Minutes - 5/2008
Thursday, May 1, 2008 2:50 PM



Board Meeting 

  May 20, 2008 -  7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


The agenda and supporting materials were mailed to directors prior to the meeting. 

Directors present:, Sehoya Cotner, Sharon Frisell, Tony Hainault, Chai Insook, Kim Klose, Luke 

Kuhl, Mike MacDonald, John Marino, Marcy Micek, Dennis O’Rourke,  Sue Phillips, Matt Schmitt, 

Nathan Volz. 

Directors absent:  

Directors excused: David Arbeit, Marc Prokosch 

Staff present: Janet (Jae) Asancheyev, Contractor – fulfilling interim Community Organizer 


Guests present:  Susan Hubbard, Chris Goodwin, Eureka Recycling 


1. Call to Order 

Nathan Volz called the meeting to order at 7:07p.m. 

2. Review, Amend, Approve May Agenda 

Nathan added Deb Robinson to the Community section, and combined two items, A & C: Board 

Chair report and staff transition/recruiting. 

Luke K.  moved to accept the agenda as amended.   Mike M. seconded the motion. The motion 

passed with unanimous approval. 


3. Community Section 

A. Invited speaker: Susan Hubbard, CEO, and Chris Goodwin, Community Rep…..  Eureka 

Recycling.  Location 2828 Kennedy St. Updates:  They are working on their strategic 

plan throughout the summer, asking for our input (via Survey Monkey) and will report 

back to us once the plan is written.1) Clean-up, offered help/training for us in light of 

staff transitions, will work with us in any many we desire. 2) invitation to tour the facility 

in the summer (open to public once a year – July or August).  3) Environmental round 

table, convened experts from within St. Paul to address six different environmental 


topics. 4) St. Paul is poised to begin collection of organics at the curb (decomposable 

food waste), June 2009.   


1. what to do with packaging?  Urge companies to move toward organically-based 


2. Plastic recycling, level 5 may be accepted soon (there is a pilot now).  Levels 2-7 can 

be dropped off at the facility, if it’s thoroughly cleaned.  

3. Where is it processed?  As locally as possible.  Some paper goes to Rock Tenn, some 

does not – based on the products they make, and the paper fiber quality. 

4. Can methane be recaptured through composting?  Yes, looking into it. 

B. Recognition of Sue McCall.  

Nathan spoke about her dedication and activism and passion for getting the work done. Small 

snapshot of her contributions with D10, via council membership, committee membership and 

support,  and staff service.  Her connectedness with the community, and knowing who to 

contact and when proved vital to opening doors and building relationships within the 

community.  We will present Sue with a certificate at a later date.  Nancy Sabin presented 

two letters of thanks, one as Executive Director of the Jacob Wetterling Foundation, and one 

as a private citizen, acknowledging that Sue is one of the best community organizers among 

the 17 councils.  John Marino acknowledged her help with the newsletter.  Jae commented 

that Sue left the office in very good order, and has provided for a smooth transition.  Dennis 

acknowledged her dedication and knowledge of the City.  Janice Rettman acknowledged that 

Sue always included the whole district, pointing out where the borders actually lie.  Sue’s 

passions drove her to speak up for the little guys, and smaller issues, when big issues took the 

spotlight.  Sue’s legacy is that we .don’t forget those who are not present at our meetings. 

Dennis proposed a resolution that we commemorate Sue’s contributions to D10,  Sharon 

Frisell seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  


C. Other Public Comments:  Deb Robinson – Systems   

Succession planning.  In light transitions (staff and board members), it may be helpful to 

have written records/processes/checklists from committees and staff to “hand off” to whoever 

may come next.  Suggestion:  committee chairs, or anyone who does an event, could 

document their processes (buckthorn bust, rain barrel workshops, etc).  Mary acknowledged 

that it coincides with office planning, and conversation about moving the date of board 

elections.  Nancy Sabin commented that she provided checklists to David when she was a 

board member. 

Community Section closed 8:04 pm 

4. Review, Amend, Approve April Minutes 

Motion: Luke K. made a motion to approve the March minutes. Marcy M. seconded the motion. 

Discussion item – top of page 3 – typo – the word should be “it” rather than “is.”  Approved 

Action Item: Kim will fix the typo. 

5. Board Updates 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 June 25, 2008 

Page 2 of 4 

A. Board Chair Report & Transition/Recruiting staff position – Nathan Volz 

Welcome to Jae Asancheyev.  8-10 are the official office hours, she is available for 

other times as needed. 

Work plans have been submitted 

Rain barrel and garage sale events were successful. 

B. Financial Reports – Marcy Micek 

Marcy reviewed the financials . 

