Minutes - 4/2008
Tuesday, April 01, 2008 3:35 PM




Executive Committee Meeting 

April 2, 2008 -  7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


Present:  David Arbeit, Kim Klose, Sue McCall, Marcy Micek. 

Excused:  Nathan Volz 

Guests present: Luke Kuhl, Mike MacDonald, Matt Schmidt 

1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

2. Approve Agenda 

Kim made a motion to approve the agenda.  Marcy seconded the motion.  The motion passed.     

3. Rain Barrel Workshop Contract  

Mike MacDonald presented the draft contract for the rain barrel workshop.  An application for 

the grant was submitted, as approved by the Board at a previous meeting.  Revisions to the 

contract include language pertaining to cash flow and upfront costs (printing estimated at $100, 

and promotion expenses).  The Revised flyer is ready for the printer.  The Committee has 

collected enough registration fees already to cover the printing costs.  No-costs distribution ideas: 

1) use district volunteers to deliver flyers, 2) use an area scout troop, 3) Marcy offered to include 

it on postcards going out soon (from a group not related to District 10).  Other publicity: an 

announcement has been submitted to the Monitor.   

The language of the contract has been amended to include registrants outside of District 10. 

Insurance – we have umbrella liability insurance; the Committee will submit a copy to 


Waiver – Discussion about the necessity of a waiver for participants in case of liability. Luke 

will help craft the language, or mimic a waiver from Parks Department.  The Committee will 

require a waiver at the sign-in station on the day of the event.  Discussion about setting a 

precedent: if we require a waiver for this event, does it actually increase our liability? 

CRWD will not reimburse any expenses dated before receipt of the signed contract.  Marcy 

reports that our cash flow is stable and we should not incur any undue hardship for expenses 

related to this event.   

Discussion about possible solutions to excess enrollment.  There may be opportunities for 

follow-up or educational information to be posted on the website.  We may want to contact 

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

April 2, 2008 

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CRWD for expansion to current event.  We may decide to hold our own additional sessions 

without grant. 

David made a motion to allow him to sign the CRWD contract.  Marcy seconded the motion.  

The motion passed. 

Action Item: If we receive the Verde contract before 4/8/08, it will be included in Board packets.  

It will be a presented as a resolution for approval at the meeting. 


4. Approve Minutes 

There were no changes to the March minutes – the draft was in the packet at our last board 

meeting with slight amendments made at that time.   Marcy made a motion to adopt the minutes.  

Kim seconded the motion.  The motion passed. 


5. Financial Report  

A. Cash Reserves:  Marcy crafted a sample of reserve analysis.  We already have this in 

practice, but we don’t have official language in place.  The standard amount comprises a ratio 

of operating expenses to net assets. 

B. Marcy created a spreadsheet that Sue M is using to record assets and expenditures.  Marcy 

still strives to make the process user-friendly. Sue will soon have online access to the bank 

account records. 

C. Discussion about the definition of Net Assets, and inclusion of grants that have not been 

actualized yet. 

  CRWD grant: discussion about how those funds are isolated on the spreadsheet.  They are 

coded with their own item numbers (grant dollars, participant fees).  Reminder that we will 

need to report to the CRWD at the end of the event, including financial information as well as 

volunteer hours. 

D. Office equipment – we have not yet purchased the scanner.  We may be able to contact the 

maintenance company for the copier to enable it to be a scanner.  Sue will soon need to 

purchase color ink cartridges. 

Action Item:  David and Marcy will meet to define “Net Assets” and clarify any Balance Sheet 

issues.  Marcy will contact Linda the accountant re: the May 15th IRS deadline to file the 990 

form.  Sue will call Xerox to check on scanner option in the copier.  


6. Organizer Report -- Activities and Issues   

 Sue McCall reported on current issues:  

Some residents want to close their alleys.  This can be done via neighbors signatures on a 

petition.  Sue will facilitate communication with City officials.  District 10 may become 

involved further if a petition is necessary. 

There is a new conservancy fund – designated for the parks in general, not for the 

campus.  Bob Bierscheid will have the details, and has been invited to our next Board 


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

April 2, 2008 

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Action Item:  David will post information about an upcoming meeting on the web site: African 

American Leadership Council and St. Paul Branch host a Police Community Relations meeting 

on 4/17/08.  

