Minutes - 7/2008
Thursday, August 6, 2009 11:45 PM

 Neighborhood Relations Committee

July 9, 2009

Street Car Station

1224 Lexington Pkwy

Saint Paul, MN 55103

7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Present:  Chris Martineau, Marsha Milgrom, Pete Bolstad, Dennis O’Rourke, Jeanne Baumann, Mary Ginther, Sally Worku, Michelle Furrer (Como Park), Rhonda DeBough, Will Jedlicka (Lancer).

  1. Reviewed, amended, and approved the agenda.


  1. Introduction of Will Jedlicka, Lancer Corporation (Como Town). 


    1. Discuss Como Town.  Will informed about the hiring of a dj service that helped with the music, added more speakers to the park.  Neighbors indicated that it appears to have helped.


    1. Will informed that there has been some talk about possibly replacing the coaster ride with a newer, quieter ride.  Also informed that there are currently 18 rides and attractions within Como Town, 15 of which are rides.  Informed that there is discussion of adding maybe 2-3 more rides.  Michelle pointed out that years before Como Town, rides were bigger.  The newer rides hold a much smaller foot print.  If rides were added, they would be added within the existing footprint.


    1. Had a brief discussion of the first community night.  Was pretty low key.  Discussed the efforts to get the word out.  Reminder is that there are still two days left for community night.  Look to the email blast for specifics.


    1. Also had a brief discussion of sales used to measure the number of visitors to Como Town.  Will also informed that rainy days are bad for Como Town as far as profits go, but sunny days bring in guests.  He also informed that sales for the picnics that Lancer oversees have been down as well.


    1. Discussed the east grove picnic areas and the size of the parties.  Informed that Lancer is guaranteed 10 weekends a year, but they do not get to choose the specific  weekends.  They have to go through the lottery system.  Will was asked about size of parties and whether notice goes out to neighbors.  Informed that the biggest party hosted was 1,500 last year.  Informed that that particular group used off site parking and bused in the attendees.  Informed that August 16 , 2009, this party will take place again.  Will was not sure if the same plans were made for parking.  D10 will try to put out a notice in the email blast so neighbors can plan accordingly.  As far as notice, no firm plan in place.  Will was asked to let us know when big events may occur so D10 could put the word out to neighbors so they can choose whether or not to use the park.


    1. Lastly, discussed employment opportunities at Como Town.  It employs around 150 individuals every season.  Have approximately 30% returning every year.  Largely college students and retirees, but do employ a very large diverse population.


  1. Remainder of the evening was spent discussing the September meeting.  Decided to narrow down the discussion.  The meeting will include an update on the  Shuttle, its success, difficulties, what Como Park/neighbors liked/disliked, what worked/did not work, what could be done better, etc.

 In addition, a long discussion was had about parking in the neighborhoods.  We were in formed that discussions as early as a year ago were had between some neighbors and park and recreation.  This was not a D10 conversation, but private talks.  It was discussed that during those conversations, Parks and Rec committed to doing a small traffic study of parking in the neighborhood.  Como Park/Parks and Rec would like to find out the effects on the surrounding neighbors if permit parking were implemented in the surrounding neighborhood. 

In the discussions, the group agreed with parks and recreation that it would be a good idea to see how parking patters are changed if visitors to the Park were not allowed to park in the immediate area.  Parks and Rec would like to get a date in July to perform the mock test, which Como Park and D10 will work at in getting out the word to neighbors. 

From D10, attempts will be made to use the block club leaders and neighbors all around the park to takes notes on the date at issue.  Specifically, looking for differences in parking patterns, etc.  Do folks just move to other parts of the neighborhood or not.   Discussed creating a possible online survey. 

Lastly, at the September meeting, time will be allotted to the neighbors to discuss this mock study as well as concerns/likes with respect to parking permits.  We are not going to make the whole meeting about this, but have decided that it should be revisited at a later date and time.



  1. Adjourned.

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