Construction of Lexington Crossing to Begin Oct. 14
Friday, October 11, 2019 8:25 AM

This is the detour route during crosswalk construction

Construction of the long-delayed crosswalk connecting the lake side of Lexington Parkway with the golf course side is supposed to start on Monday Oct. 14. It should last two weeks. During construction, here is when Lexington will be closed (or open):

  • Monday Oct. 14-Wednesday Oct. 16: Closed 7 a.m.-4 p.m. each day; open 4 p.m.-7 a.m.
  • Thursday Oct. 17-Sunday Oct. 20: Open all day
  • Monday Oct. 21-Wednesday Oct. 23: Closed 24 hours

The marked detour is along East Como Blvd., Arlington, Victoria, Nagasaki, and Horton (see the map). There will be access to the golf course parking lot and both Lakeside Pavilion parking lots at all times.

The goal of the crosswalk is to create a clear way to get back and forth on foot or bicycle between the Lakeside Pavilion / Spring Cafe and the Como Park golf clubhouse / ski center / Cozy’s Pub side of Lexington. Alice Messer, manager of design and construction for Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, says the crosswalk will meet a long-standing need, especially for people who park on one side of Lexington but attend events on the other side. The idea received support from 89 percent of residents who took a District 10 survey in 2017. The Como Community Council has been advocating for the crosswalk ever since, including persuading Parks to move the crosswalk 40 feet farther north to increase visibility for northbound drivers. The project:

  • Constructs a 10-foot wide, curbed median on Lexington, intended in part to slow down traffic. The raised median will replace an existing painted median, which stretches from the driveway entering the clubhouse parking lot to the driveway for the Lakeside Pavilion’s north parking lot.
  • Builds a 6-foot wide, marked crosswalk on Lexington, with a pedestrian refuge on the median.
  • Installs pedestrian-activated, flashing yellow warning lights at the crosswalk. In addition, standard warning signs will be mounted at the crosswalk and 300 feet ahead of the crosswalk, to give drivers notice of the crossing.
  • Narrows traffic lanes to 12 feet wide. Turn access in and out of the two parking lots will not be affected. The speed limit through the area will be 25 mph.
  • Plants the median with swamp white oak trees and little bluestem grasses. The plants will not obstruct drivers’ sightlines, Messer says.
  • Connects the crosswalk on the lake side of Lexington with a pedestrian ramp and new spur that connects the road with the existing bicycle path on that side of Lexington.
  • Connects the crosswalk on the golf course side of Lexington with a new sidewalk and pedestrian ramps that will lead to the parking lot.
  • Meets all grade and access standards required by federal disability laws.

The crosswalk originally was scheduled to be installed in September 2017, delayed until June 2018, delayed until autumn 2018, then delayed again.

A diagram of the crossing

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