Vacancy  

Karl Koch spoke about why he would like to be voted onto the Board.   

Andrew Crone also spoke to why he would like to be voted onto the Board.   


Karl Koch was announced as the winner. 


4. Review, Amend, Approve February Minutes 

Sehoya was excused.  Marcy moves & Sehoya seconds.  Approved 


5. Board Updates 

a. Board Chair report – David Arbeit 

David spoke about staff member, Camille, having to leave in June due to family 

obligations.  David also wanted to acknowledge Josh, the intern for all that he has 

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

March 17, 2009 

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done for our community.  David spoke about Matt Schmitt and the communications 

team in getting the newsletter out to the community in time for the election and CIB 

vote.  David also explained the emergency meeting that was called this weekend for 

the Executive Committee members in order to apply for a grant that would be 

supporting recycling efforts. 

b. Treasurer report – Marcy Micek 

If anyone has any suggestions in what or how the financial piece is presented, please 

bring it to her attention. 


The report was accepted. 

c. Staff report 

David discussed a report submitted by Camille.  Rhonda also has a report that was 



d. Committee reports 


Environment Committee (Mike MacDonald) –.   

Mike spoke about the Como Season of Renewal Events and the Parks Clean-Up 

Event.  He also spoke about getting registered for the rain barrel event.   


6.  Discussion Items 

a. 2009 Work Plan & City Contract (David Arbeit) 



b. Midway Area Plan Update (Ted Sheu) 


c. Other Items 


7. Action Items 

a. Committee Charter and Work Plan Actions 

Action Item: Adopt submitted/revised charters and work plans as a group 


b. Approve Rain Barrel Workshop Contract (MacDonald) 

i. Stewardship Grant Agreement- Mike MacDonald moves, Sehoya seconds.  Both 

are passed. 


ii. Verde Strategies (subcontractor) 

c. CERTs Network Affiliate Request 

Mike MacDonald motions to approve.  Sehoya seconds.   Misty had questions 

regarding funding and it was answered. The action passes.    

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

March 17, 2009 

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d. Neighborhood Safety Chair Apppointment 

David Arbeit moves to make Ken Kunkle the Neighborhood Safety Chair.  Mike 

MacDonald seconds.  Approved 

8. Adjourn 





Minutes prepared by Lori Klongtruatroke 


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