Minutes - 6/2007
Friday, June 01, 2007 3:00 PM

District 10 Como Community Council 

Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m., June 19, 2007 

Streetcar Station, 1224 N. Lexington Parkway 




1. Chair Sarah MacRunnels called the meeting to order at 7:05p.m..  Board members 

in attendance were: Nathan Volz, Billy Dinkel, Tony Schaps, Sharon Frisell, 

Katie Please, Luke Kuhl, Bart Polasek, Dennis O’Rourke, Jeremy Lostetler, Greg 

Hrncirik, Nancy Sabin, and Sehoya Cotner.  Jillian Ierien was excused.   


2. The June Agenda was approved.  Subsection a., “update re: COPP Funding” was 

added to June agenda item number 3.  The May minutes were approved. 


3. The May financial report was approved.  Jeremy Losteter asked why year to date 

income was much lower than budgeted.  Staff responded that there had been very 

little 2007 income due to a delayed contract which in turn delays the 

reimbursement process. The Community Organizer shared information regarding 

the cost of the Xerox machine.  A new lease is due.  Sharon Frisell offered a 

suggestion to outfit the District 10 Office with a scanner if/when financially 

feasible and inquired if a Xerox machine with a scanner was available.  The 

District 10 Xerox machine is a bare bones machine; additional features increase 

the cost substantially.  An update was provided regarding the District’s quest to 

obtain access to COPP Funds.  Sarah MacRunnels reported that a letter had been 

sent by District 10 to City Council Member Benanav for $5,000 in COPP Funds. 


4. It was noted that the following documents were signed:  2006 IRS 990 and 2006 

MN Charitable Organization Report.  A signature was pending for a new copier 



5. Staff and crime report was reviewed.  Discussion occurred regarding increasingly 

brazen burglaries that have occurred recently in District 10. 


6. Major Jeff Strickler and Annette Baker provided a presentation on Booth Brown 

House.  Major Strickler reviewed Booth Brown House’s plans for current and 

future addition of transitional and permanent supportive housing.  The plans for 

renovation will not change the footprint of the building but will allow Booth 

Brown House to better serve community needs.  Ms. Baker invited Board 

members and any community members to contact her for a one-hour tour of the 

facility and lunch.  Both Major Strickler and Ms. Baker welcomed any questions 

or community input.  Booth Brown House has been in operation since 1913.  

Dennis O’Rourke thanked Booth Brown House for all that they have done to help 



7. Ron Hauth and Patti Schwartz  provided a brief presentation on the goals and 

activities of Northwest Como and North Dale Rec. centers.  St. Paul Community 

Recreation Centers have undergone some changes in structure due to budget cuts.  

Recreation Centers are now Directed by a Team rather than in individual director.  

Materials were disseminated regarding activities offered through the Northwest 

Como and North Dale Recreation Centers. 


8. District 10 carried a motion to adopt Resolution E&I0619071 approving District 

10 to act as a financial agent to collect and disburse contributions towards a bench 

and plaque honoring the late Gene Corbey. 


9. Discussion regarding potential for a Candidates Forum to be coordinated in 

conjunction with District 6 is now a moot point as District 6 will not be involved 

in co-sponsorship of the event.  District 10 does not currently have a plan to 

sponsor an event. 


10.  Committee reports were made.  Due to time constraints a request was made for 

members to review written reports for further details. Reviewed a draft financial 

policy.  Sarah MacRunnels discussed her research regarding other agencies’ 

Policy Documents.  The Community Organizer suggested a review of existing 



11. Adjourned 8:45 p.m. 


12.   Board Training 8:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. 



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