Comments recorded at the District Plan Community Meeting - 10/8/12
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 4:00 PM

Comments recorded at the District Plan Community Meeting
October 8th at the Historic Street Car Station

Land Use and Historic Preservation

  • Identify preservation opportunities/Capture “stories” of the neighborhood.
  • How do we have conversations about preserving/sharing neighborhood history?
  • Maintain an appropriate relationship (ratio?) of high density to existing residential areas.
  • “Walkable” neighborhood/pedestrian-friendly
  • More transparency in process


  • Improve access to airport via public transportation
  • North/South through routes (Hamline, Lexington, Victoria) are raceways. Can traffic be calmed—landscaped center islands? Painted crosswalks?
  • Buses on Hamline and/or Lexington to get to LRT
  • Eliminate one parking spot on Hamline at the Hamline/Frankson intersection.
  • Bus to Como Regional Park up Lexington
  • Nice Ride bikes in Como Park
  • Traffic circles?
  • Relieve neighborhood parking for the McMurray Field festival, walkathons, the pool and the zoo at Lexington/Horton—Como
  • Directional signage at Como Regional Park perimeter to direct traffic to shuttle with directional arrows
  • Right turn lane from Lexington to Horton
  • Left turn signals from Horton to Lexington
  • Reduced size buses
  • Bus should serve the south, middle and north of Como Park, connecting directly and well to LRT. It’s a necessary shuttle, reducing car traffic and opening the regional park for the public who rely on public transportation. It makes it easier to use public transportation, encourages use of public transit over car traffic to the park. Please run the bus north/south through Como Regional Park.
  • “Walkability”
  • More neighborhood destinations: restaurant, pub, etc…
  • Keep residential areas residential
  • Get access to zoning map (to Jessie)

Parks and Recreation

  • Is the Como Golf Course closing? How would the decision to close or not close decision made?
  • McMurray Fields (softball wheel? Soccer/LaCrosse? Building?)
  • Shuttle parking signage (better directions)
  • Commercial us of the public parks (growth limits)
  • Notification of large events that consume parking
  • Strategies to cope with lack of parking
  • Amplified audio regulations and monitoring measurement
  • Historic Como Lakeside Pavilion—Black Bear Crossings on the Lake: needs ice skating warming room; would like to use as neighborhood community center; current rates on boat rentals, etc. are too high. More would use the facilities and more money could be made if the rates were lower.


  • Include residents in currently in District 6 along Lexington Pkwy to the tracks and over to Dale Street
  • Make sure single family rental housing is well maintained
  • Having a broad range of housing price points including high end ensures a healthy mix
  • Attract and retain families with children
  • Reestablish a school at the Holy Childhood property
  • Look for more opportunities for single family houses (golf course? Sholom site?)
  • Promote safety

Water Resources

  • Water quality metrics?

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