Minutes - 7/2008
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 2:45 PM



Board Meeting 

  July 15, 2008 -  7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 

The agenda and supporting materials were mailed to directors prior to the meeting. 

Directors present: David Arbeit, Sharon Frisell, Tony Hainault, Kim Klose, Luke Kuhl, Mike 

MacDonald, Marcy Micek, Dennis O’Rourke,  Sue Phillips, Marc Prokosch, and Matt Schmitt. 

Directors excused: Chai Insook, John Marino, Sehoya Cotner 

Staff present: Jae Asancheyev,  Rhonda DeBough-Insook, Camille Schafer 

Guests present:  Tom Walsh 


I. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. 

II. Review, Amend, Approve May Agenda 

Mike  moved to accept the agenda.  Marcy seconded the motion. The motion passed with 

unanimous approval. 

III. Community Section 

Invited speaker:  Tom Walsh, Public Information Office, St. Paul Police Department, 

Republican National Convention Presentation  

Tom Walsh briefed the Board about Police Department plans for the Republican National 

Convention, highlighting preparations and possible implications for neighborhoods and 

other services.  The RNC will be held from 9/1/08 to 9/4/08.   

The RNC is a “national special security” event, including $50 million, and federal 

resources (secret service, coast guard). 3000 officers will work the event.  Security plan 

will be implemented beginning on Friday 5:00 pm, (8/29/08).  A security perimeter will be 

created around the Xcel Center. Expecting 15,000 media, 3000 delegates.  Everything 

should be back to normal on 9/5/08.  A public briefing will be held every day at 10:00 am.   

Board Meeting Minutes 

 July 15, 2008 

Page 2 of 6 

Mr. Walsh noted that there should be no reduction of services to the community, same 

number of patrols in St. Paul neighborhoods.   Extra staffing will be provided by police 

reservists.  He also noted that a large demonstration is planned for 9/1/08, with smaller 

ones planned for 9/2/08.  Routes have been established and personnel scheduled.  He 

suggested that people check the City of St. Paul website for details, including traffic 

plans, bus routes, etc. 

Board questions and Mr. Walsh’s responses follow: 

Police coverage during the State Fair?  Maybe different, but not lesser. 

Public facilities closed?  The St. Paul Library will be used for part of the event. 

Como events?  Permits have been pulled, but don’t know what the events will be.  

Camping in park is not/will not be allowed. 

Contingency plans – do any possible scenarios exceed budget?  Not really.   

School busses – ask Howie Padilla, SPPS – some changes to bus routes, but not 


How many people will attend and what will be impact?  Anticipating 25,000 - 50,000 

people.  More than 100,000 could be a strain on resources, but would not be a 

security threat.  Grand Old Days is about 200,000. 

Community Section closed at 7:34 pm 

IV. Review, Amend, Approve April Minutes 

Motion: Marc moved to approve the June minutes.  Marcy seconded the motion. 

Correction to discussion item F, Vince Gillespie’s title?  Manager of Como Golf Course & 

Black Bear Crossing (Park official). – Not Bob.  Item B – Susan Janda, community 

member.  The motion passed, as corrected.  

Action Item: Kim will correct the typos, add titles, then post the minutes on the website. 

V. Board Updates 

A. Board Chair Report – David Arbeit 

Welcome to new staff: Rhonda DeBough-Insook and Camille Schafer are sharing the 

position of community organizer (outreach specialist and office administrator).  

Thank you to Jae for her efforts during the transition. 

City Contract has been fully executed, and reimbursements are in process, having just 

received the first one.  We will now submit April-June reimbursement requests.  We 

are now due for our 6-month report evaluation.  Staff will be contacting committee 

chairs for information in order to submit the report. 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 July 15, 2008 

Page 3 of 6 

Board training hosted by the City, Thursday, 7/17/08, at St. Thomas, from 6-9 pm. 

