Minutes - 5/2007
Tuesday, May 1, 2007 3:10 PM


                   District 10 Como Community Council 

                                          Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m., May 15, 2007 

                                      Streetcar Station, 1224 N. Lexington Parkway 




1. Chair Sarah MacRunnels called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.  Board members in 

attendance were:  Nathan Volz, Billy Dinkel, Tony Schaps, Sharon Frisell, Jeremy 

Lostetter, Nancy Sabin, Dennis O’Rourke, Greg Hrncirik and Bart Polasek.  Jillian Ierien,  

Kay Plese and Luke Kuhl were excused.  Sehoya Cotner was absent.   


2. The May and April minutes were approved with two corrections.    A motion was made 

and approved to add a discussion on the Job Corps Memorandum of Agreement and a 

possible city wide  effort by the district councils to request an increase in the base 

funding for Citizen Participation grants, to the May agenda.  


3. The Board voted to approve the March and April financial reports.  


4. The staff and crime report was reviewed.  Dennis O’Rourke asked about an assault on 

Midway Parkway, staff will look into this and report back to Dennis. 


Community Section 

5. Sandra Westerling, from the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce made a brief 

presentation on the Chamber’s goals and objectives, educational outreach and community 

service.   Board members had questions on membership makeup, scholarships for area 

high school students and the Central Corridor.  Nancy Sabin thanked Sandra for her 

presentation and reminded Board members the district council was a non- partisan 



Board Section 


6. The Board was given an overview on programming changes proposed by Booth Brown 

House and the possible neighborhood impact.   The Land Use committee recommended  

the Board hold a neighborhood meeting as part of the upcoming June board meeting.    

District 10 will post the meeting notification on the web site and work with Booth 

representatives on flyering the area.  

7. Committee reports were made.   Greg Hrncirik, Crime Watch Chair, said block leaders 

had been invited to the next meeting,  May 16.  Communications committee member 

Tony Schaps re- announced the Neighborhood Garage Sale being held May 19.   Nathan 

Volz discussed the public hearing  on May 18, for the neighborhood plan.  April 

Environment and May Events committee meetings were cancelled.   

8. COPP grant funding was discussed.  There was some confusion as to what the funding 

entailed as far as paper work.  Billy Dinkel said it was important we follow all grant 

requirements.  Sarah will seek requirement clarification.  There was discussion on 

activities that could be done as part of funding. 

9. The Job Corps Memorandum was discussed.  The Board was uncomfortable with the lack 

of MOA language regarding editorial control.  Grg Hrncirik made a motion to “approve 

the MOA in spirit” while allowing the Executive Committee to address the final details. 

10. A district council  effort towards increased funding  was discussed.  At this time the 

councils at large  are asking for Board comment on the proposal.  

11. Adjourn: 8:45 p.m. 

Board training was discussed.  Nancy Sabin reported she’d asked Sarah to sit down with 

each member of the executive committee to discuss what was working and what possibly 

not. Sarah reported she’d had a discussion with the Vice- chair but had not as yet talked 

with the Secretary or Treasurer.   


Nancy also reported she and Sue are working on revamping the staff job description(s).  

Sue McCall requested she be allowed to clarify the fact she did not set or amend board 



Nancy asked the Board to rank eight training topics in order of personal  importance.  

The results were as follows: 


1. Annual plan. 

2. Executive committee feedback. 

3. Mentoring activities. 

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