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 Board Meeting Minutes 

September 16, 2008 

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Board Meeting 

  September 16, 2008 -  7:00 p.m. 

Historic Streetcar Station 

1224 N. Lexington Parkway 

St. Paul, MN 


The agenda and supporting materials were mailed to directors prior to the meeting. 

Directors present: David Arbeit, Mike MacDonald, Marcy Micek, Sue Phillips, Marc Prokosch, 

Matt Schmitt, Misty Havens, Sehoya Cotner, Sharon Frisell, Luke Kuhl. 

Directors absent:  

Directors excused: Kim Klose, Tony Hainault, Dennis O’Rourke 

Staff present: Camille Schafer 


1. Call to Order 

David Arbeit called the meeting to order at 7:05p.m. 

David introduced board members present and talked about the mission of the Board and the 

election taking place tonight. 

2. Review, Amend, Approve August Agenda 

Marcy moved to accept the agenda. Marc seconded the motion. The motion passed with 

unanimous approval. 

David moved to approve Community Section of agenda. Marcy seconded. The motion passed 

with unanimous approval. 


3. Community Section 

A. Elections for vacant positions 

Vice Chair: Sharon Frisell nominated herself for vice-chair position. Kate Smith-Edlund 

seconded motion. Sharon talked about why she was willing to fill out the remainder of the term 

(one month). Call to vote. Sharon voted in with unanimous approval. 

At large: Ken Kunkle nominated himself. Seconded by Pete Barry. Ken introduced himself 

and discussed his experience. Call to vote. Ken voted in with unanimous approval. 





Board Meeting Minutes 

September 16, 2008 

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B. Discussion: Reuse of Sholom Home   

David stated that a public meeting will be held on Oct 23, 2008 and Luke will discuss this 

later in the meeting. The Board is aware of strong feelings regarding Sholom home. Russ 

Stark had intended to be at the Board meeting tonight, but had a family conflict. 

Leah Amiliani brought copies of emails regarding Sholom Home. They were divided into 

three subjects: alternatives for use of the site, objections, requests for information. David 

asked what format people would like to proceed – read emails, state their feelings on the 

issue, etc. It was decided to have the emails read aloud. David read the alternative use ideas 

and objections from the emails. 

A long question and answer period followed. This is a summary: 

Has the Land Use Committee has sent out notice of the October 23 meeting to all 

residents?  Response - we will flyer the neighborhood.  

When will we distribute the flyer? People would like there to be 2-3 weeks notice before 

the meeting. Pete Barry stated that he would be willing to find volunteers to distribute the 


Has Welsh Properties been invited to the Oct. 23 meeting? Have Sholom Home people 

been invited?  

Is Humphrey Center considered residential?  

Can we get zoning people to come to the meeting? Response from Sharon – this might be 

federal property. David stated that Russ Stark sent an email addressing zoning that is 

posted on the District 10 website. 

People would like to submit written questions in advance of the meeting so the “experts” 

know what the questions are and community can possibly get answers before the 


Discussion of how we will get the word out about the meeting. RS Eden will put out a 

communication regarding their proposal for the site. Need to communicate how to 

register to vote.  

David described the voter registration process and what  bylaws say regarding how issues 

get to the community for a vote. Pete Barry made a motion to bring a vote at the 

community mtg. David – the bylaws say issues have to be brought to the Board for a vote 

before the community may vote. The Oct. 21 board meeting is not for a community vote 

on the Sholom Home issue. We have to have the proposal information before we can 

support a vote for or against the RS Eden proposal. Some community members were 

frustrated because they expected a vote on the RS Eden proposal tonight, based upon the 

discussion at the last Land Use committee meeting.  Some noted that Luke Kuhl, 

committee chair, had made a commitment, but Luke explained that he what he said was 

that he did not know what the bylaws required but that the bylaws will guide the when 

and how a community vote will take place.  Sharon made a plea to the community to let 

the process (community meeting, board vote, community vote) proceed as the bylaws 

state. David restated our commitment to hold a community vote in November. Discussion 

lists will be posted on the District 10 website.  



Board Meeting Minutes 

September 16, 2008 

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Kate Smith-Edlund said that it is great to see such community interest and urged audience 

members to run for the Board. Chai Insook reminded people that Board members are 

volunteers and try to act in the best interest of the people in the District. 

C. Other Public Comments: 

Sehoya reported that the City of the St Paul will be holding a public meeting on October 30 at 

6:30 at Como Park Conservatory regarding the process that will be followed to plan for 

redevelopment of the Como pool facility and the area surrounding it.  

4. Review, Amend, Approve August Minutes 


Motion: Marcy moved to approve the July minutes as amended. Sue seconded the motion. The 

minutes were unanimously approved. Marc moved to approve the August minutes as amended. 

Mike seconded the motion. Marc commented about page 6 (Discussion Items) – he has not 

received anything from folks regarding National Night Out. The minutes were unanimously 


Action Item: Marcy will ask Kim to amend the August minutes as requested (Kim has the 


Action Item: All Board members should submit their comments regarding National Night Out to 

Marc, per the August minutes. 

