December 20, 2010 NSC Agenda and Minutes
Friday, December 31, 2010 9:45 PM

District 10 Neighborhood Safety Committee

Block Club Meeting/Monthly Committee Meeting

Monday, December 20, 2010


Attendees: Mary Kay Kersting, Mary Ginther, Marie Trepanier, Nancy Zugschwert, Jeanne Baumann, David Seabaugh (Bethel Lutheran Church), SPD Officer Natalie Davis, SPD Officer Jay Griffin, Pete Bolstad, Josh Witte (District 10 Safety Coordinator), Dolores Rufenacht (Safety Committee Chair)


Committee Chair Dolores Rufenacht called the meeting to order at 7 PM


The participants of the Block Club meeting introduced themselves including their address and interest in safety issues.


Questions for Saint Paul Police Officers

Attendees were invited to ask questions of Officers Davis and Griffin.  The questions and answers during this discussion were as follows:


Question: What is the percentage of crimes by neighborhood offenders or outside offenders?

Answer: The answer varies by crime.  As the discussion of this topic proceeded, the officers reminded neighbors to not hesitate to call regarding any suspicious activity.  Individuals were reminded of the Non-Emergency Number (291-1111).


Question: What is the curfew for the City of St. Paul?

Answer: For individuals 16 and under the curfew is 10 PM

               For individuals 17 or 18 the curfew is Midnight


Question/Concern: What can be done about unoccupied houses and walks not being shoveled? 

Answer: Individuals were reminded that these concerns can be directed to the Division of Safety Inspection/Code Enforcement.  The phone number for Code Enforcement is (651) 266-1900.


At the end of the discussion attendees thanked the officers for attending the meeting and praised the Police Department for how they police District 10 neighborhoods.


General Questions/Discussion with Block Leaders

After the departure of the officers the group discussed various methods of sending e-mails and informing residents of neighborhood news.  One individual asked if a list of the block club leaders can be disseminated.


Josh asked attendees regarding their opinion of what District 10 neighborhood oriented activities should be continued/maintained in 2011.  The group feels the following activities should be continued:

  • Staycation
  • Neighborhood Rallies such as the ‘Stop the Lot’ rally in October 2010
  • Garden Tour/Art Crawl
  • Garage Sale
  • CLNN Leaf Clean-up-Josh reported that plans are being developed to expand the clean-ups to include Job Corp volunteers.


Individuals reviewed projects being implemented in their neighborhoods or suggested other possible projects such as:

·        Hosting seminar for new parents regarding safety tips

·        Plant exchange during Staycation

·        Reducing the number of Trash haulers/Trash trucks in specific neighborhoods

·        Lights on program in neighborhood


The group was asked how often Block Club Leader meetings should be held.  People agreed that monthly meetings were too frequent.  People suggested meeting every other month or quarterly.  No clear decision was reached regarding the frequency of meetings.


Josh was asked about the status of Crime Reports.  Josh indicated he will be consulting with the new Director for District 10 regarding these reports.


Monthly Meeting of Neighborhood Safety Committee

At the conclusion of the Neighborhood Block Club Leaders meeting Dolores, Josh and Pete met for the monthly meeting.


I.                    Review of Agenda:

Agreed to approve the agenda


II.                  November Minutes:

Minutes from November 22 committee meeting were approved.


III.                Chair Report:

Dolores indicated she will follow up regarding two the following two concerns

--Calling Officer Mc Manus regarding speeding on Victoria and Grotto

--Follow up with Principal Dan Mesick of Como Park H.S. regarding noise from school


IV.               Staff Report:

Josh indicated he was unable to go to the Police District meeting in November.  He is planning on going to the December meeting.  He also indicated he has had difficulty processing crime reports given his increased work load the past two months.


V.                 Action Items:

·        Snow Emergency Procedures: Agreed that updates will be received through Nixle and e-mails from City Council members.

·        Holiday Safety/Crime Prevention Tips: Josh reviewed items which could be included in newsletter

·        Art Space: Dolores reported this group is looking at Holy Childhood space for their organization

·        Blog for Block Clubs: Agreed to explore possibility of blog to disseminate safety information quickly

·        COPP grant: Dolores offered an update and committee discussed current plan to wait on applying for COPP grant

·        Hiring of Community Organizer: Dolores offered a general update of interview session held this morning.

·        Block Club Meetings: Agreed to schedule these meetings on quarterly basis for 2011.  Meetings would be held in March, June, September and December.


VI.               Adjournment:                 

Committee adjourned at 9:10 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


 Pete Bolstad

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