Minutes - 10/2009
Thursday, October 22, 2009 9:10 PM


District 10 Community Council
Community Council Meeting
Historic Streetcar Station
October 20, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Lori Klongtruatroke, Scott Baker, Barbara Clark, Marcy Micek, Matt Schmitt, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, Chris Harkness, Chris Martineau, Barbara Frick, Karl Koch, Misty Havens.
Directors absent:

Directors excused: 
Staff present: Rhonda DeBough Insook, Josh Witte
  1. Call to Order
    by David Arbeit at 7:05 pm
  2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda.
    Marcy motioned for approval. Mike seconded. Agenda approved unanimously.
    Add a short section for brief announcements in the beginning of the community section & start elections after the Treasurer’s report to ensure all ballots are counted before people have to leave. Change Treasurer to Secretary under E-3. Item 6B is dropped from the agenda as well.
  3. Community section
a.      Lee Helgen addressed the community
He introduced his new aide who will be the contact person for the district. He also explained that ash trees will be removed as a pilot project in the area. The removed trees will be replaced. This project will start next week. A letter will be sent to the neighbors.

Mike MacDonald:
Spoke about an upcoming buckthorn bust October 24th from 9-11:30am where the Como Pool used to be. Contact him or Deb Robinson for more info. He also asked people to sign-up for the Environment Committee.

David Arbeit:
Spoke about the census and the importance of having everyone being counted. It is important to get people to fill out the census who would normally be in Florida or Arizona during the winter since they may be counted as residents of those states.

b.      Board Chair Report – Year in review/year ahead (David Arbeit)
David thanked the Board and he acknowledge the progress that has been made over the past year including the Sholom Home, MGM, Lexington/Larp. Redevelopment, Como pool, and the positive cash flow situation we now find the Council to be in.

Ted Sheu spoke about the MGM issue and the site plan that they are being requested to submit by the City. He encouraged the future Board to keep an eye on this issue.

David also spoke about how good the Board has done in regards to turn over. The newsletter, which was almost nonexistent, is now quarterly thanks in part to Matt Schmitt and the Communications Committee.  David also spoke about the new web site thanks in part by community member Panod Klongtruatroke and the Communications Committee.

David spoke about his decision to step down and how it will allow the Board to grow.
c.       Treasurer’s Report (Marcy Micek)
Marcy spoke highly of David and his work. She also spoke about the budget and how it has turned around. Marcy explained that the former staff person who recently resigned, Camille, had a big hand in how well the budget currently stands. There was also a mention of how well Rhonda has been able to bring new interns to the table. Marcy also talked about fund raising, grant proposals, and financial statements.
d.      Update: Traffic & Parking Permit Issues (Chris Martineau)
November 17th is when there is a public vote in regards to what is brought before the Board by the Neighborhood Relations Committee. The recommendation from the Council will then go to the City Council for the City Council to take into consideration when approving or not approving the proposed parking permit application.

Chris also spoke about the Neighborhood Relations committee discussing Como Park possibly expanding the shuttle service.
e.      Presentation: ComoTownHodgePodgePark” proposal
Chris Martineau talked about Lancer & Como Town’s proposal to install a splash pad at Como Town.
Michelle Furrer with Como Zoo (Campus Manager) spoke about coming to the Neighborhood Relations Committee to propose a splash pad to the Hodge Podge part of Como Town.
The Director of Como Town also spoke about the proposed splash pad in Como Town.
They explained what a splash pad is. They explained that it is not a pool and that the persons who use it do so in regular clothing, not in their swim suits.  
Ken Kunkle thanked them for coming before the Board for input. He also spoke about possible harm being caused by the unquestioned expansion of Como Park to the surrounding community.

The community was allowed to ask questions of the Como Town representatives.
Community member  Rufenacht asked the question regarding chemicals in the water. It was explained that it will be a UV system that disinfects the water.
Community member Chai Insook spoke about the splash pad becoming more like a water park & bringing more visitors to an already noisy and congested campus.
It was explained that many of the changes to the park are part of an effort to try and bring visitors to the Como campus year-round instead of just the busy times of the year. It was also explained that they are planning on trying to bring a plan to the City in order to try and put in a plant sound barrier for the surrounding neighborhood.

David spoke about the fact that this has gone before the Parks Commission and has been approved. The Como Reps. spoke about the fact that they would not go forward with the project if there was a strong community opposition. David urged the reps. from Como to try and come to the community earlier in the process of project approval. He also urged that there be a large-picture approach to the projects in Como Park.
f.        Annual Elections
1.      Board Duties & Responsibilities
David explained the staffing of the Streetcar Station on Sundays from noon to 4pm. 
2.      Election Procedures & Protocols
3.      Election: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary
Seats Won:
Leah Johnson
Vice Chair: Jon Knox
Marsha Milgrom (by default)
4.      Election: Sub-Districts 1, 2, 3
Seats Won:
Sub 1:
Mike MacDonald
Sub 2a:
Pete Bolstad
Sub 2b:
Matt Schmitt
Sub 3:
Karl Koch (by default)
5.      Election: At-Large Representatives (2)
Dolores Rufenacht
Christopher Bradford
  1. Review, Amend, Approve September 2009 Minutes
    Hoyt & Montana added to highlighted area. Karl Koch was excused. Ted Sheu’s name is spelled incorrectly. Chris Harkness moved. Mike MacDonald seconded. Minutes approved.
  2. Board Updates
a.      Staffing Plan
Marcy explained Camille’s resignation and the posting of the position. Interviews will begin when the Executive Committee starts to meet.
David spoke about the staff needing to have a review and his ability to help with that process as the new Chair begins.
b.      Staff Report (Outreach, events, activities, issues, ect.)
Rhonda spoke about the neighborhood clean up going smoothly.
c.       Committee Chair Reports
Mike MacDonald: Buckthorn bust is this weekend
Ted Sheu: spoke about MGM and a billboard issue.
Barbara Frick: Her co-chair resigned on the Lexington Larp. Node study. She is looking for a new one.
  1. Action Items
a.      RES102009-1: Reauthorization of Ad Hoc Sholom Home Committee
Motion from Scott Second from Chris M. Approved unanimously.
b.      RES102009-2: Authorization to apply for CERTS grant
  1. Discussion Items
a.      Other discussion items
David spoke about the Como Woodlands Classroom that came out of the Environment Committee. There has been approval for a second grant for the project, which is great news for the project. He spoke to the ability of projects to expand from the Community Council like this.


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