We’re in good stead.  We have recently received funds from Eureka, and the rain barrel 

workshops.  The month of May will bring a salary payout (staff vacation). Expenses: cut the 

phone bill related to the fax number.  The copier may be able to be used as a scanner, so we 

don’t have to purchase one. 

Some board members reported not receiving copies of the financial statement prior to this 


Review and Accept Financial Reports 

Motion: Tony H. made a motion to approve the April  financial statements. Sue P. seconded 

the motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 

C. Node Study/MGM Update 

Luke provided updates – no movement lately.  If there is a meeting date publicized, the 

community will need to be alerted (the website is not providing much information).  Luke 

anticipates a two-week window to flyer neighborhoods.  Nathan acknowledged that this 

issue has generated a growing listserv. 

D. Committee Chair Reports 

Executive Committee – Addressed above 

Neighborhood Safety – Marcy attended the meeting, discussed enormity of the issue and 

what our involvement could be.  Crime stats: can we make them more meaningful (add 

historical context, trends over time). NNO kickoff in Como Park May 29.  Reviewed work 

plans and goals. Target is the national support this year, and there are grants available (if 

there is a neighborhood committee). 

Events & Institutions –Dennis reported that there is not much neighborhood interest in a 

“drive-free” zone or day. 

Communications Committee – John Marino reported that he has extended the deadline for 

the upcoming newsletter, and will be sending the draft to board members soon.  Garage sale 

was successful, 53 participants.  Created a couple of flyers: neighborhood safety and “got 

democracy?”.  Matt is creating an email list for newsletter blasts – functional later this year.  

Matt visited 22 sales as a community outreach function. 

Environment Committee – Mike MacDonald reported that the first rain barrel workshop had 

60 participants (two sessions combined).  Next session will be June 14th.  Verde will be 

selling additional barrels at a reduced price ($50) since we have exceeded our expectations.  

The committee will evaluate the process after the events are over to determine interest/ability 

to do the event again next year. 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 June 25, 2008 

Page 3 of 4 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 June 25, 2008 

Page 4 of 4 

Land Use Committee – Luke Kuhl stated that Council Member Stark initiated a conversation 

to solicit input in developing a bike lane north of fair grounds.  Tony will be the contact 

person.  Sharon commented that the Energy Park Drive neighborhood is interested in a bridge 

that would link Energy Park to the greater portion of our district. 

E. Transportation – Sehoya will be gone all of June and July, and recommends that we send an 

alternate to the meetings.  Sehoya will send out meeting dates.  Janice Rettman noted that 

there are several public hearing scheduled (May 29, 4:00-7:00pm) at the Goodwill on 

Fairview.  All dates are listed on the Met Council website.  Issues: loss of street parking on 

University, additional stations, public art. 

F. 2008 Work Plan and Contract Status – already addressed. 

6. Action Items 

Nathan will allow public moments (3 minutes) and a 1 minute rebuttal. 

A. Resolution CO0513081 (Communications Committee) Approve “Outreach through 

Exercise” project. 

Opportunity to hold a Tai Chi class (6 sessions).  The instructor is asking for $120 fee, 

anything above that (collected via a donation box) will be donated to D10.  This is really 

a community building activity, an opportunity to increase outreach and awareness of the 

Council.  Advertise in next newsletter, which means distribution for late June. 

Marcy made a motion to approve the resolution, Dennis seconded it.  Discussion: would 

be a regular day/time (Saturday mornings).  Possible outreach opportunity to the 

apartment complex at Energy Park Drive.  There would be a table with flyers and a box 

for suggested donation.  Motion passed unanimously.   

B. Resolution LU0513081 (Land Use) Council position on Como Campus license request   

Como campus has requested a letter of support for an application of a liquor license at the 

campus.  It doesn’t technically change what’s already happening.  The Campus has a caterer 

(Lancer) that currently sells alcohol at private events in reserved areas (like wedding 

receptions).  A license would allow distributors to deliver to the premises directly, instead of 

through the caterer.  Would allow for inspections.  Minimal impact on neighbors.   

Motion: John Marino made a motion to approve the resolution.  Marcy M seconded the 

motion. Discussion: Concern about delivery times/days for distributors and impact on traffic.  

Luke explained the waiver process.  Concerns about growth and expansion of the Campus 

can be addressed in a separate meeting, perhaps a joint meeting of Land Use and Events & 

Committees.  Concern that public hours will be reduced in order to accommodate private 


1 nay,  12 ayes.  The motion passed carried. 

7. Discussion Items 

A. Other discussion items: 

8. Adjourn  


Sehoya, moved to adjourn.  Mike seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:06  p.m. 


Minutes submitted by Kim Klose. 

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