Minutes - Special Meeting on Permit Parking/Traffic Minutes - 9/24/09
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 10:30 AM

Michelle Furr presented on the shuttle and how it was doing.  Indicated that next season, Como Park is purchasing a 4th bus.  The service will be running during the week as well.  It will be one bus during M-Thursday for set hours.  On Friday there will be two shuttles running during set hours.  Then on Sat and Sunday the schedule will resume as normal.  


Majority of meeting was spent discussing the Permit Parking petition that was submitted by private neighbors.  Dennis O’Rourke, as one of the petitioners, was asked to discuss the history of the area and the congestion caused.  Chris Martineau provided a brief history of the process that has been taken by petitioners, how District 10 was involved,  and why the District Council was asked by public works to seek input from District 10 residents on its recommended changes to the petition as submitted.  Public Works recommended changes to the submitted petition can be found at  http://www.stpaul.gov/index.aspx?NID=3410.


City engineers Paul St. Martin and Elizabeth Stiffler presented the data from its parking study performed over the past summer.  Public Works intends to continue this study for next year as well.  Ms. Stiffler discussed the other suggested options that she listed out on her report.  Ultimately, however, it was indicated that as it stands right now, Public Works recommendation to the City Council will be the proposed petition less the addresses on Frankson Street that it suggested removing.


It should be noted that there were some neighbors expressing concern over the petition and that parking will be made worse in their area once the petition goes through.  This could not be ruled out as a possibility.  It was also asked by neighbors what needed to be done if folks wanted to add onto the petition.  Mr. St. Martin indicated that those neighbors on streets not already included in the petitioned area would need to get 60 percent of the neighbors on the contiguous block to petition to be added.  Thus, if Almond or Albany, or any other street wanted to be added, there is time, but the residents would need to obtain neighbor support, much like the initiating petitioners did.   Further questions for this topic should be directed to public works or visit the website address of  http://www.stpau.gov/ResidentialPermitParking for more details on how to obtain permit parking.


Lastly, we discussed the process that district 10 is going to take.  Chris Martineau asked Public Works to provide its final recommendation(s) to the neighborhood relations committee before the November 12, 2009 meeting.  At this meeting, the committee will put forth (by action item) its recommendation concerning permit parking in the area west of Como Park. This recommendation, based on Public Works recommendations, will then be submitted to the full board for a vote. 


At the November 17, 2009 Como Park District 10 Community Council community meeting, a community vote will be held (during the community section).  This vote will be on the recommendations for permit parking that the Neighborhood Relations Committee submits to the District 10 council.  It should be pointed out that this vote is informative, but not binding on the board.  Thereafter, and armed with the community’s opinion on the permit parking recommendations, the board members of District 10 will be asked to vote on the issue and submit its recommendations to public works.  


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