Minutes - 5/19/2010
Sunday, June 20, 2010 7:00 PM


District 10 Environment Committee
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Attendees: Bob Hale, Chet Mirocha, Betti Iwanski, Mike MacDonald, Sharon Shinomiya, Deb Robinson, Becky Cline, Sally Worku, Val Cunningham, Susan Jane Cheney
Committee Chair Mike MacDonald, called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.
March 2010 meeting minutes were approved with some corrections. 
District Tree Plan
Mike MacDonald and Chet Mirocha will submit a formal plan, which will include a list and map of the trees chosen, and an explanation of how they will be tagged and why it is important, to the City Forestry Department and the District 10 Board. Ten trees have been chosen by Chet. David Arbeit will assist in making a map of the trees for the plan. A city variance will be needed to use nails to hang the signs.
Tree Trek
Chet Mirocha will lead a Tree Trek on June 12. Deb Robinson handed out flyers to put up on local bulletin boards.
Tree Appreciation Program
Two trees from two of the subdistricts have been selected, a silver maple and an oak. Another newly planted tree may be selected to encourage the planting of new trees. Permission will be requested from the owners of the selected trees before any recognition activities begin. Val Cunninham will write a news release for District 10 to broadcast. An recognition event will be held on June 12 at 9:30 a.m. before the Tree Trek. Copies of the brochure “Trees Pay Us Back” will be printed by Val. Val also has some small pagoda dogwoods to give away at the event. Photos of the winners will be given to District 10 and to local newspapers. District 10 will send a formal letter to each winner. Val will send a short item for the District 10 newsletter to Matt Schmitt.
CHEEP (Como Park Home Energy Efficiency Program) Database Project
CERTS Energy Efficiency Workshops
Betti Iwanski shared results of a survey of how people heard about the energy efficiency workshops. Betti and her group spent 40 hours working on the workshops. A total of 60 people came to the two workshops. CHEEP is still waiting for data from Xcel Energy for their database. Betti shared the District 10 subdistrict averages for energy use with the committee. A report is due at the end of June to the grantor for the program.
Tree Watering/Gators
Deb Robinson shared a list of District 10 addresses where boulevard trees will be planted this season, and handed out Gary Johnson’s watering program description. Rhonda DeBough will contact block club leaders to ask for their help in identifying who might have a newly planted tree on their boulevard. Rhonda will also include information on the gators available for newly planted trees in her email blast. Deb will send the list out to everyone. Bob Hale will see if he can read it into a google map. Block club leaders can contact Mike MacDonald for more information. Details can also go into the District 10 newsletter.
Shoreline Weeding Event
Our next meeting, July 21, will be a shoreline weeding event instead. Our August meeting will also be a shoreline weeding event.
Compost Workshop
A compost workshop sponsored by District 10 and Eureka Recycling will be held on June 12 at Lyngblomsten if five people sign up for it. So far, only two have signed up. The $5 fee goes to Eureka Recycling.
Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom (CWOC)
Deb Robinson reported that the LCCMR (Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources) bill that includes $218,000 for CWOC funding has been approved. She presented the work plan to the committee. CWOC has three years to complete the entire work plan for the grant. Construction of trails should begin in April 2011. The restoration of biomes is scheduled for Spring 2013. Deb will post the work plan on the website. Donations to the poetry workshop fund can be made from the District 10 or CWOC websites. The CWOC Advisory Committee was nominated for an award by Friends of the Parks.
Garden Tour
The garden tour will take place on July 24, as part of the “Staycation” weekend events, that also include an art crawl, bike tour and movie night. A map with the addresses of gardens on the tour will be made. So far, four private home gardens are on tour and two rain gardens. The tour is scheduled for 10-12 noon.
CRWD Report
CRWD is finalizing its watershed management plan.
Update on grants
Becky Cline reported the Improve Group may be able to coordinate some evaluation work for CHEEP, if there is interest. University of Minnesota grad class may take this on as a project. Betti Iwanski confirmed there was interest.
The meeting adjourned at 8:13 p.m.
[Meeting summary prepared by Sharon Shinomiya]

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