Minutes - 11/2009
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 9:10 PM

District 10 Community Council Meeting

Historic Streetcar Station

November 17, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.


Meeting Minutes


Directors present:  Scott Baker, Chris Bedford Pete Bolstad, Barbara Clark, Chris Harkness, Leah Johnson, Jon Knox, Karl Koch, Chris Martineau, Marcy Micek, Marsha Milgrom, Dolores Rufenacht


Directors excused: Barbara Frick, Mike MacDonald, Matt Schmitt

Staff/interns present: Rhonda DeBough Insook , Josh Witte


I. Call to Order by Leah Johnson, 7:02 p.m.


II. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda


Agenda item VI. B., Land Use Committee:  Billboards, moved from Board to Community Section. New Item:  Senior Chore Services to Community Section. Unanimously approved.

III. Community Section


A.  Board Chair Report


New Board Chair Leah Johnson welcomed everybody.   District 10 board has held a retreat new members as well as current members are working hard together to accomplish goals. 


Johnson discussed process for item III. D., Community Vote Related to Permit Parking Petition.  There were several interpretations of bylaws; Board considered the best way to gauge community sentiment prior to conducting required Board vote.   The Board must vote according to bylaws, which state in Article IX, Section 4. b. Thus, the Board would first vote and then community members would vote.  There was also discussion about bylaws Article IV, Section 4.  Some community members stated they felt there had not been advance information, with a 3-day registration requirement to vote as a District 10 member.


B.  Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer Marcy Micek reported current financial position is relatively strong. Financial statements were not discussed but made available.


C.  Ann Olson, Councilmember Helgen’s Office, Ward 5


Ann Olson introduced herself and gave a brief on Ward 5 issues.  MGM has appealed City ruling to put back fence, and was denied appeal. Another City Council hearing is Dec. 2, 3:30 p.m.  Most residents want the fence back.  Other issues include a few problem properties, the Ad-Hoc Lexington-Larpenteur Committee’s work on potential ownership and zoning changes on the Southeast corner, and tree removal questions. For questions, feel free to contact her.  


D.  Community Vote on Permit Parking


Neighbor Relations Committee Chair Chris Martineau presented differing perspectives of City staff and community members on the permit parking proposal submitted.  Public Works considers the petition valid and intends to recommend approval to City Council, with a sunset provision of one year and deletion of the portion of Frankson extending to Pascal.  A City Council meeting with hearing is tentatively set for Feb. 17, 2010.  Public comments were heard. 


Martineau reported results of the November 12 Neighbor Relations meeting, in which a draft resolution received near-unanimous approval by more than 30 persons attending that night.  Motion by Martineau to hear resolution as presented by the November 10 Neighbor Relations Committee, seconded by Baker.  Discussion:  Amend resolution to reflect correct property lines at Frankson and at Midway.   Board vote:  11 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstained.  Motion passes. Community vote:  58/13 in favor of resolution as presented.  Motion passes.


E.   Senior Chore Services


St. Paul Senior Chore has existed since 1988, serving 10 neighborhoods including Como.  Services such as snow removal, leaf raking or mowing are offered at negotiable and reasonable prices for persons age 60 or older, and/or disabled.  Most  workers are under 16, and supervised.  St. Paul Senior Chore is seeking people who need services, and volunteers.  For Chore, call Harriet, at 651.649.5984. or www.sapcc.org/seniorchore


F.  Land Use Committee:  Community vote on Billboard Removal


Land Use Committee Chair Chris Harkness presented a request by the City to recommend up to three billboards in neighborhoods to be removed, as a trade for dynamic (flashing) billboards in nonresidential city areas. The required ratio of removed to new is 6 sq ft to 1 sq ft.  The Land Use Committee met and recommended the billboards facing north and south on the NE corner Snelling and Como Ave. be removed.  The owner was not available for contact.


Harkness moved to accept Land Use’s recommendation, seconded by Clark.   Board members in favor:  11; opposed 0; abstained 1.  Motion passes.  Community vote:  22 in favor of billboard removal on NE corner; 2 opposed.  Motion passes.


V.  Board Updates


A.  Staffing Plan


A new staffing plan has been developed to meet the needs of the District.  Move to approve: Knox; seconded by Micek.   Unanimous approval. 


B. Staff Report   The first ever pancake breakfast on Halloween was a success. 


C.  Presentation of New Committee Chairs/tabled and will be emailed. 


VI Action Items:  CERTS grant


CERTS is a project of District 10’s Environment Committee.  The grant proposal has already been submitted.  Discussion pertaining to whether independent contractors completing work on behalf of the grant are considered a District 10 project or is District 10 fiscal agent.  Other considerations are these contractors are required to have a letter or contract specifying work scope and pay, and whether any competitive bidding need occur.   Marcy Micek made a motion to approve CERTS grant submission made, seconded by Jon Knox and unanimously approved. 


VII.  Other Discussion Items:


Ramsey County Commissioner Janice Rettman reported that County funding for a portion of Booth Brown House, for out of home placement of young women under age 18, will be cut.  Capacity had been underutilized.   No plans of how Booth Brown, operated by Salvation Army, will fill these beds; Commissioner Rettman will inform the District when more is known.  Councilmember Rettman shared information about Ramsey County H1N1 vaccination clinics.


Meeting adjourned 9:13 p.m.














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