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 Community Council Meeting Minutes 

May 19th, 2009 

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District 10 Community Council 

Community Council Meeting 

Historic Streetcar Station 

May 19th, 2009 - 7:00 p.m. 


Meeting Minutes 



Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Lori Klongtruatroke, Scott Baker, Misty Havens, 

Matt Schmitt, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, John Bjork, Chris Martineau, Barbara Frick, Karl 



Directors absent:  Barbara Clark  


Directors excused:  Marcy Micek, Sehoya Cotner 


Staff present:  Rhonda DeBough-Insook, Camille Schafer 


1. Call to Order 

by David Arbeit at 7:05pm 

2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda.

Mike MacDonald motions for approval. Chris seconds. Agenda approved unanimously. 

3. Community section 

a. Como Pool/Shuttle Update (Don Ganje) 

June 1st is the date we will get the draft report from the consultants. It will then be 

placed on the Como website (comopark.org).   


In September, the pool project will go before the City Council.  Construction could 

potentially begin as soon as the summer of 2010.  The soonest it could be open would 

be the summer of 2011. 


David Arbeit asked the question regarding CIB and funding in regards to the pool.  

There will be a CIB hearing next Tuesday at 6:00pm (it is posted on the Dist. 10 web 



Karl Koch asked a question regarding the funding for the road work, the McMurray 

fields and the pool.  The answer (per Don Ganje) is that each one is funded separately 

through different CIB projects.  The pool itself will have approximately 100 parking 

spaces by itself.   


Community Council Meeting Minutes 

May 19th, 2009 

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David spoke to wanting to have people go to the City of St. Paul web site and search 

on Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) to see the rankings final tally.   


Don also spoke about the shuttle and that it had a soft launch with about 127 riders 

this past weekend.  There will be three busses that are low-emission diesel busses 

with wraps on them to make them look like zoo animals.   The shuttle service will be 

available every weekend starting on Memorial Day weekend (no shuttle service July 

4th & 5th) through Labor Day.  The busses will be operated by Lorenz Bus Service.  

There will be press releases and advertising starting this weekend.  Signs have been 

put on Hwy 36 & 94 directing traffic to the shuttle service as they exit the freeway.   


June 4th there will be a public meeting here at the streetcar station regarding traffic 

and there will a bus here to view.  This will be hosted by the Community Relations 


b. District Council Collaborative Briefing (Carol Swenson) 

Carol spoke about the District Councils Collaborative.  She is the Liaison for the 

DCC, which is a non-profit organization.  The organization’s biggest focus in the 

beginning was the LRT and the Central Corridor issues.  They also focus in on 

communication and community outreach.  The DCC puts out an update on 

information that the District Councils might not otherwise get in regards to the Light 

Rail.  The DCC Governing Council is made up of one representative from each 

member organization – each organization may also appoint an alternate.  Each 

organization has one vote in the DCC. 


One of the current issues that the DCC is involved with is the Rondo Community and 

the impact that the Central Corridor will have on their community.  They are asking 

for the DCC to help them file a complaint on the community impact that the Central 

Corridor and LRT will have on their community.   


David Arbeit asked if we could see the document committing Dist. 10 to the DCC 

back in 2006, since none of the existing Board members of Dist. 10 were seated on 

the board back in 2006. 


There is not a deadline for Dist. 10 to decide whether or not commit to the DCC, but 

they would like to know within the next one or two months.   

c. Lexington/Larpenteur Issues (Sheu)

There is now an ad-hoc committee that will beginning to meet within the next few 

weeks dealing with the issues involving the Lexington/Larpenteur area.  They will be 

meeting twice a month.  Barbara Frick and Leah Mesick will be Chairs of the ad-hoc 


d. Pavilion 

A member of the community who lives on the East side of the lake spoke to the 

Board about an issue he had with the Pavilion a few weekends ago.  He and his wife 

(who have lived here for 25 years) were woken-up from an afternoon nap because of 

an unacceptable amount of loud music coming from the Pavilion – louder than they 

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

May 19th, 2009 

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have ever heard before.  The member of the community went down to the pavilion to 

ask who was in charge.  There was an officer there and he tried to speak to the officer 

about the noise level but it was not well received and the resident was made to feel 

intimidated with the threat of being arrested for disturbing the peace.  He was also 

told to get used to the noise.   


David Arbeit spoke to ensuring that this individual voice his concern to the City Staff 

member for Lee Helgen who was at the meeting.  Chris Martineau spoke to making a 

complaint to the Police Dept. in regards to the alleged behavior.   

e. Lexington Ave. Construction 

Ramsey County is going to be looking at doing an overlay on Lexington Ave. in the 

upcoming year (per Janice Rettman).  It is strictly overlay, not new construction and 

the board will be notified before it is to begin. 

