Minutes - 5/2010
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 7:40 PM


Historic Streetcar Station
1224 North Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN55103
Tuesday May 18, 2010
7:00 PM
Directors Present: Scott Baker, Chris Bedford, Pete Bolstad, Barbara Clark, Barbara Frick, Chris Harkness, Panod Klongtruatroke, Jon Knox, Monica Lofgren, Mike MacDonald, Marcy Micek, Marsha Milgrom, Dolores Rufenacht, Matt Schmitt
Directors Excused: Chris Martineau
Staff Present: Rhonda DeBough Insook
The meeting was called to order at 7:02.   with no changes made to the agenda with the exception of Klongtruatroke's request to read a letter received from a community member during the board section of the meeting. An announcement by Bolstad regarding ComoPark's Transportation Implementation plan. A motion to approve the agenda was made by Harkness, second by MacDonald.
Bolstad announced continued opportunity for input jn a ComoPark transportation plan, asking what community members like/dislike about the current transportation (parking, traffic, biking, etc.) situation. The opportunity is also available on the District 10 website.
A. Board Chair Report
Chair Knox thanked community members for their active participation.
B. Treasurer’s Report
Given the full agenda, Treasurer Micek chose not to add anything beyond what was presented in the Treasurer's Report".
C. Action Item – MGM Conceptual Drawing
a. Introduction of Action Item
Harkness summarized actions since March 2010 which took part mostly through the District 10, framing the major community concerns surfacing at a series of meetings.  Three different conceptual drawings had been presented and a survey completed. At the May 10 Land Use meeting of District 10, the third drawing, with a 14,000 square feet footprint, was approved via straw poll. Harkness introduced action item LU051518101.
b. Community Input
Knox introduced the procedure for speaking (also posted on D10 website). 
Eight community members spoke mainly against the action item and one voiced support for the item with reservations about the corner immediately across from the proposed Walgreen's site: the current MGM at Lexington and Larpenteur, south side.
Klongtruatroke moved to close community discussion, seconded by Micek.
c. Board Discussion
Frick opened discussion as Ad-Hoc Committee chair, thanking Walgreen's. Harkness read the action item proposed for vote: preliminary support as presented in the action item.  A Subdistrict 2 representative, spoke about neighbors' concerns.
d. Board Vote: MacDonald called for vote, seconded by Harkness. Yea: 8; No: 6. 
e. Community Vote: 30 yes, 35 no
A recommendation letter will go to Semper Development reflecting both votes.   
Discussion of the interpretation of the District 10 bylaws with board then community vote.   
D. Action Item – Proposed Stop Sign at Grotto and Cottage
a. Introduction of Action Item
Harkness introduced Action Item LU0518102, a petition to install stop signs on Grotto Street at Cottage Avenue to create an all-way stop intersection.
b. Community Input
Seven community members spoke in favor of the proposed action with three speaking opposed, and one uncertain. Elizabeth Stiffler, Public Works, explained the petitioning process. Property owners abutting the area must comprise 75% of the petition to be valid.  She had requested police enforcement of the speed limit. Stop signs are not proven to be effective slowing mechanisms. One speed study was conducted November of 2009.
c. Board Discussion
MacDonald called for board discussion, seconded by Klongtruatroke.
Clark inquired about traffic volumes at this intersection. Stiffler replied that Grotto and Cottage are intended to carry 500 or fewer vehicles per day.  They are local streets not designed to carry high volumes (1,800 combined).  and have "collector" status. 
Rufenacht spoke as chair of the District 10 Safety Committee. She recommended reporting of car and bus speeding.
Frick thanked Stiffler for her involvement and spoke as a resident (752 Cottage). Traffic is year-round and temporary signs proposed by the City cannot be utilized many months.
d. Board Vote
Motion to vote, seconded by Klongtruatroke. 12 yea, 1 no, 1 abstain.
e. Community Vote
28 yes, 16 no
E. Action Item – Electronic Message Sign at Como Elementary
a. Introduction of Action Item LU0518103
Harkness read the variance request from St. Paul Public Schools.  An update was that Frick attended a May 17 Board of Zoning appeals meeting in which the vote may be delayed for 2 weeks with the potential for an additional 2 weeks.
b. Community Input
Two community members spoke in favor of the action item, i.e. against the 3 variances. 
Kevin Bush and Andrew McGlory spoke about the design.  This would be the first school that would have the sign.  Principal/sites would manage content. A deficiency study identified the need.  Up to 32 characters could be accomplished without variance.
c. Board Discussion
Milgrom moved to close community discussion and begin board discussion
Discussion centered on the perceived need for school branding and communications, on precedent on parkways with the newer, larger electric signs, and on cost to taxpayers.
d. Board Vote
Schmitt moved to vote on item as presented, seconded by Klongtruatroke.
8 yea, 6 no.
e. Community Vote
17 yea, 12 no
F. Action Item – Lexington/Larpenteaur Ad Hoc Committee Final Report
a. Introduction of Action Item
Frick spoke of the committee process. The Node Study was never approved. It was compared to the Land Use plan as current.  A survey and cross document comparison were conducted. No community members or board members had comment.
d. Board Vote
Yea - unanimous.
e. Community Vote
Yea - unanimous.
f. Special thankyou to Ad Hoc Committee
Knox thanked those involved on the committee.
A. Review/Amend/Approve Minutes & Financial Statements
Move to approve minutes by Frick, seconded by Schmitt.
B. Staff Reports
C. Committee Updates
a. CRPTIP AdHoc Committee (Pete Bolstad)
Kimley Horn plans a traffic and parking count - June 26-27, and parked vehicles on June 17 and 26 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
b. Environment Committee (Mike MacDonald)
June 12 is a composting workshop and a tree treck as well as a garden tour on July 23-25.
c. Neighborhood Relations Committee (Chris Martineau)
Martineau was unable to attend but had a handout for Como Shuttle yard sign design. Board recommends "free" and "Como" be changed to ComoPark. The board referred the sign back to the Neighbor Relations Committee.
d. Communications Committee (Matt Schmidt)
June 10 is the deadline for July 9 distribution of the next newsletter.
e. Safety Committee (Dolores Rufenacht)
f. Financial Development Committee (Chris Bedford)
A compilation of other districts' fiscal sponsorships will be available.
D. HR Policy Work Group Update
More comparison documents from other districts are now gathered and are being analyzed.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:30
Respectfully submitted by Marsha Milgrom.

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