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District 10 encompasses the neighborhoods of Como Park, Energy Park and Como Regional Park which includes the zoo, park, and lake.  District 10 is broken down into four subdistricts for purposes of representation on the District 10 Community Council. 

PDF Welcome Book (2019)   --  A crash course about Como
PDF District 10 Como Community Plan (2015)   --  Principles for zoning and development
PDF District 10 Zoning Map   --  Zoning map of District 10 reflecting 2014 boundary.
PDF District 10 Land Use Map   --  Land Use map for D10, reflecting 2014 boundary.
PDF Demographic Profile - 2014   --  Wilder Community Profile 2014 (reflecting new District 10 boundaries)
PDF Demographic Profile - 2004   --  Wilder Community Profile 2004 (reflects old District 10 boundaries)
Know Your Como
Thursday, March 4, 2021 3:00 PM

Keep up with the ever expanding list of people (or would you call them characters?) who make this neighborhood such a fascinating place to live.

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