Good opportunity to meet City officials, staff, and receive training.  D10 staff will 

attend, several board members will attend, also appropriate for prospective board 


B. Financial Reports – Marcy Micek 

Marcy reviewed the financials.  Reimbursement received this week, in time to pay our 

bills.  Tai Chi classes (2 held so far), $150 received so far.  Rain Barrel workshops, when 

we receive the reimbursement check from Capitol Region, we will turn around and pay 

Verde.  Training of new staff is coming along nicely.  Filed the 2007 990 form today with 

the accountant and copied to the IRS.  It will be posted on the website soon. 

Motion: Luke made a motion to accept the June financial statements.  Tony  seconded 

the motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 

C. Committee Chair Reports 

Executive Committee – Addressed above 

Neighborhood Safety – Combined with the National Night Out conversation below. 

Events & Institutions – Sharon reported that the committee is continuing to talk about the 

park shuttle. 

Communications Committee – Matt reported on NNO planning/promotion is in process, 

with new D10 staff.  Printing of last newsletter.  Sat in on a Como Woodland outdoor 

classroom meeting.  Deadlines for the next newsletter – Matt will check on the dates and 

forward the information to the Board. 

Environment Committee – Mike MacDonald reported that all is well.  Shoreline clean-up 

in June.  Waiting for reimbursements for rain barrel workshops. 

Land Use Committee – Luke Kuhl stated that LU met on July 1, discussed work plan 

items.  Devoted to 1) node study, 2) re-use of Shalom Home space, and 3) lights at North 

Dale.  Recovery Service Eden (RSE) has shown some interest in the Shalom Home 

property.  RSE has requested a meeting with LU, and will be on the agenda for the next 

committee meeting.  David advocated for more community/board member involvement 

in this committee. 

VI. Discussion Items   

A. National Night Out  

We are committed to it in our work plans.  We are in transition regarding the logistics of 

it, due to staff turnover.  Rhonda and Camille are working diligently on the planning. 

Theory – get to know your neighbors, increase neighborhood safety.  Historically there 

has been an event at the pavilion.  How is a block party created?  What 

paperwork/permits are required?  The 60-day request for road blocks does not apply to 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 July 15, 2008 

Page 4 of 6 

NNO.  D10 staff will be meeting with Pam McCreary, Crime Prevention Coordinator 

tomorrow, 7/16/08.  Board will have a table at NNO event at Chelsea to coordinate with 

block club leaders to facilitate planning for next year.  Event will be at Northwest.  Java 

Train is hosting an event. 

Rhonda is calling block club leaders to see if anyone is planning events, if not, invite 

them to the NW event.  Not a very good response rate so far.  Rhonda is doing some 

block club revitalization, and laying the groundwork for next year.  Marc encouraged 

board members to review the block club list and update it as we are able.  Matt has 

received permission to post information in the Energy Park apartment buildings. 

David strongly encouraged Board members to attend a NNO event, or staff a table if 

possible.  Use it as community outreach. 

Flyers – Our website has information and links to the official forms from the City.  Matt 

created a draft for D10 event, and will finalize it with the details provided by Marc.  

Individual block clubs can create their own flyer, or use the D10 template. 

Timing – some block clubs host events on dates other than the first Tuesday of August 

(the official NNO date).   

Lexington/Larpenteur Node Study Status Report 


Luke reviewed the project status and noted that six or seven alternatives have been 

developed for the west side of the Lexington/Larpenteur intersection.  However, he 

noted that there is no clear idea about how to proceed and he asked the Board for 

advice. The City initiated the Node Study, Neighborhood Design Center drafted 

several versions/plans.  It is not clear what should happen next other than 

communicate in some way with stakeholders. What is the exact role of D10 and/or 

LU?   David asked Lee Helgen, audience member, if he can foresee any support to 

facilitate the process from here on forward.  Helgen feels his office has already done 

that by providing opportunity an for community involvement and offering general 

principles regarding redevelopment.  David noted that he did not consider the 

facilitation process to be complete and that the City or Design Center needed to help 

present the alternatives developed to the community.  Preferably, Tim Griffin would 

agree to present the alternatives at a community meeting.  Helgen noted that we 

should not expect a city planner to facilitate a community meeting.  At some point 

the LU committee should expect to forward a recommendation to the Board.  Luke 

noted that Larry Soderholm from the City attended a LU meeting in June but that 

there was no formal presentation of the options.  He noted that none of the options 

could be realistically pursued without support from both the businesses and the 


B. North Dale Community Center Lighting 

T-Mobile has expressed interest in building a cell phone tower at the North Dale 

Recreation Center.  The Parks & Recreation Department is interested in using the tower 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 July 15, 2008 