4. Review, Amend, Approve April Minutes 

p.2 CIB reps – outdoor classroom not playground 

3 dissenting votes, not 2.  1 abstention. 

John Bjork – remove from attending. 


5. Board Updates 

a. Board Chair report – David Arbeit 

Staffing plans have been rearranged so that Camille will continue to be a member of 

the staff.  Rhonda will be increasing her hours as Community Organizer.  Camille 

will be filling the role of the Board Administrator; she will not be supporting 

committees.  We will also be bringing on a former intern, Josh Witte, on June 1st for 

about 10 hours per week until Labor Day. 


David has signed a work plan and it is now ready for City Council Approval.  That 

process will take approx. 4 weeks. 


The Board all received an email stating that John Bjork has resigned from the Board 

as of today.  We will need to have a special election at the June meeting to fill his 



David went on to congratulate the Board and their Committees for their amount of 


b. Treasurer report – Marcy Micek 

Marcy was absent.  David explained the report she submitted for the Board packet. 

Motion to accept the report from Chris.  Ted Seconded. Report accepted 


c. Staff report 

Rhonda spoke about how well the garage sale went.  She named all of the individuals 

that helped in having the first sale in the Streetcar Station.  People had also come to 

the streetcar station to talk about the District Council, so perhaps there should be a 

Community Council Meeting Minutes 

May 19th, 2009 

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table next year to help provide the community with that.  The sale produced a strong 

neighborhood bonding experience and resulted in $300.00 for the District Council. 


We are doing a thank-you party on June 5th to acknowledge former Board members.  

Paint the Pavement workshop will take place in late June.  There will be a discussion 

on having a single garbage hauler for neighborhoods.  The senior fair is still being 

worked on. 

d. Committee reports 

Mike MacDonald (Environment Committee) 

There will be a lake clean-up on Saturday June 13th.  He is asking for assistance for 

the lake clean up.  The History Tour is hosted by the Como Park Alliance.  The Tree 

Trek and tour of the rain gardens will also have a tour. 


Chris Martineau (Community Relations) 

Chris spoke about their last meeting and that it focused mainly on the shuttle.  He has 

also been working on engaging the community businesses and organizations. 


Ken Kunkle (Safety) 

The Block Leaders is something that falls under the Safety Committee. 


Ted Sheu (Land Use) 

There is a new owner at the gas station on Dale and Larpenteur.  He came before the 

Land Use committee to introduce himself.   


Matt Schmitt (Communications) 

Web site update – they are currently transferring items to the new site.  He hopes to 

have a new version of the site to show everyone soon.  Matt requested articles for the 

summer newsletter.   


In regards to the newsletter, Matt is thinking of delivering it through the Monitor 

newspaper on a monthly basis.  It would save money for the council, but it would be 

less flexible for things that may need to be addressed on a short-notice basis.  It 

would allow there to be delivery to the Energy Park area. There would need to be 

more copies made by Job Corps for this proposal. 


Matt spoke about trying to get GLS Printing on Energy Park Drive to print a four- 

color printout describing what the District Council is.  They let him know that they 

can offer him a discount for that type of project. 


Karl Koch spoke about the National Night Out kick-off on June 3rd here in Como 


6.  Discussion Items


Community Council Meeting Minutes 

May 19th, 2009 

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a. Midway Area Plan Update (Sheu)

Ted was able to get Josh Williams the 1997 copy of the SAP with changes made for 

review.  The goal is to have a neighborhood meeting on the revisions.   

b. Fiscal Agenda for grant applications 

Is the council able to provide be a fiscal agent as a non-profit for individuals looking 

for such a service from the District?  Marcy is trying to put together some guidelines 

for this if the Council decides to support this. 

c. Other 

We now have magnets and the Annual Park Citizens Award deadline is June 15th.  

David suggests nominating some of the individuals who have been heavily involved 

in the Parks from our dist. 

7. Action Items 

a. Rain barrel Grant (MacDonald) 

Requested Action: Approve final report to CRWD 

Ted Seconded.  Action Item approved. 

b. Traffic Calming Grant (Cotner) 

Requested Action: Approve grant request and acceptance from Public Art St. 


Motion from Ted Sheu to table request to see further information in regards to 

liability.  Karl Koch seconded.  Approved to be tabled.  


8. Future Agendas 


9. Adjourn 

Ken motioned to adjourn. 

Chris seconded. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm 



Minutes prepared by Lori Klongtruatroke 

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