Minutes - 5/2008
Thursday, May 01, 2008 3:35 PM




Executive Committee Meeting 

May 7, 2008 -  7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


Present:  David Arbeit, Kim Klose, Marcy Micek, Nathan Volz 

Guests present: John Marino 

1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

2. Approve Agenda 

Change the wording of item 3, so that it reads “approve minutes (Executive Committee April 2 

and Personnel Committee April 23). 

Add Kim to item 4 (transition report) 

Marcy made a motion to approve the agenda as amended.  Nathan seconded the motion.  The 

motion passed.     

3. Approve Minutes 

A. Marcy made a motion to approve the Executive Committee minutes from 4/2/08. Nathan 

seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  

B. Kim made a motion to approve the notes from the Personnel Committee meeting on 

4/23/08. Marcy seconded the motion.  The motion passed. 

Action item:  Create a Personnel File to keep physical records of transition procedures. 

4. Transition Report – David, Marcy, Kim 

A. A review of office details (projects and logistics).  May 2, 2008 was Sue’s last day of 

employment. September Neighborhood clean-up (folder of history/processes) has been 

Sue’s special project.  We are waiting for documentation/literature from Eureka re: the 

clean-up event.  The office is nicely organized for next staff person.  One remaining 

personnel item, David signed off on it.  The office computer is a Mac – Matt Schmitt can 

be a resource if needed during the transition. 

B. Kim and Dennis held an exit interview with Sue, soliciting her thoughts about what we, 

as a Board, can do for the next staff person.  Sue acknowledged successes that have 

happened over the years. 

Action items:  

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

May 7, 2008 

Page 1 of 3 

1.  Marcy will follow up with the security company.  

2. We will create a written document regarding keys. 

3. Marcy will call to confirm our guest for the next board meeting, Susan Hubbard, from 

Eureka.  Marcy will also ask about the neighborhood cleanup. 

4.  We will acknowledge Sue McCall’s years of service.  Nathan will call Sue to see what 

kind of recognition she would prefer.  Nathan will draft a letter/certificate. 

5.  We need to clarify our policies regarding specifics of health benefits for staff. 

5. Recruiting and Temporary Staffing – David 

A. The Community Organizer posting is on the D10 website.  Other advertising: Midway 

Monitor, several community newspapers, including the Villager, and North End News.  

We missed the Park Bugle deadline. MN Council of Nonprofits requires a fee or 

membership.  We know of three interested candidates already. 

B. Temporary staffing plan, to see us through a period of 4 to 8 weeks.  One option – hire a 

temp from an agency.  Second option – hire a temporary employee (where we are 

responsible for taxes).  Third option – hire a contractor/consultant.  David recommended 

Janet (Jae) Asancheyev, who is an office organizing specialist.     

Action Items:  The deadline for position applications is May 27, 2008.  District 10 will join 

MCN, then we can post the ad for free.  Kim will send the posting to the Humphrey Institute.  

Marcy moved that we hire Jae at 20-25 hours/week.  We have a two pronged focus for the 

temporary contractor: 1) Keep the office running and organized, 2)represent D10 at 

community meetings.  Nathan seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  David 

will draft a temporary employment contract. 


6. 2008 Work Plan/Contract Status – David initiated a conversation and submitted the draft as we 

have it thus far.   

A. David distributed copies of the contract.  Board pre-approved the submission in April.  

There remains a particular note about the format and requirements in the budget section.  

Once it is submitted, then approved, we’ll be notified and can begin to submit requests 

for reimbursement. 

 Action Item:  David will make final amendments and submit the document.  

7. Office Housekeeping 

A. Create a to-do list for Jae, including an expense item related to an extra phone line. 

Action Item: Marcy will call Cindy at Linda’s accounting again about the due date for 

submission of the 990. 

8. Agenda for April Board Meeting 

A. David distributed a draft.   

B. Added a recognition event for Sue.  We need to confirm the Eureka guest speaker, and 

possibly invite someone else if Hubbard can’t come (community partner Harriett Mednick). 

C. Transition:  We will introduce Jae and provide an update on the recruiting process. 

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

May 7, 2008 

Page 2 of 3 

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

May 7, 2008 

Page 3 of 3 

D. Jae will assemble packets for the next Board meeting.  Members can send documents to the 

general email address:  district10@comopark.org. 

E. Resolutions:   

Communications Committee (John) – Fundraising pilot. This is test model for an 

outreach function and communication tool.  The focus is to advertise D10 and get 

our name out to new people.  The vehicle is a tai chi class.  The Board will 

provide the instructor fee (and develop a contract), and a donation box will be 

located at the events (to cover the fee).  Classes will begin in mid-June, and run 

for six weeks.  Events will be advertised in the newsletter, possibly in a flyer 

distributed in the neighborhood, and community newspapers.  Perhaps we could 

piggy back on postcards from other organizations announcing community events.   

Board members will be encouraged to attend the events and sit at a table for 

question/answers from the public.  

Lancer request – plan to keep a space on the agenda, as Luke will likely add this 


9. Adjourn 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. 



Minutes submitted by Kim Klose. 

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