Minutes - 5/2010
Thursday, June 03, 2010 8:25 AM



Historic Streetcar Station, 1224 North Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN 55103

Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 7:00 PM

Meeting Minutes


Directors present:  Panod Klongtruatroke,  Jon Knox, Marcy Micek, Marsha Milgrom , Matt Schmitt, Chris Harkness (last half)

Staff present: Rhonda DeBough Insook


1.       Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.


2.       Approve Agenda

No changes were made to the agenda.


3.       Approve Minutes from Last Meeting

Minutes had been approved at the April full District Council meeting.


4.       Rhonda’s Corner

Rhonda DeBough Insook reported the following activities and issues to the Committee:

a.  Proposal to switch banks from St. Anthony Park to nearby Credit Union.  Agreed.

b.  Como Outdoor Classroom has won a City of Saint Paul Sustainability Award.

c.  The Como Garage Sale is Sat. May 15.  Deadline to register was extended.

d.  The July Staycation is being coordinated with various partners.

e. Financial tasks are outlined with a  breakdown of monthly, weekly and ongoing financial duties.

f.  Pay Pal account – questions on the operations and responsibilities of managing it.  Account frequency and thank you/tax deduction letters management discussions. Poet-tree fundraiser is using Pay Pal account. 

g.  Other to-do’s:  updating the description of Safety/Communications staff person.


5.       Committee Meetings / Structure

a.  Discussion of board and committee membership.

b.  Discussion of communications protocol:  writing up exact descriptions for e-blasts, etc.

c.  Calendar policy discussion.  E-blast events should be entered into the Calendar by staff. 

d.  Meetings in public places discussion.   Committees should meet in public places e.g. Streetcar Station or Java Train.

e.  Flyering:  steps proposed and agreed upon to make the process more smooth.  Staff will create a flyering document.  Currently, retrieving block club leaders in an area is time-intensive, manual operation.


6.       Chris Harkness: Combined Meeting 5/10

There will be a combined meeting of Land Use and Ad-Hoc Larpenteur-Lexington Committees at the Streetcar Station May 10, in which community comments will be sought.   Four action items will be drafted to bring to the District 10 board during the meeting.


7.       Human Resources Work Group

The group has collected sample HR policies from five planning district councils, plus Council of Nonprofits.  In addition, several volunteer policies have been obtained for comparative purposes.  Marsha Milgrom has consulted with the City’s Diane Wanner on the need for a separate volunteer policy, which District 10 does not have.  The goal now is to compare and digest the policies, analyze missing or new information and form recommendations to complete the District 10 policy review.


8.       Begin Discussions on future staffing Structure

The current staffing structure is scheduled to be evaluated in or near June.  The Executive Committee expressed a need to understand current responsibilities in terms of job duties.  The goal is to look at the structure globally rather than one position at a time, and review all three positions.


9.       City Contract / COPP Discussion

The City contract, submitted for 2010, requires a semi-annual report.  The Executive Committee had determined it might be easier to track goals against progress quarterly. Each of its four members has volunteered to take one of the four objectives for review.  Discussion as to whether this was needed or whether a simple semi-annual check (for time frame ending June 2010) might be simpler.  Agreement to use the same process, i.e. one objective each, and review post-June. 


10.   May Board Meeting

There are four primary items for the May board meeting:  MGM/Lexington-Larpenteur plans, a stop sign petition at Grotto St. and Cottage Ave., a request for 3 variances for electronic sign at Como Elementary, and the District 10 Lexington / Larpenteur Ad Hoc Development Guide. 


11.   Other Items

Hours spent with former staff training on financial work are under budget. Discussion of summer vacation and meeting schedules.  Matt Schmitt informed the committee that Terri Heyer from CWOCAC would like to present to the council in June. Bylaw review should take place soon. 


12.   Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 p.m.

Amended note:  The Executive Committee met ad-hoc on May 12

·         The committee recommended a letter from the Land Use Chair Chris Harkness to be forwarded to Saint Paul Public Schools, City of Saint Paul and copied Lee Helgen which opposes three proposed variances at Como Park Elementary for electronic signage.

·         Discussed 4 action items from May Land Use Meeting, community voting registration procedures, and board / community vote procedures.

·         Discussed E-blast article length and placement.  Staff will create a policy document.


Respectfully submitted by Marsha Milgrom. 

Edited on the submitter’s behalf by Panod Klongtruatroke.


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