Minutes 12/2009
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 4:45 PM


District 10 Community Council, Land Use Committee
Monday December 7, 2009, 7:00 PM
Java Train Coffee Shop
Present: Jon Knox, William Sylvester, Chris Harkness, Scott Baker, Sally Worku, Rhonda Debough
Agenda approved.
November 2009 Minutes approved.
Heard Community Organizer Rhonda’s explanation of the events occurring in October related to the Gabe’s variance request. A series of unsuccessful communication attempts between Mike Rice at Gabe’s and Rhonda led to the foreshortened time frame for granting the request. The Community Organizer in District 6 recommended that Rhonda approve the variance, which precipitated Rhonda’s request for an approval letter from the Land Use Committee Chair in lieu of time for formal action by the committee. The committee noted the District 10 by-laws do allow the Land Use Committee and the Executive Committee to take quick action on some items, but in this instance there wasn’t even time for the committee to meet. The committee agrees that such requests should come to the committee in a timely fashion before necessary action must be taken. The Land Use Committee will now meet each month eight days before the Board meetings. Rhonda will invite Mr. Rice to the next Land Use Meeting so we can begin the process of addressing their desire for a similar variance request for Gabe’s St Patrick’s Day party in March. The committee will write procedural language for variance requests requiring Council approval and post it on the District 10 website.
Rhonda also requested on behalf of the Financial Development Committee that Land Use begin to consider what financial needs we may have in the coming year. Suggestions from the committee included: copies (Land Use reviews many multiple page documents,) flyers (for neighborhood notification and communication on relevant issues,) and refreshments (as a draw to meetings where we need community input.) These should be written into the work plan.
Discussed the status of the Midway Parkway Small Area Plan. A review of the existing plan reveals some desirable goals and recommendations for the neighborhood but the information in it is outdated and not representative of the current conditions in the area. An ad hoc committee of interest community members could be formed to “mark-up” the plan and recommend revisions to improve the plan’s relevancy. This discussion will continue at the February 8 meeting.
With no one present expressing interest in pursuing a District 10 dog park, this issue was tabled. Subsequently, it was suggested that an area map showing existing dog parks be made available on the website.
Discussed the request from Susan Janda of District 6 for District 10 to include her neighborhood. Jon will talk with Leah and the Executive Board about how to best handle this request. In the meantime as always, District 6 residents are welcome at District 10 Board meetings and may attend and participate in District 10 committee meetings.
Discussed the work plan. Much of the 2009 work plan is ongoing in 2010. Committee members will send language updates via email to Chris Harkness, who will update the plan goals and activities. The committee will finalize the plan at the January 11 meeting.
New Business:
Discussed the issue of the pool area development. It is believed there is still room for community input and need for Board consideration on this issue. In light of an upcoming park area traffic study and the possible construction of an aquatic support structure, forming an ad hoc committee might be appropriate. This committee could review and publicize the City’s plans, gather neighborhood comments and offer an item for board action and community vote. Sally will draft an informational paragraph and Chris Harkness is will ask Rhonda to “blast” a request for individuals interested in working on this issue to attend the January 11 Land Use meeting or email the Land Use Chair.
Future meeting dates set: January 11 and February 8. Chris will reserve the Java Train and enter the new dates for the remainder of the year on the website calendar to reflect the “eight days before the Board Meeting” schedule.
8:30 p.m. adjourned. 

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