District Council Rankings of CIB Proposals

District 10 has been asked to rank district specific, multi-district and citywide CIB proposals.  Our project priority list is due by Friday, March 25th.  The submission has been delayed until early April 2011 to allow time for community online feedback regarding city-wide projects (deadline Wednesday, March 23, 2011) [closed].

The attachment to the right of the page includes a list and full descriptions of all CIB proposals that affect our district. The list is broken into two sections: one for projects located only in our district and another section for multi-district and citywide proposals.

For proposals unique to our district, we will prioritize the projects (with # 1 being our district’s top priority, # 2 the second highest, etc). For multi-district and citywide proposal we will rate each project as HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW priority.

Descriptions of all city proposals are available at www.stpaul.gov/cib.

Complete a survey at District 10 2012-2013 CIB Community Input Form for City Wide Projects (deadline Wednesday, March 23, 2011)  [CLOSED].

District 10 Como Community Council | 1224 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul, MN 55103 | 651.644.3889 | district10 [at] district10comopark.org

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