Minutes - 4/2009
Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:35 PM

 Introductions: Ken, Deloris, Carla, Karl

Staff Report: 

1.     Block Clubs: 

·      Has increased from 28 to 40+ contacts. 

·      Cmte requested Block Club Leaders (BCL) will be invited to future meetings.

·      April 20 meet and greet for BCLs.

2.     Crime Reports & Western:

·      Current: Nothing specific in need of clarification on current reports.

·      Statistic Detail:  Rhonda advised that she had some discussion with college students which may be available to assist in creating detailed crime tracking database for use in targeting resources in community.   Will report back at next meeting.

·      Western Mtg:  Did not attend most recent mtg.

3.     Other Crime and Safety Related Activities

·      None

Reports and Updates:

1.     Communications Liaison (Karl)

·      Advised that materials have been received regarding previous articles. 

·      Member to serve as communications contact and work with Communications committee to distribute materials via news letter and outlets. 

·      Karl Koch will begin working to flesh this role out.

2.     Apartment Outreach (Deloris)

·      Deloris will begin coordinating with Rhonda to seek input from apartment managers and will attend Happy Hour - Exploration of development of program to address unique safety issues of apartment buildings.

3.     Educational Material Library (Staff)

·      Due to staff changes on committee, no progress on inventory of crime and safety materials available in office (in print or electronic form). 

New Business:

1.     Operational Protocols: Brainstorming development of format for creation of protocols for use by staff and members in response to common neighborhood safety issues. 

·      Ken advised that this would be put on hold as an initiative until later time period.  Staff agreed that creating some documentation of procedures would be helpful.

2.     Neighborhood Groups

·      Requested Rhonda will provide contact information for District 6 Safety meeting.    Will evaluate possible interaction to address common areas of concern.

3.     National Night Out

·      Advised by Rhonda of upcoming mtg and Staff will notify Block Leaders.

·      No other information currently needed.

4.     Other

·      Garage Education:  Ken will work with Rhonda regarding garage sale map, with hope of creating small insert that includes garage theft prevention message.   Rhonda will send current map to Ken.

·      Mtg Programming: Discussed need to provided bi-monthly programming on crime prevention and safety issues to Block Leaders during Cmte Meeting, which can then be made available to each block club to schedule for its residents.  Carla will research first speaker with the aid of Rhonda and we will attempt to have first speaker in May on topic of recording serial numbers.

Adjournment: Approx 8:15PM



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