7. Crime Prevention Report  - Sue M. 

During a recent District Council Crime Prevention meeting, W.H. Tyrone Terrill, St. Paul Human 

Rights Department and Lee Helgen’s aide asked the coordinators to discuss how districts address 

diversity issues (i.e. persons of color, gang activity).  He said it’s time for us to get ready to focus 

on ethnic groups.  Other areas of challenge: outreach to African Americans/minorities, diversity 

of Board or staff, use of funding.  

Sue noted that we don’t have any specific goals/objectives this year regarding diversity.  

Executive Committee discussed intent to focus on diversity issues in 2009 work plan and interest 

in input or advice from the Human Rights Dept or Police Department.  


David noted that our youth participant recruitment efforts (for the buckthorn bust and other 

events) targets schools and include African American youth.  We should keep track of volunteer 

demographics as well as hours in order to address diversity initiatives.  We host events targeted 

to youth, but are not race-specific.  We have am established relationship with HHH Job Corps 

(and a liaison Board member).  We need to record our interactions better. 

Action Items: 1) Invite W.H. Tyrone Terrill to a Board Meeting. 2) Marc and the new Safety 

committee will hold its first meeting next Monday.  Can it include minorities in youth outreach? 


8. 2008 Work Plan/Contract Status 

Sue is compiling materials for the contract.   The Environment and Land Use Committees have 

submitted work plans.  The Events & Institutes Committee changed their plan, so revisions are 

necessary.  The Safety committee will meet soon, and will have to expedite the submission of 

their work plan to Sue. 

Action Item: Sue will send the contract draft to David for review while Sue is on vacation.  

David will try to finalize it by the end of April. We may need to submit it before Board approval. 


9. Node Plan Charrette Report  - Luke Kuhl and David Arbeit 

Summary:  Several District 10 members attended the March 27th meeting, as observers and 

participants.  We had no clear expectations about District 10 members’ roles in the process. The 

planners generated five different designs, ranging from a neighborhood conservation effort (a “no 

change” option) to a dramatic transformation option.  Approximately 50-60 people were present 

at the evening meeting, including residents; business owners and developers.  Tim Griffin, from 

the Saint Paul on the Mississippi Design Center, facilitated the meeting.   

Next steps: more work involving the community.  There was no clear agreement on any one 

option.  We hope for better communication as we move forward, pertaining to the role and 

responsibility of District 10, and our ability to have input in the process. 

Action Items:  Luke, as Land Use chair, will follow up with Yang Zhang, City Planner, 

regarding communication and the role of District 10.  Luke will solicit community 

input/feedback regarding the meeting and process and attempt to move to more open thinking.  

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

April 2, 2008 

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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

April 2, 2008 

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10. Communication Committee discussion request: Matt Schmidt 

Proposal: create an ad-hoc fundraising committee within the Communications Committee to 

research additional funds for the communication council.  Projected timeline would be 8-10 

months.  The main objective would be obtaining funds specifically for the newsletter, but could 

be broader.   

David suggested that a fundraising activity is beyond the scope of the Communications 

Committee, but that it is important.  The discussion was tabled and will be pursued at a later date.  


11. Personnel/Vacation Schedule   

A. Compensation: Sue is still working on the documentation of priority tasks and time specific 


B. Sue will be on vacation 4/10-4/21.  She will make Board meeting packets before she leaves.  

Action Item:  Marcy will meet with Sue on Sunday to discuss financial practices and personnel 

issues.  2) David and other volunteers will set up the space and materials for the next Board 



12. Agenda for April Board Meeting 

A. David distributed a draft.  He acknowledged desire to cover all the agenda items while 

respecting the start/end times, without adjourning the meeting  regardless of where we are in 

the agenda. 

B. Suggestion: post committee minutes on the website prior to the meeting, let members 

preview them, discuss action points during the meeting. 

C. Discussion item: Council coordinators are talking about setting a standardized date for board 


Action Item: David will send members an email and try to attend an annual meeting at another 

council for observation. 


13. Adjourn 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m. 



Minutes submitted by Kim Klose. 

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