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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

August 7, 2008 

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Executive Committee Meeting 

August 7, 2008  - 7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


Present:  David Arbeit, Kim Klose, Marcy Micek, Camille Schafer 

1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. 

2. National Night Out Review 

All board members were present at one of the events (NW/Chelsea, Java Train/Bison, North Dale 

Rec Center).  Highlights include: police canine unit, motorcycle cop, SWAT team, “keep kids 

safe” cards, balloons, fans).  Good presentation/availability of materials (flyers, tee-shirts).  

Really good effort having people pull together to make it happen. We gained about 30 names for 

the email list.  For next year: rebuild the block leaders; start earlier; create a table display 

(photos/text); attend other events year-round, not just NNO. 

3. Financial Report - Marcy 

A. Cash flow is low until we get all the reimbursements we are entitled to. We weren’t aware the 

quarterly payroll tax payment would be so large, which caused a cash flow problem. Marcy 

and Camille will work on modifying spreadsheet to report anticipated expenses. 

B. Accountant is on vacation, returning Monday. She will send us financial statements then. 

C. Expenses – we will look for an alternative to staff making purchases out of their own pocket 

and being reimbursed.  Camille will inquire with other District office to see how they handle 

petty expenses (credit cards, reimbursement, petty cash, etc.). 

4. Organizer Report – Camille 


A. By-laws state we need two of five registered signatures of funds dispersed by check: Chair, 

Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or Community Organizer.  Nathan needs to be removed 

from the bank records, Kim needs to be added.  Camille would like to have access to view the 

bank account online.  We will work to clarify our internal procedures. 

B. Currently the Chair is the only person who can sign time cards.  We need to expand the 

internal policy to add another signatory (any member of the Executive Committee). 

Reimbursements: Camille expressed a desire to create a policy for timeline of receipts 

(example: reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of transaction).  It’s problematic 


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 

August 7, 2008 

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when we cross calendar years because city contracts will not reimburse for expenses incurred 

before December of the previous year. 

C. Parking – as renters, can we have a designated parking space? 

D. Next project: Camille will familiarize herself with the COPP grant – process of 

reimbursement and submission for next year. 

E. Request for informal meeting with Executive Committee and Community Organizers to 

discuss possible projects, events, ideas: ranked by importance, spread out over the next year. 

Action items: Camille will call and ask about parking. Camille will write up a resolution to 

bring to the Board in August: signatures and reimbursement policy.   


5. Agenda for the August Board Meeting 

A. NNO updates from board members 

B. Elections – 3 or 4 people that we know of would like to run 

C. Update on the Node Study – Luke will be absent 

D. Financial Report – in depth 

E. Process for next year’s work plan, this year’s annual reports- Camille has received 2: 

neighborhood safety, environment 

F. Neighborhood Clean-up, September 20th, 3-hour shifts.  Dennis needs volunteers.  Advertise 

it by posting it on the website, contacting block leaders, and sending out an email blast. 

6. Adjourn 

Marcy moved to adjourn, Kim seconded the motion.  Unanimously moved.  The meeting was 

adjourned at 8:22 p.m. 


Minutes submitted by Kim Klose. 

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