Minutes - 4/2010
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 6:40 PM


Historic Streetcar Station
1224 North Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN55103
Tuesday April 20, 2010
7:00 PM
Directors Present: Scott Baker, Pete Bolstad, Barbara Clark, Barbara Frick, Chris Harkness, Panod Klongtruatroke, Jon Knox, Monica Lofgren, Mike MacDonald, Chris Martineau, Marcy Micek, Marsha Milgrom, Dolores Rufenacht, Matt Schmitt
Directors Excused: Chris Bedford
Staff Present: Rhonda DeBough Insook
All attending except Bedford.
        I.            Call to Order                                                                                                                     
The meeting was called to order at 7:01
      II.            Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda                                                                   
Agenda approved as presented.
    III.            COMMUNITY SECTION                                                                                                 
A.      Board Chair Report
City grants are scheduled for reapproval.  Chair Knox had observed the April 12 Como Walk-n- Talk and clean up events which were well attended/run. A reminder to the District 10 board to try to make every effort to attend future events.
B.      Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Micek stated a big concern is low cash, which is being watched tightly. 
C.      Community Discussion
a.       CRPTIP Open House Update (Pete Bolstad)
On April 14 a Como Transportation Plan (CRPTIP) Open House hosted 200 persons estimated.  A total of 81 persons participated in a survey. Green space, followed by historic elements, parking demand and bike/pedestrian facilities were priorities. A parallel survey is available on City and District websites through the end of May (participants are asked to partake in only one survey per person). The City’s survey also shows high priority for green space. Most respondents are District 10 residents of both surveys. The majority of respondents are also frequent park users.
April 19 was the most recent Participant Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting. Bolstad requests repeated communications to neighbors to solidify District communications. Kimley Horn (consultants) clarified that as a final “product” of the PAC TIP group will consider current as well as future features with current fund designation. They are aware of public sentiments.  Kimley Horn has promised data gathering through July, with a late July-early August open house relying on suggested improvements and concepts; PAC members have requested earlier information.
b.      MGM/Walgreens Discussion Update (Chris Harkness)
MGM Executive Paul Setter and MGM owner Mike Maglich were in attendance and answered questions from Board members. MGM proposes redevelopment of the current facility into a Walgreens. Three plans have been brought to the District 10 Ad-Hoc Lexington Larpenteur Committee. The current plan is for 14,560 feet, making this Walgreens relatively small. Concerns by residents have been: space, fence, alley dead end, and traffic counts. MGM estimates are for 400-800 customers daily; 201 were counted in 2004 between 4 and 6 p.m by Walgreens. Truck traffic currently averages 25 per week at MGM; Walgreens would expect less. 
Land Use Committee took straw poll votes with three scenarios, showing support for Walgreens. MGM is requesting District 10 Council approval of the footprint to move ahead conceptually.  The issue is that actual architects won’t be procured by Walgreens absent conceptual approval.
Klongtruatoke  motioned, seconded by Micek to conduct a straw poll at the next Land Use meeting (May 10) at which point an action item will be put forth from Land Use to the full District 10 board for recommendation and community vote. The plan is to combine the Ad-Hoc and Land Use Committee meetings May 10, with volunteer flyering targeting the Lexington/Larpenteur neighborhood.  The motion carried by unanimous vote. 
    IV.            BOARD BUSINESS SECTION                                                                                         
Move to accept minutes as presented by MacDonald, seconded by Martineau.  Motion carried.
A.      Staff Reports
Rhonda DeBough Insook reported nominations are sought for a Park Citizen award. The Walk-n-Talk was well received and coincided well with the Parks cleanup.  About 40 participated. A new July 23-25 Staycation is planned, integrating National Night Out, an art crawl and a music festival, as well as a neighborhood-wide bike ride. Trainings are coming up sponsored by the City. DeBough Insook asks that community members always sign in at committee events.
B.      Committee Updates
a.       Land Use/Lexington-Larpenteur Ad Hoc Committee Updates
(Chris Harkness and Barbara Frick)
Harkness reported a stop sign at Grotto required a community vote.  This will go to the next Land Use meeting, and subsequent community vote with proposed Land Use action item.
Frick reported that the Ad-Hoc committee is near finishing its tasks. An action item will be put forth to approve report recommendations it has generated over the past year. A final report is pending an online survey about the proposed MGM design. 
b.      Neighborhood Relations Committee (Chris Martineau)
Martineau reported lawn signs were being created to direct visitors to the ComoPark shuttle. There would be stipulations with use, such as location and excluded dates. Up to 50 will be created/piloted.  A noise survey is underway about noise in neighborhoods around ComoPark. The survey will be distributed for 1-2 blocks’ radius around the park. May 12 is the deadline for survey completion. This is an initial survey to determine pre and post summer 2010 noise. 
c.       Safety Committee (Dolores Rufenacht)
A bike safety workshop is in development. T-shirts may be ordered if funding from Ward 4 is approved. Josh Witte attended the community policing meeting with information that auto theft is an increasing issue. The “Zoo Out There” event this week will fulfill requirements for the City Plan.  The Committee proposes a budget change to move monies into staff/ coordination.  National Night Out kicks off June 2 at PhalenPark. Block club leaders will be invited.
Board members have questioned whose responsibility coordination of block club leaders are for the purposes of flyering. It has been an issue in the past. District staff has the resources to map blocks both with and without block club leaders. The difficulty is finding volunteers to flyer.
d.      Environment Committee (Mike MacDonald)
MacDonald reported a good spring clean-up event April 12. April 19 the Como Lake Neighborhood Network hosted an east lakeside cleanup and promoted awareness of the need to reduce phosphorous/lake algae.  A garden tour will take place in July.  The Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom Advisory Board is advisor to the City Parks owned Outdoor Classroom area. MacDonald is asking the group for clarity as to how it relates to District 10 and the Environment Committee.  LCCMR funding is likely. Tree planting will take place along Hamline Ave. May 1 to replace buckthorn.  There is a poetry workshop project underway for next school year; the public may contribute to underwrite school workshop expenses through District 10.
e.      CRPTIP Ad Hoc Committee (Pete Bolstad)

Presented earlier, under item
f.        Communications Committee (Matt Schmidt)
The spring District 10 newsletter was distributed. Survey Monkey and Constant Contact efforts are underway.
C.      City Grant Applications Revisions Re-approval
The Citizen Participation application should be changed under the 2009 evaluation section to incorporate updated actions. Milgrom moved to approve City grant applications, seconded by Micek. Approved. 
D.      HR Policy Work Group Update
Milgrom reported a small group had been reviewing District 10’s 2005 Human Resource/ personnel policy and will continue comparing it against other district council and nonprofit documents. Related issues include volunteer/intern policies and operational procedures.
E.       Financial Committee (no report)
Discussion about holding meetings at private homes will be added to next month’s agenda. 
      V.            Adjourn                                                                                                                              
Meeting adjourned at 9:14 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Marsha Milgrom.

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