5. Board Updates 

A. Board Chair Report – David  

Executive Committee met without David, who was out of town. 

David the commended Communications Committee for getting the newsletter out. Matt 

said the mailing went smoothly. David asked the Board for their approval to write a letter 

to John Marino thanking him for his service on the Board. A certificate will be prepared. 

David asked Matt to serve as interim chair of the Communications Committee; Matt 

agreed to do so. Marcy moved to make Matt chair. Sue and Marc seconded. The motion 

was unanimously approved. 

Discussion of how to notify neighbors of the Sholom Home meeting on Oct. 23. Matt 

will contact Roger Bergeson about getting something into the Bugle.  

Action Item: David will write a thank you letter to John Marino. Either Camille or Rhonda 

will prepare a certificate. 

B. Financial Reports (review and accept the reports) – Marcy Micek 

Marcy reviewed the financials. Revenue is now being broken out by source. We want to be 

able to show the balance of contributions when dedicated to a specific purpose.  

Camille has talked to the City about the COPP grant. We can still use 2007 money, but we 

need to review our financials to get everything from 2007 reimbursed that we can. We have 

been granted $6200 for 2008. 

Motion: Sue made a motion to accept the August financial statements. Marc seconded the 

motion. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 



Board Meeting Minutes 

September 16, 2008 

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Action Item: Marcy and Camille will review the 2008 financials for any expenses incurred 

in 2007 that might be submitted for reimbursement from the COPP grant. 

C.  Staff Report 

 Camille passed around a signup sheet for Streetcar Station duty. 

D. Committee Chair Reports 

Communications Committee – Matt will send newsletter timetables to the Board. Misty 

created graphics on the email blast draft and will send out 5 email logos/name options for the 

Board to vote on. The email blast will tie in neighborhood safety issues (Rhonda’s working 

on getting block club lists together). Don’t yet know if we can afford to revamp the website. 

Misty is looking into website options. 

Environment Committee – Mike reported that they are working on the Oct. 11 Buckthorn 

Bust. The financial part of the Rain Barrel Workshop is done (Verde Strategies was paid 

directly for the Rain Barrel Workshop rather than CRWD paying us and then we paying 


Land Use Committee – Luke reported that  neighbors wanted a copy of the RS Eden proposal 

in advance the October 23 community forum.  Luke will work with Russ Stark on that and is 

still looking into where to hold Sholom Home community forum . Community wanted more 

information; Luke put RS Eden proposal draft on website. Luke touring SH with Russ Stark, 

Camille, Rhonda on Friday. Hope to organize community walk-throughs. Dan Cain at RS 

Eden contacted Luke to see if people are interested in seeing other RS Eden locations. Luke 

thanked other Board members for their support and help during the Sholom Home process. 

David recognized Luke for taking the big responsibility of this and all the Land Use issues 

we’ve faced this year. 

Neighborhood Safety – Marc reported that six people were at the meeting. We are mostly 

done for the year on the work plan. The committee wants to invite chair of Summit Hill 

District Council Safety Committee to get ideas, since she has long experience on these issues. 

Executive Committee –  Marcy asked people to think about nominees for Neighborhood 

Honor Roll. Camille will get deadline for nominations.  

Action Item: Camille will communicate the deadline for Neighborhood Honor Roll. Board 

members are asked to submit nominees. 

6.  Discussion Items 

 Neighborhood Cleanup (September 20) – Sehoya – information has gone out to volunteers. 

Camille – packets for last-minute volunteers are in D10 office.  


7.  Action Items 


 A. Resolution EN091601 (Environment Committee) – Approve letter supporting Como 

Outdoor Woodland Classroom. Mike moved to discuss the resolution. Luke seconded. 

Sehoya asked for sentence in the letter saying it is a project with huge community 

involvement. Deb Robinson – City wants this to go on the master plan with Aquatic Plan & 

other updates. To get on master plan might consume remaining $10,000 that exists in the 

Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) grant to develop Como Woodland and Outdoor 



Board Meeting Minutes 

September 16, 2008 

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Classroom. David suggested sending a pdf of outdoor classroom map along with the letter. 

The motion passed with unanimous approval. 


 B. Resolution LU091601 (Land Use Committee) – Hold community forum about reuse of 

Sholom Home. Meeting will be on Thursday, October 23, 2008 from 7-9 p.m. Site still needs to 

be determined. Matt will ask the Bugle if tomorrow is the absolute deadline for getting notice in 

their paper. We need a few days to determine the site. Luke moved to approve the motion. 

Sehoya seconded. Misty – need to develop method for taking questions and giving public 

comment. The motion passed with unanimous approval. 


 8. Future Agendas 

 No discussion. 


9. Adjourn  


 Marcy moved to adjourn. Sue seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:55  p.m. 


Minutes submitted by Marcy Micek. 



PDF 136_Board_Minutes_09_16_08.pdf   --  Minutes from Board of Directors meeting, September 16, 2008.

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