Community Meeting re: Predatory Offenders and Personal Safety
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 4:50 PM

                      District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee Meeting

                                                          Street Car Station

                                                  October 12, 2010    7:00 pm


                 Report on Special Meeting: Predatory Offenders and Personal Safety


Members present: Dolores Rufenacht, NSC Chair


Guest Speakers:

Officer Sharon Ellison, SPPD Predatory Offender Unit.,

Jason Rudolph, Supervisor, Ramsey County Corrections Dept.,

Chris Crutchfield, Deputy Director for Community Relations and External Affairs,

Ramsey County Corrections Dept.,

Paul Rydel, Probation Officer for Ramsey County Community Corrections Dept.,

Naomi Hupton, from Jacob Wetterling Resource Center.


 Residents: 4


Meeting called to order by Dolores Rufenacht at 7:10 p.m. We waited 10 minutes to start to allow for more time for possible late attendees. Each speaker introduced themselves and what their job entailed in regards to Predatory offenders and Personal Safety.

Sarah Ellison spoke about Notification laws and levels of offenders in Minnesota.

Offenders about to be released are assessed by a committee of experts then, assigned a risk level

that determines to whom the law enforcement my disclose information about the convicted offender.  They must find a job and a place it live then register with their corrections department for a

minimum of 10 years. They are required to meet with their assigned patrol officer the number days per week specified by police officer. If they move or change jobs they must notify the Dept. within 5 days.

Level I is the lowest risk and least likely to endanger the general community and may notify other enforcement agencies. Level II law enforcement may notify in addition the staff members of establishment and organizations that serve individuals most likely to be victimized by the offender.  Level III, accessed as the highest risk to re-offend. In addition law enforcement may notify other members of the general community they may offend. This is the only level that is allowed community notification.


Every state has their own registration and notification Laws in regards to predatory offenders..

90% of victims personally know the offender and only 10% are strangers to the victim. The real

issue is that we must realize that numerous other non-convicted predators reside in our communities amongst us already. Estimates suggest that as little as 1 in 10 sex offences are reported to law enforcement. The best way to stay safe is to avoid focusing on one convicted individual and to redirect your energy into what you can do as an individual or community member to protect yourself and others from potential offenders. Sarah passed out a personal Safety Tip Sheet and booklet from

the SPPD about Community Notification ,Crime Prevention Material and Resources. They are not available on line but are available from District 10 during weekly office hours and Sundays 12-4pm.



Naomi Hupton from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center also shared flyers about Community Notification Meetings, What Do I Say  ToThe Children: tips for parents to use after a Community Notification Meetings and How to Plan a Family Safety Night for children and teens as a

community or individual family.  She stressed, make it fun and not scary to talk about, Home

Safety, Personal Safety, Online Safety, Find five Trusted Friends and a Personal ID Kit.

She talked about how children and teens are more likely to be victimized by a known adult or

another juvenile. Also how to reassure children of all the people who love and support them and

they have a right to grow up healthy, happy and safe. Reaffirm them most people are good but if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or confused tell a trusted adult right away. Explain how

to stay safe by avoiding situations that might be dangerous or where they might be isolated. Play “what if games”.  As a parent remember to maintain an open , reassuring and confident tone of

voice and manner when discussing safety and reaffirm the need for vigilance in all situations.

 Create easy to understand guidelines for your children and teens to follow and keep the door open

for further communication as they grow older.  Computer technology is increasing faster than safety controls available are able to keep up to date, so it is very important to keep the line of conversation open with you children of all ages. Predators and pornography sites are very skilled at finding ways to crack the safety zone and find ways to approach vulnerable children and adults by e-mail.

The Ramsey County Community Corrections representatives and the SPPD stressed that adults establish personal safety tips into their daily routine and listen to there intuition when things do not feel or look right or safe. You have a right to say “No” to a stranger who is overly friendly and insisting to help you with tasks in or outside of your home. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable situation with a stranger or someone you do not feel comfortable being around. Carry a cell phone and do not hesitate to call 911 if the person will not leave. Plan and practice what you would do if attacked.

Jacob Wetterling representatives are available to come to any group or family meeting to help present personal safety and teach others also how to do it. There website is  or explore related research at

The SPPD Crime Prevention Unit offers work shops on personal safety, how to establish and join block clubs, business related crime prevention and a variety of other services.  Call 651-266-5625

Or contact Pam McCleary. SPPD Crime Prevention Coordinator  at 

SPPD Predatory Offender Registration Office phone number  for Sharon Ellison is 651-266-5529

Her e-mail is

Ramsey County Community Corrections representatives may be reached at:   Office #  651-266-2558 Office # 651-266-7666



NSC Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Report Submitted by: Dolores Rufenacht, Neighborhood Safety Committee Chair

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