Page 5 of 6 

as a way to light its baseball field.  Both items would require a large tower structure.  T- 

Mobile would like to build the tower and then lease it from the City and has asked for 

District 10 to help organize a community meeting by the end of July.  Do we need a 

community meeting?  If so, can we execute it in two weeks?  Is there already a City- 

notification process in place?  T-Mobile would need to apply for a variance, but would 

like a meeting with the community before applying.  Lee Helgen says this is a fairly 

common request.  Other concerns: Timeline? Light pollution? 

Luke will contact T-Mobile.  D10 staff will contact District 6.  Propose flyering the 

neighborhood (or ask T-Mobile to do it), host a meeting with Parks & Rec, T-Mobile, 


VII.   Action Items 

A.  Resolution EX0715081 (Executive Committee) Service recognition for Nathan Volz. 

Nathan resigned 7/2/08.  He served several terms on the Board, in a variety of roles.  

Marcy and Dennis commented on his historical knowledge, his work with the by-laws, 

and his dedication to the Council during recent difficult years. 

Motion: David made a motion to approve the resolution.  Marc seconded the motion.  

Motion passed unanimously.  

Action item: David will write a thank-you letter, staff will create a certificate.   

B. Resolution BC0715081 (Board Chair)  August meeting and special election for 

Board vacancy

Request for an August Board meeting, and a community meeting for the election.  

Ongoing issues will continue during August.  Proposed Board meeting for 8/19/08.  

Historically seated members have run for vacant positions, thus opening a Board seat to 

the community. 

Motion: David made a motion to approve the resolution.  Mike seconded the motion.  

Motion passed unanimously.  

Action item:  Communication committee will aggressively advertise the vacancy and 

invite community members to run for the Board. 

C. Resolution E10715081 (Events & Institutions) Approval of Como Pool/Aquatics 

Facility survey of community preferences. 

Como Park Alliance members presented concerns about the pool to the Board last month.  

Sharon, as member of the Events & Institutions committee volunteered to work with CPA 

and revise the proposed survey.  Sharon spoke with Bierscheid, and was assured there 

would be opportunity for community input.  E & I obtained a feasibility plan from the 

City, and reviewed the community input section.  The Committee has worked on a 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 July 15, 2008 

Page 6 of 6 

revised survey.  Issues discussed and comments made during the meeting are described 


Will D10 Board provide conditional approval of the survey?  That would grant the 

Executive Committee permission to act on the final draft of the survey.   

Can D10 move forward with the collaboration with CPA and not take a position on 

the pool?  Represent the entire district.  Serve as facilitator, distribute information and 

provide opportunity for residents to get involved. 

What is the goal of the survey? Logistics of distribution, tabulation?  Separate data 

from D10 and other districts (neighborhood, district, region)? 

How will the results be forwarded to the Task Force in the fall? 

Terminology – water park, or aquatic facility? 

Link to/refer to the original draft plan. 

Timeline – would like to distribute hard copies during NNO.  Possibly use an online 

survey (Survey Monkey). 

It may be more appropriate for it to be a CPA survey, and use D10 resources to help 

get the word out – post an announcement and link on our website. 

Luke proposed that the Board move forward with Sharon’s framework, distribute the 

survey at NNO.  At a future meeting E & I would bring forward a recommendation to 

determine the scope of the full survey.  If D10 Exec Committee can’t get the revised 

survey done in time for NNO as a joint product, CPA will move ahead on their own, D10 

will promote it. 

Motion: David made a motion to approve the resolution as written in the action item, 

correcting some language issues, trying to condense it to two pages.  Dennis seconded the 

motion. Motion passed unanimously.  

VIII.  Future agenda items - tabled 

IX. Adjourn 

 Marcy moved to adjourn.  Tony seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:46  p.m. 

 Minutes submitted by Kim Klose. 

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