Minutes - 5/2007
Tuesday, May 1, 2007 1:30 PM

 Crime Watch Committee Minutes - 5/15/07
Meeting Date: 5/15/07
Meeting Location: Historic Streetcar Station
Meeting Time: 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
Number of Residents Present: 11 


1. Introductions

2. Old Business

3. New Business

Meeting Minutes

1. The Community Organizer and the Chair welcomed attendees and the Chair asked each attendee to discuss briefly what brought them to the meeting and any issues they would like to discuss.

2. The Chair provided a general review of the activities and actions of the Crime Watch Committee over the past few months. The Community Organizer provided the attendees with a brief history of past actions and activities of the Crime Watch Committee and gave insight into what has and has not seemed to be fruitful in the past.

3. Attendees identified the following concerns with regards to Crime and Safety in District 10.
a. Concern regarding loud stereos and frequent use of car horns around the Job Corps location. Residents believe that the noise comes from visitors to the Job Corps location and expressed a desire to intervene and deter the noise. The Job Corp was identified by residents as a "good neighbor" and the hope is that something could be done in communion with the Job Corp. Discussed possible increased signage and contact with the Job Corp directly to ask them to remind their participants that guests to the property should be mindful of local noise ordinances.

b. Attendees also identified street racing at the intersection of Maryland and Wheelock, East of Como Lake, as a growing concern. One resident indicated that threats have been directed towards residents by "racers."

c. Interest in identifying and tracking "trends" was also discussed; particularly relating to burglaries, assaults and incidents of graffiti.

d. Local Property Managers were also present and discussed the issues that have confronted housing complexes within the community. Solutions past/present were discussed as were potential community resources that might be available to assist in addressing the issues.

e. Attendees also were provided with the number of St. Paul Community Services: A general number available to city residents to serve as an access point for learing about community resources, reporting crime, inquiring about local issues, or expressing a community or individual concern.

4. In addition to discussing concerns, the group also talked about possible ideas for utilizing COP Funding to address community safety and vitality concerns. The following ideas were generated:

a. Utilize COP funding to pay for additional signage notifying residents and visitors of local noise ordinance.

b. Identify poorly lit alley ways in the District and seek funding to improve lighting. 

c. Develop programs or tools to improve communication with local school liason officers and engage students in becoming active and positive community members.

d. Use funding to develop/implement traffic calming measures, possibly including "Roundabouts" at intersections, use of electronic speed monitors that compare drivers' speeds to the posted limit, or funding additional traffic enforcement at problem intersections or roadways.

e. Fund Community activities that draw residents outside and increase positive activities amongst residents. This could include a "paint the pavement project," a social gathering of block leaders, or some other activity.

f. Utilize COP funding to develop and distribute a brochure/flyer geared towards crime identification, intervention, and prevention.

5. The meeting came to a close with the Chair announcing a reminder regarding the upcoming "National Night Out Kick-Off Picnic on 5/23/07 at Como Park.

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