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Tuesday, April 21, 2009 10:00 AM

Community Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2009
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District 10 Community Council
Community Council Meeting
Historic Streetcar Station
April 21, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Scott Baker,
Misty Havens, Matt Schmitt, Barbara Clark, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, Chris Martineau,
Barbara Frick, Sehoya Cotner, Karl Koch.
Directors absent:  John Bjork 
Directors excused:  
Staff present:  Rhonda DeBough-Insook, Camille Schafer
Call to Order
by David Arbeit at 7:02pm
Review, Amend, Approve Agenda.
Ken Kunkle motions for approval. Ted Sheu seconds.
Community section
City Budget Report ( Stark/Helgen)
Councilman Helgen spoke on the importance of the District Council and how it
relates to the City budget.  He presented a handout explaining why there is a budget
problem.  He stated that if the budget issues are not addressed immediately they will
only get worse.
Russ Stark spoke about the possible 14% budget reduction. Actions currently being
taken such as hiring freezes, pay cuts, closing recreation centers, etc. are going to help
reduce the impact we feel in 2009.  But that may change for the 2010 budget.  Russ
Stark does agree with the Mayor that all programs need to share the burden, which
involves the Community Councils.  He is a strong proponent of the Community
Councils and wants to see cuts to the Community Councils be minimal.
David Arbeit asked about the effects on the current 2009 budget.  Russ Stark and Lee
Helgen did understand that the Council needs to start spending the 2009 money.
Community Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2009
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Misty Havens asked how we would go about getting our community input heard in
regards to the budget cuts.  Russ Stark offered to have people of the community
contact his office by phone and email.
Como Pool Planning Committee Report (Milgrom/Olesak)
Marsha spoke about the pool.  Some of the big questions the community is asking are: 
How many people are going to be using the pool? 
What is the cost?  
What are the ongoing costs?
McMurray fields need to be redone, the road needs to be changed, and the pool
cannot be rebuilt without the money for that project.  How likely is that to happen?
How does the pool fit into the master plan, users of the park, and residents?
The final phase for the pool was approved last night.  It includes a lap pool, zip line,
cliff diving area, kiddie pool with zero depth, and lazy river.  
The process for public input in this initial phase is complete and the recommendations
will be passed on to the City Council.
David Arbeit noted that the size of the pool in drawings at last night’s meeting was
smaller than the design shown to the public during earlier meetings, reflecting public
David Arbeit also mentioned that a shuttle service will begin next month and that it
should help alleviate with traffic to the pool.
Community member Art Oglesby has a great web site about the pool project at
CIB Representatives Report and Project Rankings (CIB Reps).
Tom Olesak – Community – Reported about the CIB process and how projects within
the district were ranked: The play area number 2, the Como pool 11, the outdoor
ckassroom 13, Mc Murray fields were number 18. 
Lexington/Larpenteur Node Study (Sheu)
An April 7th neighborhood meeting was well attended.  There was also a Land Use
meeting last night with nearly 100 people at the Streetcar Station.  Zoning, rezoning,
and design issues were discussed.  Mr. Paster came to the meeting with new designs
that were better received by the community and that involved no rezoning on
California Ave.  Ted Sheu is recommending the formation of an ad-hoc committee to
work with Mr. Paster and the neighborhood.  Ted feels that Mr. Paster is listening to
the neighbors.  There will clearly be some redevelopment there, but that it does need
to adhere to the node study.  
Ted Sheu spoke about the MGM lawsuit appeal.  He will post information about the
court decision on the web site as soon as it is available.
Community Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2009
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David Arbeit asked for community input about how the process is going:

A community member spoke to the possibility of MGM winning the law suit and
then focusing on the zoning laws being changed in order to allow them to

A community member commented on the meeting last night and how well Ted
and the Land Use Committee and Penny explained the process.  The neighbors
really appreciate their hard work.    She appreciates being allowed to have their
voices heard.  There was a lot of progress made last night.

Another member spoke to how vital the 2006 Node Study was and is very grateful
to have it.

Member of the board – Mike MacDonald, asked Ted if MGM will be asked to
join the adhoc committee. Ted explained that they will be.

A member of the community sees the node study not being reflected in the current
design plans.  He asked who is responsible to call that out.  David Arbeit
explained that if the plans that come forward conflict with the node study, it
should be seriously questioned.  The node study is in place to make sure that our
neighborhood is compatible.  Developers can propose anything, but the Council
may not agree to make a recommendation to approve zoning changes, for
example, that they may need.

A community member spoke about how traffic will be addressed. 

Community members asked Lee Helgen about his role in the redevelopment on
the Larpenteur/Lexington redevelopment.  Lee Helgen explained that if the Land
Use Committee approaches him and asks for his guidance, he will assist.
Review, Amend, Approve March Minutes
Section D on pg P.2 - Penny & “Tim Griffin” will be at the drawing…
Approved by Sehoya with changes. Seconded by Ted.
Board Updates
Board Chair report – David Arbeit
David spoke about how active members and staff have been on their committees and
thanked them for their continued commitment.
Treasurer report – Marcy Micek
Marcy is looking at needing to show sources for the money that is being spent.  She is
looking for ideas on how to show that.  
The current cash balance will keep us going for another two months.  We are waiting
for final approval for the 2009 COPP Grant.
Matt made a motion to accept the report.  Scott Baker seconded.  Report accepted.
Staff report
Camille spoke about the meetings staff are attending and what they are offered to the
Community Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2009
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community and Board members.  
Rhonda is working on the garage sale, neighborhood cleanup, and block leaders.  
Kelley, the Job Corps Intern, spoke about needing volunteers for the garage sale.  The
deadline for residents to submit their information about the sale and to be on the map
distributed by District 10 is May 13th.  
Committee reports
Chris Martineau – June 4th will be a meeting regarding parking on the west side of
Como Park.  The possibility of permit parking only will be discussed.
Mike MacDonald – thanked the efforts put into the Spring Parks Clean-up.  There are
spots available for the rain barrel workshop.  
Marcy Micek – Financial Development Committee – June 5th will be the volunteer
recognition night at Marcy’s house.
 Discussion Items
2009 Work Plan & City Contract (David Arbeit)
Looking to get feedback and getting it submitted as soon as possible.  
Policies and Procedures (David Arbeit/Schafer)
 Policies required by the IRS (990 form) need to be formalized.  Some of it already
exists in different areas.  Camille has drafted required policies for conflict of interest
and others that are required and distributed them to members for comments.  David
asked Camille whether they need to be adopted in time to submit with the 2008 IRS
submission, which is due on May 15.  Camille answered that it may be required.
Midway Area Plan Update (Ted Sheu)
Ted spoke about the Small Area Plan being renewed.  Land Use is meeting with Josh
Williams of the City in regards to revisions, mostly regarding the Sholom Home.
Web Site Update (Matt Schmitt)
There was a link sent to the Board that is a working (not completed) prototype.  Matt
is seeking input from the Board.  He is currently aiming for a June launch.  The old
domain will be linked to the new one for a long time.  
Action Items
Sholom Home Task Force Recommendation (Scott Baker)
Requested Action: Approve Task Force Recommendation
Scott presented a resolution asking for adoption of Task Force  recommendations. 
Specifc buyers and uses were not put into this recommendation since the
recommendation should cover all options, there is no current buyer being considered,
and the timeline was very short with Sholom Home vacating the building.  Rather, the
task force focused on a broad-level recommendation.
Ken Kunkle asked about the last paragraph that included a blanket type statement
Community Council Meeting Minutes
April 21, 2009
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regarding certain populations being targeted.  Scott Baker noted that since it was the
driving force for the task force and the neighbors of Sholom, the task force felt it was
justified.  Marcy noted that she will be voting against the action item because of the
wording in the paragraph.  David Arbeit suggests perhaps changing the wording in
the last paragraph.  Scott Baker felt that it needed to be placed before the Board as it
had been written by the task force.
The action item was passed with three dissenting votes and one abstention.  
Lexington-Larpenteur Land Use (Ted Sheu)
Requested Action: Authorize Ad Hoc Committee
Ted sees this ad hoc committee working with all of the players involved in this issue.  
Ted motions for the action to pass and Scott seconds.
Motion passed unanimously.
City Contract Submission (David Arbeit)
Requested Action: Authorize submission to City
David put the motion on the table. Mike seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.
Policies and Procedures (David Arbeit/Schafer)
Requested Action: Approve policies and Procedures
David motioned, and Sehoya seconded.
Motion passed unanimously.
Future Agendas
Minutes prepared by Lori Klongtruatroke

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